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Full featured Hotel Management Software for low monthly cost. Eradicate commissions payments for online reservations forever. iHotel is a cost effective, easy to learn, easy to use and flexible Hotel Management Suite which will reduce costs, improve efficiency and allow you time to care for your guests.
date de révision 04/09/2020
Dougald Diez

Helped implement it in a small local hotel I partner with.

Easy to use, manager wasn't the best with technology but he picked it up and was able to show employees pretty quick.

Wasn't the cheapest software, but for ease of use, it was handy. by iHotelligence on 24/04/2019 Thank you very much for your review of the iHotelligence system.
date de révision 04/08/2020
Artemis Steinbrecher


This was my first time using software of this type and was realy anxious as to how it would workout but was pleasantly surprised at the ease lf getting to know it also the level of support was excellent

Cannot comment as I have nothing to compare to by iHotelligence on 16/01/2019 Thank you very much for your review Betty. We are delighted that you are so happy with iHotelligence and the team here.
date de révision 04/07/2020
Haywood Bobot

To be honest, when ever we are met with a challenge, the support we recieve from ihotelligence is dealt with immediately and efficiently. If we are looking for a new report, they are able to write a program to aid our requirements.

This program is extremely practical for our company. We are in a niche market and not your regular multi-bedroomed hotel with floors of the same room type.

It's being an evolving journey over the last few years and over time, new features have being added. However, some of the generic features are not required by us as an individual hotel and we are not able to "delete" them from our system. by iHotelligence on 04/02/2020 Thank you for your kind words Daphne. We are delighted that you are happy with the service and support you receive from us. We are currently working on the ability to hide certain features for properties that they do not use so keep an eye out for new updates! iHotelligence Team.
date de révision 03/26/2020

Easy to use and for new staff to train and learn

Some difficulties in linking with other systems by iHotelligence on 16/01/2019 Thank you very much Rachel for your review. We are delighted that you find our system easy to use. We are always working on integrating with other systems and we will advise all our customers when updates are happening. We look forward to a fruitful relationship with you in 2019.
date de révision 03/23/2020
Good Tlucek

Good very helpful always there to assist with a fault or problem Some items however take a long time to resolve An annual meeting with each property to check functionality and requirements initated from I hotel

Ease of use Interface with website

Updates very slow
date de révision 03/21/2020

Easy to read system and fabulous customer service.

We are such a small site that we almost don't need to use it ! by iHotelligence on 16/01/2019 Thank you very much Katie for your review. We are delighted that you have found the system so easy to use and our customer service is something we take very seriously so it is great to hear how happy you are with it.
date de révision 03/20/2020
Euridice Mcguirt

Super support, great that it works offline, reliable system. Highly recommeded

A more fully formed CMS/marketing functionality would be great by iHotelligence on 23/01/2019 Good morning Michael,
date de révision 03/20/2020

You offer excellent custoner service and the backup support is 100% when you need it. Overall we are happy with the service in all aspects.

It is very easy to use and functional. the support and service is exceptional.

N/A - there is not much we do not like about the software as it is all easy to use. by iHotelligence on 23/01/2019 Hi Caroline,
date de révision 01/15/2019

the reps are so supportive nothing is too much trouble. Have rolled out Ihotel in 3 hotels and couldn't be happier. Set up and install is so simple. No technical issues ever. Easily mapped to OSAs.

The features are all relevant and simple to learn and use.

Nil cons by iHotelligence on 16/01/2019 Thank you very much for your fantastic review Hannah - we are delighted to hear such positive feedback and we look forward to working with you for years to come.
date de révision 08/12/2018

This tool has been a great purchase for us, it has allowed us to really be clear with what we are paying out. We have definitly seen an increase in profitability due to more cost control.

Would be good to see more analytics or reports. by iHotelligence on 16/01/2019 Good afternoon,
date de révision 03/11/2015
Fulviah Kajamuddih

Trafford Hall is a venue of a 53 bedroom national charity which was looking for a solution to better manage it's processes from inventory management, billing and interface with our accounting software to eliminate duplictate entry. I have to say 8 months down the line and with the support of he team at i-Hotel we have managed to tick all of thos eboxes and looking back can't quite imagine how we managed without it.

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