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Lucidpress is a design & brand templating platform that empowers non-designers in your company to create and distribute marketing collateral all on their own (without going off brand). Lockable templates protect your brand while allowing colleagues to make small design tweaks and customizations, easing the workload off your creative team. Say goodbye to rogue branding forever with Lucidpress -- the brand templating platform trusted by over 7 million users worldwide.
date de révision 04/09/2020
Leifer Gimbel

Make handouts every day!

Easy, great fonts, and design options. It is so nice that the photos are stored right on the site. I also love that it is through a webpage and I can access it anywhere.

I purchased for space but it fills up very quickly! I also don't like that if you delete a photo from the photo storage it deletes it from your document!
date de révision 04/08/2020
Cathlene Gutierrez

I have done flyers, brochures, door hangers, business cards, and was starting a magazine for a ministry until they flaked out here recently. If I had more clients to work with, I'd be full-on with LucidPress as I enjoy using it for nearly everything.

I go a long way back, but this is, by far, the most user-friendly ever. I used to use Microsoft Publisher and all of that from back in the day, but this is one of the most USER-FRIENDLY ever.

Wish I had more clients so I can keep my subscription at all times.
date de révision 04/07/2020
Walli Sodergren

- Has a variety of templates for posters, cards, flyers - Editing templates/creating your document is very easy

Could put some hints on like, don't forget to add a bleed if you are getting this professionally prinnted
date de révision 04/05/2020
Kermit Hohaia

I love that LucidPress is a program that users of all capabilities can use. Our staff, committee members, and interns have all had success in using the software and I love the collaborative capabilities that the software has.

At times my older desktop computer cannot handle the software so it runs really slow. We also produced a book using the software and it was really difficult to work on while using the older desktop computers. I have no issues when I'm using my personal laptop.
date de révision 04/05/2020
Jandy Bagaram

If you know a bit of publishing it is a perfect tool to create any kind of document you would like to publish. It is also easy and fun to see how well the document will grow and finally look like.

It is a modern and userfriendly webbased publishing tool that I have come to like a lot. I have used it over more than 2 years for publishing our newsletter to our 7,000 members, 4 times a year.

As it is web based tool you need a good internet connection and sometimes you have to be a bit patient with the reply.
date de révision 04/05/2020

Lucidpress works on Chromebooks as it's web-based. This functionality has saved my company lots of money on Full based OS laptops .

Unable to push out Indesign Files. My company does a lot of designing that ends up in print. Higher-end print companies request InDesign files which I'm unable export out of LucidPress. I sometimes run into clients who request InDesign files which is an industry standard that I'm unable to deliver to them
date de révision 04/04/2020
Gurolinick Hayoz

Such a great workspace for non-designers to be creative.

I liked how I was able to transfer all my skills from Illustrator and MORE from this software. It has advanced capabilities even though even though beginners can use it too. It puts a lot of pressure off me, as a graphic designer, when writers can create visuals of what they are thinking themselves.

This does not replace Illustrator in my opinion since there is just not the same amount of flexibility offered. It is still useful for the writers.
date de révision 04/03/2020
Hatti Obryant

Such a great workspace for non-designers to be creative.

I liked how I was able to transfer all my skills from Illustrator and MORE from this software. It has advanced capabilities even though even though beginners can use it too. It puts a lot of pressure off me, as a graphic designer, when writers can create visuals of what they are thinking themselves.

This does not replace Illustrator in my opinion since there is just not the same amount of flexibility offered. It is still useful for the writers.
date de révision 04/03/2020
Quinn Restuccia

It really helps me work the a remote team. Some on the team are Mac and some are PC and this manages that issue perfectly. Everyone's happy.

Its easy to use. Team members without any experience have been able to catch on to it quickly. I especially like the editing markup tools in Comments. Its an aesthetically pleasing interface to look at and work in. I like the chat feature -- helps with team collaboration.

There are a few advanced features I'd like it to have, like settings for each side of an object for a text wrap, rather than one universal one. I'd like to have a curves photo adjustment. I'd REALLY like to be able to set type sizes by the half point-size -- would help for fitting text. File sizes are large (for high res option) -- wish they could be a bit smaller and more manageable for upload.
date de révision 04/03/2020
Froemming Camuso

I like using this software. It makes it pretty easy for our students to create their own online magazines

Lucid Press is very user friendly. It doesn't have a big learning curve, so it's easy to jump right in a create a project. I also like the fact that you can generate code to embed a magazine directly onto your website.

I wish it were easier to cut/paste directly from Word documents. My writers send me articles written in word processing software and I really need to be able to paste content directly into Lucid Press. You can do it, but you have to use a white background because the pasted content (each word) ends up with a white background behind it. If you use a colored background on the page you're working on, it ends up looking like some sort of funky ransom note!
date de révision 04/03/2020
Hannan Shipley

Overall Lucidpress gets the job done and is a good resource for someone just starting out or looking to do some quick designing. I wouldn't recommend it to more affluent designers, but newbies should certainly consider adding it to their tool belt of programs.

Lucidpress is a good resource for basic level design rendering with a clean and simple user interface. It gets the job done. The company offers a free demo as well so you can do some basic testing of functionality before committing to spending money on it. The ease-of-use is a prominent feature that makes it a great tool for designers and non-designers alike. I would highly recommend this to people looking to do their own design work on a very basic level.

There is unfortunately a very limited selection of free templates to use and no library of icons or stock graphics to pull from. It limits and inhibit users some in the process. It would be a great feature to consider adding to make the software more worth the money.
date de révision 04/02/2020

Une interface intuitive

I feel like Lucidpress is pretty intuitive to use. There hasn't been a huge learning curve. Like that we can store our brand colors, fonts etc.

We hoped to be able to convert Publisher files, but we are not able to do that at this time. We have had to recreate those documents.
date de révision 04/01/2020
Mazman Altabelli

Lucidpress allowed us to create several books and other projects with ease. The templates are terrific, the cost is perfect and the end result is stunning.

Lucidpress has provided excellent templates.

The site could use more book templates and other options.
date de révision 04/01/2020
Citron Greeno

So far we’ve had a great experience using Lucidpress. It's been nearly two years since we switched from Canva and we're not likely to give it up anytime soon. We use Lucidpress for our marketing documents (printed and web versions) and we enjoy its user friendly interface.

Many very useful features that enable the quick creation of ebooks, brochures and more.

It’s a fairly complete tool and the only thing we could have more of, would be the selection of shapes to choose from.
date de révision 03/31/2020
Tremain Persad

Lucidpress is a wonderful and dynamic online publishing software resource which caters to every level of need and skill. Lucidpress scores major points in its editing features which also includes uploading your customized fonts. The layout of the features is well spaced out and easy to manage, which helps the designer to seamlessly work without experiencing any hiccups (read: crashes). It is a very cost-effective (cost-competitive) alternative to various desktop publishing software. It has some lovely touches when it comes to embedding things viz. Youtube videos. This is a boon for those who wish to add spice to their online newsletters.

The absence of a comprehensive image library. Lucidpress needs to, at least, have a PNG based graphic icons library which users can use in their documents. As it is an online based system, providing Stock images would be a plus.
date de révision 03/30/2020
Bartle Garfias

I can use this software both at work and home. It is much better than using Microsoft Word to create posters or other publications as this allow you to put boxes where you want without auto adjusting.

I would like to be able to create text paths. I would like to be able to tell lucidpress to not put text over a picture in the corner but to flow around it with out shaping it myself.
date de révision 03/30/2020

As a pc-turned-mac user, finding an easy to use software to create promo/marketing was hard- I was used to using Publisher--and had never settled on a similar program on our mac computers. Options seemed pretty pricy--until I discovered Lucidpress. Now, we can quickly create clean and professional looking materials for our church's programs and events. Very affordable, and very helpful. The entire experience of using Lucidpress is easy to use. All buttons are intuitive and feel very natural to use--especially as a former publisher user. It gives a variety of options for saving/printing--and the onboard templates are a huge time-saver. Pick a template, customize as needed, and away you go. Very fast process, and the end product looks amazing and communicates our messages well.

date de révision 03/29/2020
Arbe Fratcher

I am a small book publisher and as I dig in my pocket, I was happy to find lucidpress to facilitate my job.

This is the second year I am using it. And I like it, first because it is the most cheaper I could find and, secondly I like how I can manipulate the Items.

The fact that I could not found it in other languages. I usually speak French and sometimes it is complicated to manipulate what I want right away as I have to do conversion in my mind from English into French.
date de révision 03/29/2020

Trying to catch and capture my clients and leads with professional marketing flyers and postcards. Print companies cost too much and I don't like not being in control of the art and placement. I use lucidpress for flyers, programs, catalogs and social media posts.

I love how easy it is to put together flyers and advertisements. I am not a graphics designer and I cannot afford to have a marketing department so this service has been great for our small business. I really LOVE the image manager the best :)

Really? I don't have too many complaints. Maybe more templates that make it faster to create my flyers but I don't really have anything about lucidpress that I don't like.. and that's pretty amazing.. I use this tool daily.
date de révision 03/27/2020
Mikes Mena

Provides prints ready, professional product at an affordable price. I have no prior experience with this type of product and was able to learn this system with its user friendly tutorials and easy to navigate help sections.

Despite being in the cloud it sometimes slows my computer. There are many times I have to restart the computer using the program because it freezes.
date de révision 03/27/2020

Lucidpress is a wonderful desktop publishing software. You can create so many items from banners to newsletters. This is a fun software to create almost anything. It is great for individuals as well as small businesses. . There are several templates you can choose from. Its very easy to use.

You will have to upgrade to get the complete advantages of this software. Great place to start creating your new ideas.
date de révision 03/26/2020

I work in the Real Estate industry. I can easily throw together flyers for our agents. They have templates or you can go from scratch.

This software is very user friendly. I do not have any previous graphic design experience. I started out with the free version, it was great. I started paying only because I wanted to keep more pictures and projects in the software.

I wish there were more templates. And more tutorials.
date de révision 03/26/2020

Lucid press is an affordable option to professionally scale up your marketing and branding.

Lucid press allows me to cover all my marketing bases from product labels to social media and more. Everything comes out looking like I paid a professional designer. This is the best product!

I’d love more font options to choose from
date de révision 03/25/2020

We use for posters, newsletters and magazines.

This software is by far the easiest and most powerful software we have used for newsletters and PR Sheets. We have tried numerous programs. Most with a higher price point and this has been the the best option for our PR Team.

Right now this has no flaws for.our use and we have had great luck with lucidpress
date de révision 03/25/2020

Easy for a novice like me to design pages

I could not get a handle on InDesign, far to complicated if you didn't start with them in the beginning. I had to hire a designer for my digital publication. I found LucidPress and I'm a designer! So EASY to use.. I create amazing pages for my publication a fly fishing catalog.. Just try it!

Would like to embed video's on the pages, not link. Would like to be able to separate documents. also would like an easier way to renumber pages.
date de révision 03/24/2020

As a small business I have a limited budget for graphic design. For small projects Lucidpress has been used for our one-off reports and mailers.

That it is drag and drop features and the help tool is great, clear, and actually does help guide you through to the solution (I have used it a lot).

It is sometimes hard to get the columns to connect/disconnect and resize.
date de révision 03/24/2020
Hawger Waldrup

I could prepare my reports easily and can access them from anywhere on cloud.

Easy to use. As one will move the cursor, it will be easy to understand and k now the functionality.

Separate subscription is required for lucidpress, lucidchart and other segments. I hope there will be a whole package in future.
date de révision 03/24/2020
Hermy Boda

I love how I can just login to this software online since my Chrome Book cannot download software. I am having a great experience using this.

Since I am a non-designer, it is a very useful application. I like how the creative team can lock certain aspects of a logo so that the brand integrity is always there. Being able to contribute to content creation helps ease the burden on the creative and accelerates overall creativity.

There really isn't much to dislike with this software, it is so useful for our team. I wish I could do more with the software but it is a little to complicated for me.
date de révision 03/23/2020
Sidra Bicknese

This software has been clutch during my time hear. It's helped raise a lot of awareness and resources. Great for semi-pro shop.

- always upgrading (sometimes don't like some of the upgrades though)

- not enough cloud storage for true needs without upgrading to level of service that we don't need any other features for
date de révision 03/21/2020
Terencio Tatsch

It allows me to create high-quality print and digital products even with little design background. Before Lucidpress there was not a sustainable or affordable design program for those of us who didn't have experience in InDesingn or Photoshop. Lucidpress has been one of the best purchases I have made for my business and clients love the professional results.

Lucidpress is easy-to-use and navigate. While I don't have experience in InDesign or Photoshop, I'm still able to produce high-quality digital and print design projects that look professional.

There can sometimes be performance issues depending on web browser. However this is usually fixed quickly.
date de révision 03/20/2020
Bonny Killam

Enhanced program visibility for the purpose of increasing applicants to our program.

I love the ease of use of this software. It's quite intuitive once you get to work. You can make beautiful, professional looking products which are sure to impress.

What I would like to be able to do, is upload word files into the system to create slides and publications. At this stage, I have to cut and paste all text, page by page. It sure would be helpful (and a huge timesaver) if I could simply upload the entire file, and then play around with formatting page layout later.
date de révision 03/20/2020

I love how easy and intuitive this program is to use as well as the number of templates and features offered. It is perfect for reports, marketing ads, presentations, and online/print posters and flyers. One of the best features is the ability to upload online. I often use this instead of emailing out large files.

Wished that there was a wider selection of images like Canva
date de révision 03/20/2020
Jeramey Collins

Used it to publish my wife's book on Amazon. She had a ton of non-standard writing too (poetic indents, lots of italics and bolds and quotes, etc.) and Lucidpress handled it all

If you have written a book and tried to publish, you know that writing the damn thing is one project, but getting it into book format is a whole other beast. Lucidpress is amazing for getting your words in book format. HIGHLY recommend if you're trying to self-publish on Amazon or something.

It's great. No real cons. Amazingly helpful tool and seems to just keep getting better/easier with every update. Keep it up Lucidpress!!
date de révision 03/19/2020
Hidie Shean

It's easy to use and I love that all of the dimensions for social media are pre-set. I know everything I do is the right size.

It freezes when making big files so when making magazines or something with several pages, it's very frustrating.
date de révision 03/18/2020

I have used Lucidpress at least monthly for creating booklets, flyers, handouts, and pamphlets for our school events and projects. I am grateful that they offer a discounted price for Educational accounts.

After looking for a Microsoft Publisher alternative for my Macbook, I finally settled on Lucidpress. It has all the features I enjoy about Publisher - booklet layout, overflow to additional pages, linked fomatting and so on, but is more intuitive to use and has an easy to read user manual.

Unfortunately, I cannot open Publisher extension files in Lucidpress, which would be a wonderful feature to have.
date de révision 03/18/2020

I am very satisfied and will continue to use as long as I am in my position.

Very easy to navigate and look of the templates are very professional.

I am in the education industry and would like more pictures to choose from in your templates
date de révision 03/15/2020
Delcina Maggio

I can use it with any device and am able to produce pretty much anything for my line of work - leaflets, flyers, newsletters.

It isn't the most flexible e.g. I'm not able to amend the colour of existing logos for leaflets or social media imagery.
date de révision 03/15/2020
Lindner Cuneio

I do not have graphic design experience so LucidPress allows me to create professional materials for my organization. I use this program for everything from marketing materials for our website, social media, and government TV channel to creating newsletters and annual reports. It makes my job so much easier, and I've received numerous compliments on the materials I've created using the program.

Provides different print and digital formats. It is flexible enough to meet all your needs, but helps with ideas and templates for design. This is my favorite design software because it's easy to use, and has a lot of options.

The image gallery uploads is not easy to group pictures together so you end up with a really long scrolling area of photos. It only allows one upload so if I've already uploaded the photo, I have to scroll through hundreds of pictures to find it. One way it would be easier to use is if LucidPress automatically grouped pictures together per document. You could still have the all images, but it would make it easier to delete and find them. Having the capability to click on an image and drag over to the folders would help too.
date de révision 03/15/2020

Getting paid.

Lucidpress is a great online-based software for those who cannot download software on their computers. As a chromebook user, it was a handy tool for me to create, edit and download PDFs I have created. I created things from flyers to presentations to postcards. Easy to use and simple to use. Lucidpress is great to use when you need basic editing tools from Adobe InDesign.

More features! Lucidpress should use more work on the picture editing tool. Some of the brightness and contrast doesn't work too well, so I prefer to do simple editing on Photoshop for my brightening needs on photos.
date de révision 03/14/2020

I am overcoming the need to print my magazine. Over 40% of the readership obtained comes through referrals and that is because the magazine is easy to share digitally, through WhatsApp or other social media platforms with only a few clicks. Not needing to print the magazine is a major advantage. The fact that the framework for the design possibilities are in place, also gives me the chance to work within my own means with clients and not have any type of overbearing requirements that cannot be handled.

The software gives the ease of use of all the major components that go into page production. It even adds features like page advance, buttons, link, and video capabilities. Users are easily engaged with the interactive features that can be built into the design. Having a magazine for wedding planning or real estate are two of the major stylistic endeavors, although some non-military organizations have shown their craft behind Lucidpress and many corporate leadership brochures have been developed as well. Making a page turner, that also incorporates many swype characteristics in photo galleries and scrolling text, it's easy for some readers to pick up their phone or tablet more than once to view a source. The high resolution quality of Lucidpress that is evident on desktop truly shows the optimum performance needed to get the layout with all the detailed elements on screen to the viewer.

In some cases, I would like to add some html onto the pages like in WordPress. For instance, something like a clickboard or text entry form. Some clients and myself would like to have the magazine work in a static browser outside of being connected to Wi-Fi to work offline on a tablet.
date de révision 03/13/2020
Zebapda Terrazas

I learned more about what I require in a design software and what I could live without.

User intuitive, and simple to use straight out of the gate with useful templates to get even the newest of users started quickly. Brand Management options make for quick projects as well.

Free options are limited and the sizing and formats could be a bit more diverse. I personally can do the same thing in other programs with their free versions what requires a subscription to do in Lucidpress.
date de révision 03/11/2020
Valorie Wellings

I have continued to use this program year after year for creating linesheets for my clothing line, and have loved how easy it is to use. I can create any layout I want with a variety of font options.

They used to offer more storage space for images, etc., but now want you to upgrade to the paid version once you use up the more limited storage. I don't have a problem paying a little for the program, but the jump from the free program to the paid version is really drastic when all I need is a little more storage.
date de révision 02/25/2020

It's so easy to work with and reasonable investment for my small business. I'm not a designer by trade, so I don't need a full suite of capabilities - I just need an easy-to-use tool to make good looking documents for my client. This fits the bill. They also have very responsive customer service.

It's easy to learn and much more reasonably priced than other, more popular software. Design is a small part of my business, so I don't need a ton of capabilities, but I do need more than Google Suite offers. I designed a 10-page annual report with Lucidpress and found it comparable to InDesign and QuarkXPress, which I've used in previous jobs. I use Chrome OS so I needed a web-based program.

It's web-based, so sometimes can be slow or freeze up. A small annoyance is the scroll bar is sometimes hidden under a button that expands the design menu, so I have to zoom in or out to be able to scroll. It's a very minor annoyance though compared to the ease of use of the program!
date de révision 02/24/2020
Konstance Eguchi

It is overall easy to navigate and simple to figure out even for a beginner.

I like that it is so user friendly, and even a beginner can navigate easily.

It do not like that it does not accept Vector files.
date de révision 02/24/2020
Ebbarta Leffert

Most of the time we know exactly what we want before asking a designer. With lucidpress we put our idea in image before sending it to a professionnal. We win time and therefore money

It's so easy to use it that you never give up

it's not easy (i didn't manage) to use documents from indesign
date de révision 02/24/2020
Tildi Crolley

It's easily accessible and shareable for all users and from any locations without needing to download software

Resizing is a bit of an issue and the values when direct printing are off
date de révision 02/24/2020

The ease of use is what I like most. It’s very user friendly.

In my opinion it is missing some features such as the ability to create charts and graphs. I would also like the ability to add some more artistic flair to my documents and to have a wider variety of preset templates like Canva offers.
date de révision 02/22/2020

I found LucidPress while looking for a program that would help our business make a monthly newsletter for our members. I tried the free version and was hooked and decided it was the best choice to get the Pro version. Then I realized I can do so much more than just newsletters with this and so user friendly. I love how it doesn't limit my own creativity. It just expanses it.

I love that it is very similar to a PrintShop version I use to use in the late 90s, while in high school to make a monthly newsletter. It is so easy to use and does everything that I need it to do from making newsletters, promotion flyers, gift certificates, punch cards, and more!

I honestly have no dislikes at all. This software does everything I need it to do.
date de révision 02/22/2020

We use for posters, newsletters and magazines.

This software is by far the easiest and most powerful software we have used for newsletters and PR Sheets. We have tried numerous programs. Most with a higher price point and this has been the the best option for our PR Team.

Right now this has no flaws for.our use and we have had great luck with lucidpress
date de révision 02/22/2020
Glad Allenson

Lucid press is an affordable option to professionally scale up your marketing and branding.

Lucid press allows me to cover all my marketing bases from product labels to social media and more. Everything comes out looking like I paid a professional designer. This is the best product!

I’d love more font options to choose from
date de révision 02/22/2020

The perfect solution for my needs. I did a lot of research before I selected Lucid Press. The best decision I made. Could not be happier with the final book. I can not recommend Lucid Press enough.

It was easy to use. I layout my documents in Adobe iIn Design and I was able to upload the document it looked exactly the way I had layer it. Outstanding product & easy intuitive software.

Nothing. It interfaces with Adobe products with ease.
date de révision 02/06/2020

Being a Chromebook/G-Suite district, Lucidpress allows our staff to continue to make high quality newsletters and flyers on any device (since it's cloud based) without being tied to the Microsoft Office product. The ability to collaborate and integrate into Google Classroom and Google Drive has also been very beneficial.

Web based with a nice variety of features. Simple to use but powerful. Can be centrally managed and licenses can be distributed, as needed, using the Lucidpress Team feature. Cheap for K-12 entities (about $50 per license, per year). LucidPress is a great alternative from Microsoft Publisher even for those institutes that may use the Educational free version of Office 365 (which doesn't include Publisher). Allows for collaboration and makes creating newsletters and flyers easy for even the non-technical user. Connects easily with Google Drive and Google Classrooms.

With a fairly large set of options and features, "Publisher only" trained staff or those who are "tech-nervous" are initially a little intimidated by the options they have. However, after showing them the basics in under 5 minutes, they can usually create professional looking newsletters.
date de révision 12/30/2019
Johnnie Fangman

Creating internal documents for team events/workshops/internal changes has been helpful. We have a separate software for customer-facing media but not everything requires that much detail and it's nice to have this where any one can use it.

In their template recommendations, they have options split by print, mobile, social media, etc and then sub categories for each which is helpful if you don't have much experience making these materials. Even the fonts are categorized. The paid version lets you upload fonts. You can copy/paste images onto the page to skip the upload process but it doesn't always format correctly. You can download or have them print it for you and send it to you.

If you don't have the paid version, it's difficult to know what's free vs paid before you select it. The editing page is intimidating at first as it looks very professional, but you get used to it.
date de révision 09/30/2019
Edythe Crooked

I use Lucidpress to make flyers, proposals ebook documents the most. I have been very satisfied with the end product. It works really well for a solopreneur. I use it alongside GIMP and the two work very well for me.

Lucidpress has a wide variety of templates for all the types of design that I need. The interface is simple - easy to understand and use. I particularly appreciate how easy it is to resize, copy from one document to another, and set custom colors.

It took a little getting used to because I came to it with a different software interface in my head. In addition, I always have to increase the zoom, but that's a small matter.
date de révision 09/28/2019

.I used this software severally when I first started writing and I must say, its one of the best design softwares out there. it made it less complicated and also fun creating the content I wanted for my presentations and even my writing.

Firstly, I'd like to say, I appreciate how easy it is to work on and how it allows me be more creative with my brand designs. I have used the software severally to design flyers and even the cover for one of my books. it is a very great tool for content creators and even office personnel. “With its awesome wide variety of templates, you can easily create your wonderful ideas.

I tried using it on my Android phone but couldn't. Apparently, you can only use it on a PC and that is a limitation to me because there are times when I don't have my PC close bye and I need to quickly work on my phone and I can't access the software on my phone.
date de révision 08/29/2019
Gittle Santillanes


I love Lucidpress! I’ve tried numerous other programs ( smores, eMaze, Canva) to make flyers for my class and this one is by far the most user friendly platform available

The print options directly from the program are fairly limited. I have to download it to print. I also wish the free version didn’t limit the number of flyers stored
date de révision 04/28/2019
Cherida Pago

This site is perfect for creative people and people who just need help getting something done. They can make simple event pamphlets or even simple business cards. There are a variety of options. I needed a site a few months ago to help me with my posts and blog newsletters. This site allowed me to create and I was able to work on my projects with no issue. I am glad I found this site and it’s helped me with my creative process as well. Simple and affordable prices as well.

This site has to be one of my top favorites. I love how I am able to create so many different visual projects with this site. I have blog posts and writer posts that I create daily. I also work on newsletters and this site helps me get each assignment done. I love how I have so many choices in templates and I can create with each template design. I especially love the book template designs and the newsletter template designs. I also enjoy being creative with each one and it’s not overly time-consuming. I get to be free with what I am trying to do. I like how each button I need to work on my designs is on the left side of the page and very easy to get to. I love how I can go to my recent document section without a problem and I love the option of being able to upload my own images for each project. I love the amount of storage space offered and that’s a good amount for me. My user settings are broken down and easy to understand. Finally my other favorite thing about this site is that I am able to connect with Microsoft and also Google Drive.

I dislike only one thing about this site. I don’t like how there are only two free templates to work with when you are working on a book cover. It would be nice to have at least a few more .I know it’s the free version I have been using for a while, but it would be nice to have more.
date de révision 03/26/2019
Dinesh Guariglia

Lucid press has great templates and things to get you started designing. It’s really easy to customize the flyers for whatever you need.

The platform left a little to be desired when it came to moving elements around within a template. The information could be customized but the elements could not be moved easily. Also the import file format was a little difficult to get a hold of.
date de révision 03/02/2019

Before finding and using lucidpress, I was never completely satisfied with the professional look of my television series Bibles. Lucidpress solved those concerns.

I found lucidpress to be easy to use, the functionality was very intuitive, I was also very satisfied with the fact that I can upload my own pictures with ease. This was my first experience with lucidpress I used it for a television series Bible and so far the reactions and feedback has been very positive.

So far I have not run into any cons. Lucid is easy to use.
date de révision 01/20/2019
Junieta Deakin

Lucidpress was a dream solution for the very small nonprofit organization I was working with when I first discovered it (7+ years ago). It offered tools and features that allowed us to create promotional materials like posters, fliers, forms, reports, etc. It now limits the print quality within the free version to a point that it is only useful for creating quick art for social media. For that purpose, I still recommend it occasionally.

Highlights of Lucidpress include sharing and collaborating on files, as well as being to work on files from anywhere with internet access.

They have severely hobbled the quality of files that can be downloaded with a paid version.
date de révision 01/17/2019

I love that I found a program that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and that is easy enough to figure out that I can use to produce an online magazine. This is still a rather new venture for me. I have no experience with this type of software and being able to figure it out on my own has been educational and useful.

I like that it is mostly pretty simple to use and figure out. Not having training in any sort of publishing software, this is a very good quality.

There are a couple things that are difficult to figure out sometimes. Maybe it just requires some tinkering and research on my part, but I would like to be able to have template pages to copy more easily, and have an easier way to add, delete, organize, and find the images I use.
date de révision 01/04/2019

I use Lucidpress to produce monthly portfolio lists for my wholesale wine business

Ease of use, continuing improvements, storage of documents, low cost

So far, there is nothing that I do not like
date de révision 12/05/2018
Dyanne Anding

I need good quality graphics for my small online store. I don’t have a designer on payroll, so having an easy to use solution like Lucidpress is awesome.

I love how easy it is to use and how many templates are available.

I wish there were more fonts available without an upgrade to the premium plan.
date de révision 06/19/2018

A very powerful, yet cost effective tool for my DTP and page layout needs. A top notch tool for creating marketing materials.

pretty much everything. It is a powerful DTP and page layout tool that gives you many features in a cloud based solution. The app is quick and speedy. Very robust. included templates are quality.

Lack of an app to be able to function using my ipad. Strictly limited to pc or mac. In todays age, mobility is crucial and lucid press needs to get the ability to function on an ipad.
date de révision 06/19/2017
Filmore Houp

I was able to create and publish a product that look like it came out of a Print House.

The pros is it is simple to use and their customer service rocks! I love the alignment and centering tools. I love the freedom with using shapes and overlaying text.. I love the storage space for all your images.

I would say at first it was printing double sided copies, but Lucid Press customer service taught me the walk around it.
date de révision 06/19/2017

We use it to create our yearbook, our posters, our custom in-class material, our marketing material and even instagram posts.

It's simple navigation and drop in options for the images. Great templates, relevant and functional and well designed.

Limits on fonts, styles, colours and how much back and forthing has to be done. Imaging needs to be better organized as well, if you are doing an image heavy document it is so time consuming to constantly scroll through images.It would also be great to have bleeds and grids visible OVER work you are doing, they are useless if they disappear as soon as you add a background colour or images
date de révision 06/19/2017
Moses Lammel

Our Marketing and Communications team can create brand standards that the rest of the organization can use.

Having the ability to share documents and templates and how easy it is to use. Our team loves sharing documents with one another to get feedback and share ideas.

When you move pages around they no longer link to the next page (for text flow) so you have to re-set it up.
date de révision 06/18/2017

Ease of use. Everything pops. Lots of versatility and storage. When I create posters and flyers they look professional, more than professional. They grab attention, and I didn't have to attend 30 hours of online courses in learning to use complicated software.

I'd like to see the ability to "flatten" PDFs for printing. Printers have come back to me with questions regarding fonts, graphics, etc. that aren't embedded. I've encountered one or two glitches in a final printed product that resulted from non-flattened transparencies. I don't have Adobe's suite of products (and don't want to pay for or learn to use them), that's the whole point of using a product like LucidPress. Please get that "flatten" feature working!!!
date de révision 06/17/2017

It's easy to add and manipulate graphics and text. The upload font upgrade is well worth it to have more options. Customer support is good too and they are always upgrading the services and experience

I don't like the storage system. If you upload a photo and use it four times, the storage counts it against your account each individual time. That can chew up a lot of space
date de révision 06/17/2017

It has made the creation of our monthly magazine much easier than ever before.

LucidPress is easy to learn and easy to use. It helps me create a magazine of sometimes as much as 30+ pages in only a few days. It is also very adaptable. It is so easy to add or subtract pages, I don't know how I ever got along without it!

The only real 'con' I can thing of is the image manager. All of the images I have ever used (lots!) are stored from earliest to most recent in the manager with no apparent way to categorize them or archive them by subject.
date de révision 06/17/2017

Documents look incredibly professional and are easy to create consistent brand standards

Layout tools, ability to align images, copy functions of documents, organization of documents with folders

Very slow and glitchy, fonts, sometimes sizing freaks out and I can't properly place things where I want to. My images are pixilated at times
date de révision 06/17/2017

Able to create lots of documents.

Can be used for just about everything for our business from creating logos to our cutomers to creating templates.

Could be a little more user friendly, not always easy to figure out how to do certain actions at times.
date de révision 06/15/2017

I am now able to create professional and visually appealing documents and promo material. I've been able to do it myself instead of outsource.

I love all the templates and ability to download your own fonts, images, etc I use it for everything. I create flyers, posters, portfolios, catalogs.

Sometimes when working on large pieces it takes forever to download and gets super slow. I wish it would be compatible with photoshop.
date de révision 06/15/2017
Ellwood Gasper

The ability to create professional promotional documents for our agency. We have a small marketing/print budget, but lucidpress allows us to have high quality products for an affordable price.

It's easy to use for anyone on our team here at Lincoln Park Community Shelter. Our development Director, Volunteer Relations Manager and program interns use it weekly, and can easily share and update documents with each other.

Somewhat limited in our package to use more templates and software. In addition, we've had some issues in the past with editing pictures.
date de révision 06/15/2017
Fran Heintzman

We have been able to create and publish a digital newsletter which is HUGE for our organization. We have subscribers all around the nation and it is fantastic that we are able to provide content for them that is easy to access right from their computers, phones, or tablets.

I think we really love the customization of this software as well as our ability to use it online, anywhere we are. This is a huge plus for a small national non-profit with employees that are constantly traveling.

I think storage is probably my least favorite. We have 3gb at the non-profit price which isn't a huge amount. It would be nice to see more storage. But, if not, we can make do.

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