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Stripo enables 90,000+ users and teams of different industries to design responsive email templates fast without any HTML skills.
date de révision 04/08/2020

With this software I was able to solve the main marketing problem of my company: lack of a modern design in the mail marketing campaign. We also made sure using templates that we were reducing the error margin of the mail content, knowing that the format is similar to that used by large companies.

I started using stripo when I started the campaigns of the Mailmarketing company. It was very easy for me, especially because of the large number of templates that it has. The free version allows you to download a reasonable number of templates, which I could use effectively for my first marketing campaign. Being able to do everything from the web, without the need for software, is really useful. Another very important thing is that you can export the template in different formats, in my case I did it in html to send the campaign with other software (which mainly works with HTML). I never had a problem and so far it has been the most practical thing I have used in this matter.

It has some watermarks (I understand that for the free version) that are not visible, but when the mail is sent the first line of text (in the preview of the mail) has the stripe mark. I found how to remove it and it is not so serious, I also understand that it is proper to use the platform for free. Beyond that, I did not find any other point against this software.
date de révision 04/07/2020
Abner Ahhee

Pre-designed email templates library cover 99% of email campaign themes

It is very comfortable to use, easy to export and helpful support team

As poor HTML user it was challenging to setup Smart block for layout automation, but with help of support team it became as easy as ABC
date de révision 03/27/2020

One email builder with many tools to make great email templates faster

All I need for my daily work I can find here: banner constructor, image editor, different interactive tools, etc.

I guess not at all. I had some challenges at the beginning of usage and support team helped me
date de révision 03/20/2020
Horowitz Saurav

The drag and drog and library saving dynamic saves me a tons of time as I sometimes need to rapidly iterate a design.

I haven't experienced any issues with the builder so far. Their customer support has quickly addressed any questions that I had.
date de révision 03/20/2020

I started to use it more than a year ago. The truth is that a newsletter that converts good and look professional can really have an impact in the button line. And I am very happy how stripo helps with that for ecommerce. If it increases the results even a 10%, the ROI is amazing. However for other campaigns as digital products campaigns I still prefer to not use templates at all but do very simple and fast emails.

I like that you can easily create nice newsletters. You can do easily almost everything you want, it is even possible to add a countdown clock. For me it is very usueful for ecommece newsletters. And also for digital products. They have very nice templates that also make the work easy for sending email on special events. Customer service is also very attentive and answers fast showing interest.

What I like less is, of course, the price. I mean that many email systems to usually have also an email editor, and some are not so bad. Stripo beat all of them. But needs the work to export and import the file (if you do not sending with gmail or mailchimp, and some others where they have integrations). But after all, that is just a matter of a few minutes.
date de révision 03/19/2020
Jonis Halfacre

Stripo was EXACTLY the solution I had been searching for over many months. There are others out there but none with the depth and quality necessary to be used for professional work. Stripo has streamlined email production and has become an important part of my workflow as a professional designer. I've recommended to many (grateful) colleagues.

Stripo has a well thought out intuitive interface which makes getting up to speed easy so someone with minimal previous experience can be producing emails quickly. An ideal soluton for any visual designer who doesn;t wnat to mess with writing code.

I'd love to see the option for a 'list view' of emails and folders. As my collection of designs grows it's become a bitharder to navigate in the 'icon' view.
date de révision 04/12/2019

It's so easy to use, the code is quality, and it's easy to collaborate.

I don't have any complaints, I think they are fantastic. by on 26/04/2019 Thank you Braydon, we glad to see that our users take profit from our service.
date de révision 02/22/2019
Isa Christel

Less coding - more efficiency

Very handy drag-n-drop interface for easy email building

I like the solution, I can not recall anything dramatic
date de révision 01/24/2019

The drag an drop, what you see is what you get editor is extremely easy to use

On the free version, you can only get so many texts and functionality, bu otherwise, I have no complaints.
date de révision 12/21/2018

Stripo allows my company to create great emails without having to code anything. This means I can focus my dev on other projects while marketers focus on building the emails and have the flexibility they desire. Stripo increases productivity as it takes us less time to produce great emails.

Its a single drag-n-drop htlm builder but it offers a lot more flexibility than any other email builders I have tried. It's convenient and easy to use, user friendly and versatile. It exports the templates to most email platform such as mailchimp, getresponse, etc., and the code it exports is very well-built. It has a whole section for adaptability, which allows you to build your email differently for mobile to ensure its adaptive for any device.

Nothing that much so far. I've had a bit of issue with saving projects at time, but then I contacted support and they were able to resolve everything in a quick manner. So far, I am very satisfied.
date de révision 12/06/2018
Diaz Buol

Stripo helped to realize all my marketing campaign ideas in one place.

Stripo enables to create email marketing campaign from a scratch to a very end. I can use and edit any image from image bank, create banner with it, use any font, add necessary merge tags and export to sending app.

I have not found any cons yet, so far so good.
date de révision 11/20/2018

Simple to use, awesome support, spending less time and resources for creating emails now

You have to spend some time to learn the usage of app, but it's only in the beginning
date de révision 04/09/2018

This is a life saver for html emails!

I was looking for something that allowed me to easily build a professional-looking email and generate the html so I could use and that's exactly what Stripo does! Very easy to use and great features!

It takes some time to get used to or learn all the options and get the hang of how to use it, but not too long. Wish there were video tutorials to help train staff.
date de révision 06/27/2017
Wilhelm Mcclarnon

It just saves time for creating the perfect emails easily. There are a lot of tool in the industry for creating emails - but stripo is more than a tool for creating email, it automates all routine work we do and grows rapidly.

The project is still at the active development process. So, some features are still declared but not implemented yet. The good news here, that when we ask them to do something - they do in really really short terms (like 2 days sometime)

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