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Sweet Home 3D

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Interior design application that helps designers and architects draw house plans and arrange furniture. Features: Draw walls and rooms on one or more levels - Drag and drop doors, windows and furniture from a catalog onto the plan - Update colors, texture, size and orientation of furniture and rooms - View all changes simultaneously in the 3D view - Create photorealistic images and videos with various light sources - Import additional 3D models and export the plan at various formats
date de révision 04/09/2020

A lot of interesting things in this program, it is easy and easy to learn and work. The program will be useful, first of all, to all people who are planning repairs. The program is a good tool in the self-design of the future look of your apartment, your home or room , without resorting to the help of professional designers, you can own.

Sweet Home 3D is one of the best free and easy programs for creating interior design, with the ability to view in 3D. With the application, you can easily create detailed plans for both a separate room and the whole house, and then place furniture and various objects (doors, Windows, stairs, fences, etc.) at your discretion. With each change in the 2D plan, the 3D view is also updated . Creates nice photo visualizations and even videos of your interior, the ability to print your project and 3D viewing.

Some suggestions to software developers:
date de révision 04/08/2020
Gerge Beltran

I am using this software when I want to relax. I have a lot of plans for the future and building a house is one of them. So now, I am creating houses that I would like to have.

About this software, I like the most that you can use this software when you want to construct your ideal house. It can help you to make your own house. When you make your own house then you can try a lot of colors (if you want to paint walls in some other color), you can remove your furniture, or make an idea how do you want to create your own house in future.

If you are a beginner you will need a lot of time to learn how to rise flats, and how to find more furniture and shapes in the app. But, once when you learn, you can really enjoy it.
date de révision 03/20/2020
Lail Pistoresi

I love the split screen feature, the ease of use, and the variety of objects available. Sweet Home 3D allows me to be creative in my sample plans without stressing about figuring out how to use it.

date de révision 10/26/2019

Sweet home 3D is usefully to make 3D modeling layouts

Sweet home 3D is a free software which facilitates for layout planning with 3D rendering. Easy to learn..

Overall quality is adequate related to its price. Video rendering takes more time and performance to run
date de révision 09/25/2019
Susi Vogland

Using for visualising floor plans and to arrande interior

Sweet home is a cloude based software which is freely available tool for designing. Easy of use is tge best afvantage

Overall quality of the product campaired tobits size is good but it takes lot of time to render images and videos
date de révision 08/28/2019
Tannenbaum Njango

Coming from a professional 3D CAD software like 3Ds Max, Maya and Blender, it was refreshing how much could be done with this software, and how clutter free user interface can help me work faster.

For an free and open source software, this is a very advanced application. There are a lot of furniture and construction elements in the default library, plus you can download new libraries for free and also buy libraries with specialized items.

I've had some issues with rendering high quality pictures with realistic shading where there would be some srtefacts that were not present in the 3D view, and could only resolve this by removing element by element and placing them back from sratch. But for a free software, I do not find this very annoying, and it will probably be resolved in future releases.
date de révision 03/31/2019

As an ex pro software developer I am a hard critic to impress but really I love this product, it is absolutely ideal for my project. I would encourage serious users to also upload the furniture library software which enables you to create your own custom furniture library to share across projects very easily. Furniture in this context does not just mean chairs, it can mean shelves, mirrors, toilets, freezers, kitchens and outdoor plants and even windows and doors.

I am designing three buildings, modern Scandanavian design before asking architect to shape it up, one main house and two lodges for tourist guests.

Absolument rien.
date de révision 03/18/2019
Kezer Bipin

I can easilly draw and make walls and just need very small space to run

I was unable to create verticle curved walls to and hard to create roofs
date de révision 12/27/2018
McWilliams Engelke

What is like about Sweet Home 3D is that is very easy.

What i like least about this software is that it isn't for everyone.
date de révision 11/29/2018
Marcelline Kirkey

It is good for common people but for the experts it has to develop it's features.

It is easy to use. No more objection in using it. New users can also work on this software. It's help options are also very good or it also supports all type Windows. It's menus are very helpful to use this software.

It's home tool's option are not much well. It has to make it more good.
date de révision 07/02/2018
Crespi Luczynski

There are many pages where you can download this program for free and if you are starting the career of interior design is a very good tool to practice the designs

The design quality is excellent, comfortable to work with, friendly to use, Design interiors quickly, if they work on it or if they just want to redesign their house. Numerous visual guides help you to draw the plan of your house and the design of furniture. You can draw the walls of your rooms from the image of an existing plane, and then drag and drop the furniture on the plane from a catalog organized by categories. Each change in the 2D plane is simultaneously updated in the 3D view, to show a realistic representation in its design.

according to the equipment that is being used it is very heavy to start or load, Each window of Sweet Home 3D edits the interior design of the house and is divided into four adjustable panels in size, with a toolbar in its upper part which makes the work uncomfortable since you have to keep many windows open
date de révision 04/16/2018
Mariquilla Pilgreen

This software has amazing innovative features for such a small price. It's worth every penny! It was very easy to learn how to use and it is excellent for planning. The program's library has a vast majority of items to choose from which can be imported to sample floor plans. The drag and drop features make the software easy to use and the 2D/3D options are exquisite.

I have been able to use every feature on this software and it features everything I was looking for in the program, no complaints!

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