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SigmaPlot provides more than 100 different 2-D and 3-D graph types. From simple 2-D scatter plots to compelling contour plots, SigmaPlot gives you the exact technical graph type you need for your demanding research. With so many options, you can always find the best visual representation of your data. Industry specific modules include; Electrophysiology, Enzyme Kinetics, Ligand Binding Module, and Curve Analysis Module
date de révision 04/04/2020

We use SigmaPlot for data analysis and graphing, producing high quality images that get published in our manuscripts submitted to journals.

The quality of the graph produced far exceeds any other software program, and it provides lots of basic and advanced options for data analysis - for me, it has everything I need to visualize data and evaluate trends (statistically) over time.

There's a bit of a learning curve to the tricks of the trade, but once you get there you are good...
date de révision 04/03/2020

There is no comparison between this and its competitors. Graphing is what it does and does well. The options range from linear or bar to 3d and functional response surfaces. The user can also smooth the data for graphing and has several options to do so. With the ability to conduct linear, nonlinear modeling, and ANOVA, this software may be all a person needs!

Don't expect to get much of a help file with this. While excel does a great job of walking a user through problems, I never thought that the Help file for sigma plot was that helpful. Instead, I think the user must really expect to spend some time with the software to learn it. The good news? The software is easy to work with!! Just get started. The data import is much easier than for R or Past, and the graphing features are exceptional as compared with excel.
date de révision 03/26/2020
Shatzer Tobiassen

Despite some initial difficulties, the most basic plotting functions were easily learned. I was able to create the eye-catching plots I need for my papers after jew a few weeks using SigmaPlot.

SigmaPlot is a comprehensive tool to sort, analyze and illustrate a significant range of types of data sets.

The software is extremely complete. Consequently, it has a significant degree of complexity which, in turn, poses some challenges to users with limited experience in this kind of software.
date de révision 03/21/2020
Efram Leinenbach

It took me a while to learn it, but totally worth it.

I love that I can customize every single thing in my graph when using Sigmaplot. The graphs always look professional.

Even though it is great to have everything customizable, sometimes I feel that it would be nice to be able to have some things automatic. For example, if you have 4 graphs in one page, it would be nice to tell the software that you want them at equal distance from each other, or at the same height, instead of either having to guess or go through the menu trying to find the position on each graph on the page to make sure they are all the same.
date de révision 03/19/2020
Bomke Fosser

Our business uses SigmaPlot for data analysis of large data sets as well as for publication grade figures.

SigmaPlot will automatically test for normality and equal variance with simple statistical tests and let the user know if those assumptions failed and if a new test should be run. These are very helpful when analyzing large sets of data.

When making figures, the software can sometimes not show a set of data. The figure tab needs to be closed and reopened for the figure to be fully shown.
date de révision 03/17/2020

This software does all kind of statistical tests and results are accepted by all the research publications

The software is expensive and is not affordable for individual use
date de révision 03/15/2020
Doty Paulmino

Great program for statistical analysis of survey data.

Absence of some functions and statistical tests within the program.
date de révision 03/13/2020
Naval Byus

This software fulfils many of the graphing needs of researchers in a university medical school. It is compatible with the output from the SPSS statistical analysis package. I have been impressed with its ability to create exact graphs of scientific data while not having unnecessary layers of complexity.

Interface conviviale.

Occasional problems with pasting in data that require reformatting.
date de révision 01/03/2020

There is a very impressive amount of tests that you can run on this, and it will run it multiple times for large data sets automatically.

While I love how many statistical tests you can run on this software, frankly, it is just not very user friendly. I often had so much trouble figuring out how to run tests that I would just use other softwares.
date de révision 08/17/2019
Foster Crites

I use SigmaPlot to analyze patterns and construct graphs for general public and professional audiences. I have been using different versions of SigmaPlot for at least 10 years.

The graphing capabilities of SigmaPlot probably put the software on the map. The user can select among a great number of options in 2-d and 3-d graphing. The graphs are easily customized, much more so than in Excel, and their appearance is highly professional. They are exposed as high resolution graphics (or low, you choose!) for your documents. Some people may overlook, though, the awesome statistical power that SigmaPlot offers as well. In addition to some parametric and descriptive stats, SigmaPlot excels in linear and non-linear modeling. The software provides the user the opportunity to truly explore the meaning of the data plotted in their graphs. Admittedly, I know that the software is "canned" and does not require users to write code to analyze, which in some cases may be preferred. But for the vast majority of operations that I've seen people need in my career, SigmaPlot will do the job and do it well.

One feature I would like to see improved is the interface for writing my own non-linear model and fitting it to the dataset. The software provides the option, but unfortunately it is a bit clunky. I often struggle with knowing what the software needs (e.g., starting initial values?) or how to identify the parameters. In this sense, I think Systat (Sigmaplot's older sister) is far superior with how a user writes a nonlinear model function. I wish Sigmaplot would take how it's done in Systat and use that interface in their own software.
date de révision 08/15/2019
Sinclare Mittelstaedt

SigmaPlot is a data analysis software for creating graphs easily and quickly. it's a ​new user-friendly​.

some problem while plotting and editing a ​particular kind of graph.
date de révision 04/17/2019

It has helped us work on projects that requires data analysis and without spending much time and money.

It helps reduce stress of calculating long data. You rather use the software in no time.

It is not user friendly and you must have had a prerequisite knowledge before.
date de révision 03/12/2019

I can customize EVERYTHING in my graphs. They look professional and ready to submit to any journal for publication. You just need to know where to find things, but once you now, you can personalize every aspect of a graph.

There are certain types of graphs that you can't do using SigmaPlot, but that has happened to me only once when I decided to do some "fancy" statistics. It drive me a bit crazy that when you use subscript on an axle and then you modify something, the subscript gets transformed to regular font size, but now that I now that it has that glitch I'm more careful.
date de révision 01/12/2019

The commands are extremely simple. It took me approximately 30 minutes or less to figure it all out. I recommend this software especially to plot graphs for academic publications!

All comands have to be entered manually. That can be a drawback depending on how many graphs you need to plot. For that matlab might be a better option.
date de révision 11/21/2018
Giorgia Hersman

It generates a graphical representation of data quickly and easily. Anybody can use it, including those who are learning data analysis.

It can give the user both 3D and 2D graphical representation of data. It is easy to use especially for those learning data analysis, as it provides a step by step guidance when analyzing data.

Does not directly integrate with Microsoft Excel, the user has to copy paste the data in excel to powerpoint before using it.
date de révision 07/11/2018

Producing professional graphs that are used in presentations, papers, and progress reports. Saved a lot of time since the software is the easiest to learn scientific graphing program I have used.

I like the ease of use of the software. All of the components used to analyze graphs are easy to find and work really. The ease of use is comparable to Microsoft Excel which is a major plus since there is not a steep learning curve to learning the software. Also the ability to export an editable graph to a word doc, powerpoint, or any other software is useful if you want to place a graph as a place holder and go back to edit later.

The costs of the software can get a little high due to it being subscription based, if you're a student like me and only use it a few times a month it is hard to justify the price. However, if you're a professional and use the software daily the price is very reasonable.
date de révision 05/09/2018
Jephum Hudon

Its useful in the analysis statistical, multivariate, fitting curves, 3D visualization. The graphs dont see like simple toys, are vero professional and complete. Its really good for make the graph and visualizations for papers and similar publications.

Will be that any say that have tricks for better and fast efficient but i think that permit make many variations impossibles with software like spreadsheets.
date de révision 03/13/2018
Nickolas Pattum

Really like having the ability to make graphs that are easily understandable. Before this, I was using a spreadsheet program to make my displays, and it just can't always display your data as appropriately as Sigmaplot. The final product looks professional, and not lazy or cartoonish.

It's not really the easiest to figure out. Even being familiar with the results I am trying to display, and the layout of the data, it sometimes takes a little more work than expected to get my visuals to look the way I want.
date de révision 04/21/2017

It's very easy to use. One of the nice features of sigmaplot is its capability of sharing files with other software such as MS excel, Minitab, and SAS.

Nice 3D graphs

It is expensive and it does not work with Mac.
date de révision 02/15/2017
Gerianne Shelvey

Sigmaplot makes great graphs and does some good statistical analyses. However, each new release seems to incorporate new bugs, of which there are many. I use sigmaplot when I have to but I also save often because it crashes often. If you get frustrated by ArcGIS, don't use Sigmaplot. Sigmaplot is way more frustrating.

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