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Product design software that addresses all manufacturing organizations, from OEMs through their supply chains, to small producers.
date de révision 04/09/2020

I love the generative shape design workbench. The complex surfaces you can create has greatly enhanced my work quality

It’s hard to be familiar with quickly and the user interface seems outdated. It could also enhance its composite workbench
date de révision 04/09/2020
Gerri Pono

If you want to deal with complex designs, extended surfaces; e.g automobile body structures, this is the software to use. However for less complex part or tool/mold designs you may prefer Solidworks due to its cost advantages.

The best thing for Catia V5 is for sure the high capability for surface modelling. Complex surfaces can be designed easily with the extensive library and the functions Catia provide. That's why this is the #1 software used in Automotive for creating the designs. There are lots of features to shape your design product. Creating assemblies and defining movement for the assembly structures also possible and can be managed easily after some experience. If you know parametric design principles, Catia can work wery well with this principle. There is also a broad material library available for your selection, you can even add new material or properties.

Probably the first and the only thing to mention about Catia V5 is the interface. Although I like to use Catia due to its extensive features; I do not like the somehow retro interface, ribbon and menu designs. Therefore main screen makes you feel little bit uncomfortable. More than this, I think Catia has does not have cons to mention.
date de révision 04/09/2020
Roye Pernini

In summary, Catia is the best software in CAD world for me. It allows user to design a part from basic level to upper advanced. That's why it's preferred in industry.

There a lot of things to emphasize. However to be more precise, I'm using for metal and plastic part design and it serves great. Generative sheet metal tool is very helpful and tools under this tab half the time while designing a metal part. In addition user stamping is a great way to design brackets amd evaluate producing process.

There are lots of tools I didn't feel so comfortable in the beginning about ease of use. But got used to it.
date de révision 04/08/2020

With the we have simulated elements related to the design of the product and also its production

CATIA was born from the need for a design tool for the aeronautical industry, years of Dassault experience have refined a platform designed for the life cycle of a product, since it is born in thought until it becomes obsolete in some way, it has unique functionalities for the design of products, fijence I say products and not merely design, that is the philosophy of CATIA, you can simulate the production, the processes, the supply chains, without a doubt the Fifth Essence of this market.

I think the only disadvantage that it has is its price and the modest network of partners for support.
date de révision 04/07/2020
Hawley Coopwood

CATIA is an excellent software that has make our job work too easier. CATIA software offers large number of functionalities that is linked with other CAD softwares.With best manufacturing tool opportunity,it enables us to design complex parts. CATIA provides the fantastic space for user.It has unique fuctions for designing products. Moreover one can simulate the production.

Learning curve of CATIA software is quite higher and it is indeed most intuitive software.In the beginning it's layout seems to be quite difficult but when we have good command on basic functions then CATIA becomes easier for us within a few days and it can be done quite efficiently. Sometimes CATIA software takes a lot of time in downloading files but it is a minor issue.
date de révision 04/07/2020

It's a functional design tool, but users are not happy for the interface.

You can work on any design on Catia. It has several modules which you can customize for your needs, such as mechanical, electrical, manufacturing tools. You can also work with parametric for any dimentions that can be connected with a formula and variables. It is well integrated with PLMs.

User interface has not been changed for years which feels it's old. You should be trained well to use all functions. It may take some time to open/import data from different types.
date de révision 04/06/2020
Clemmie Siebenaler

I solved design problems with this software. Make different projects in college. It is really helpful.

I really like it's set of different tools for different operations. The work space of catia v6 is great. It's server based system is really helpful.

The rendering tools need to be updated. In catia v6 assembly workbench is the combination of assembly and kinematic workbench. So, it may difficult to use at initial time.
date de révision 04/05/2020
Mayman Brank

I love CATIA. I have worked with it for several years.

Sketching and drawings are amazing

At the beginning of working with CATIA, it seems that it is really hard to work with.
date de révision 04/05/2020

At first I didn't want to migrate from Pro/Engineer to CATIA, but now I will never go back.

After years of using competing software (Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, ProEngineer and SolidEdge) I started working in the car design and manufacturing industry (500,000 cars per year) which designed most of the parts or received designs from its suppliers. I think that CATIA is fast, responsible, simple and very well structured for handling from simple to complex parts. The finite element analysis is very good and making dynamic assemblies works like a charm. I honestly believe that stands out from his competitors by being fast responsive and relatively simple to use.

The graphic design of the software (at least v5) looks outdated (menus and toolbars) which is a minor issue when compared to the speed of the software.
date de révision 04/04/2020
Layman Tanh

Very good for university use for instance design and engineering students. It builds on the imagination and skills.

Very hard to understand at the beginning. Needs to be taught by someone. Furthermore the computer being used needs to be very advanced.
date de révision 04/03/2020

We are using this program to develop whole vehicle. Many CAD experts required. Provides great tools for design and development.

It is far further from it's competitors. Great variety of tools for mechanical product development.

Fluent usage requires great experience on program. Requires many years to be expert.
date de révision 04/03/2020
Minabe Vedprakash

We're working on automotive company.This product is benefit to prepare and see the design with 3D and check the package. It helps to decrease the prototype investment.

You can easily create 3D design and choose the suitable material from Catia library and calculate the mass, inertia, volume.

It's not easy to use. It has many different feature . You need to get training .
date de révision 04/03/2020

i have been using CATIA since 4+ years, its the best CAD tool with ultimate UI and easy to customize the options. For sheet metal or Generative shape design, no tool can beat this software. I am very much satisfied and willing to learn more within this software by exploring more options and concepts in it.

User Interface will be so easily and well sorted icons. we can easily learn and perform the design/drafting activities

Aesthetic look need to improve for UI and modeling/drafting platform.
date de révision 04/02/2020
Renny Hussien

Catia is one of the best 2D and 3D creation program for manufacturers. Catia is connected to PLM software. You can create all kinds of parts with Catia without any problem.

Sometimes Catia crashes if you are working on a big complex drawing. You should be make sure that you are using the latest version.
date de révision 04/02/2020

My experience has been good, after using CATIA for three years I feel satisfied with the knowledge I’ve built up of the software.

The software is very robust and has all of the needed commands. I attended a class and was able to get up and running with it.

It has so many buttons and a user can easily not know which ones to use. It requires longer than 10 hours of training to get using.
date de révision 03/28/2020
Schreiber Hunley

CATIA software has wide collection of tools. It is being used worldwide by lot of users. I was suggested to use it by one of my friend who had excellent command on this. When I started using it was a little difficult to know how to use it in the best way, but after some experience it had become easy to use. I consider CATIA is the best software for 3D components, architectural designing and for blue printing.

To me, I have not a single complaint about this software. Just want to say the licensing cost should be reduced for users because that will be more easy for spreading this software in the market. Meanwhile it has interesting features and functionality and great customer services.
date de révision 03/28/2020
Gauthier Zeledon

Rich tools

Difficult to open some big assemblies
date de révision 03/27/2020

As long as you know how to use a CAD modeling system, you will be able to pick up and go with Catia, no training required for solid modeling.

The software is better suited for surface modeling as opposed to solid modeling, so some of the solid modeling features can be a bit clunky.
date de révision 03/25/2020
Shatzer Padley

It enables to design most complicated parts

User ınterface is complicated for especially beginners
date de révision 03/24/2020

I suggest this software to any mechanical engineer for designing any complex components because you can design any part in the part design section and finally you can assemble all of the parts in assembly section very easily and this software has complete constraints for arranging all components

The leaning of this software is easy and it very applicable for mechanical engineers for designing any things

The Piping design part of this software is not complete for a Piping designer
date de révision 03/24/2020
Ithnan Delvin

CATIA software has really made our job work too easier fo us. It provides the fantastic ways of development. There are wide range of functionalities in this software. We can quickly design and make complex models and shapes through this awesome software.

There are no cons in this software. The only problem is that sometimes CATIA software takes a quite long time when we are downloading files due to which we get bore but I know this is a superb software and this is not a big issue. It is quite expensive software but it's fantastic features are no doubt matchless.
date de révision 03/24/2020
Paddy Rebeles

I've been using it for more than 3 years, and in my experience has been great. It's really completed and the best option to make projects in design and engineering.

It's a software with so many features and functions that you are not able to use them all properly, and also, they have some tools more developed than others.
date de révision 03/23/2020
Jedd Beraud

On the whole its a good software to use and requires much less computational power when compared to solidworks. Can definitely be used to do basic CAD work without much rendering.

Well once you get the hang of it its pretty simple to use. Its easy to provide constraints and animate your CAD products on this software.

It has a pretty considerable learning curve and also the hotkeys are not that prominent when compared to Solidworks. The rendering are definitely better in solidworks.
date de révision 03/23/2020

If you're in automotive industry and not have your own design tool; then Catia is your must to use design software. It is the most complex and capable design tool and perfect for surface modelling. Yes it is not much user friendly and hard to become an expert user; but these doesn't enough to drop Catia V5 from number one seat...

I'm working with Catia V5 for a long time. I've used other programs such as Solidworks as well; but Catia is the best by far due to it's features. Catia is the most complex tool for part design and assembly management. For instance creating complex large surfaces with Catia (which is a must for automotive industry) is really easy thing to do. Variety of manipulating tools (turn, pan, rotate, etc.) makes you to easily view or manage the designed part. There are several modules which you can add many features to your part when managing the design. There are several material libraries to use for your product. Product tree is detailed and let you to manage the design steps e.g. to make parametric design. Catia is very powerful and fast; but sure you do need a good hardware as well. Creating 2D drawing is a bit complicated; but can be managed easier when you got used to it.

Probably biggest drawback for Catia is that you really need to spend years to become an expert user (not designer). It's a bit complicated compared to some other design tools. Mouse function is a bit hard to control - for example you need multiple buttons to rotate. Also interface is a bit old fashioned. V5 had many upgrades so far; but I assume it's time for V6 now for a better outlook. 2D generation module is really poor; therefore we mostly use other tools to create 2D's. License fee can be an issue for personal or small company usages.
date de révision 03/22/2020

The best way to make virtual prototypes and make your engineering project. the main pros is the way that you can use to interactuate between parts that you have designed.

They have so much things that makes it very complicated to use them all, but also to use them correctly and optimize your processes.
date de révision 03/21/2020
Lynda Antione

It is very powerful and handles complex geometry effectively. Designing large assemblies is simple, and Catia handles complexity well.

The interface is a bit confusing with icons not always located where expected. Licensing should allow on-the-fly selection of licenses for special features.
date de révision 03/19/2020

It helped me and my colleagues to design very complex parts and the tools to manufacture them, for more than 10 years now.

I really enjoy the very large choice of functionnalities offered by Catia regarding with other CAD softwares. In addition, the graphism is really fluid and pleasant. I understand why it is one of the most used softwares for 3D design.

It takes sometimes a long time for me to find the most appropriate functionnality among the large choice when I don't know yet it. Hopefully, the provided help is well documented. With experience, it is always easier.
date de révision 03/19/2020
Hartzke Fried

Catia is an extremely powerful design software and it is great to use once you are fully trained.

Catia can do basically anything you want from a graphical design standpoint. My company designs very complicated 2D and 3D models of tires and Catia can do it with ease.

Learning to use the software is very time-consuming. Because of the thousands of functions and tools at your disposal, the learning curve is steep. However once you're a pro, it's great.
date de révision 03/19/2020
Jillana Salvas

Designing power transmission system.

1. Common usage

1. Always Crash like as 'click ok to terminate'
date de révision 03/18/2020

Overall I've had no problems with CATIA.

Used Part/Surface/Kinematics feature

The interface needs a little getting used to.
date de révision 03/17/2020
Rothberg Yamanaka

This software gives you the liberty to rearrange tool pallets and it makes the software more easier to use. This software can also be used to architecture, as it offers wall tools to help create building plan very efficiently.

In the beginning, it's difficult to grasp the interface quickly and tools are not very intuitive as compared to other software. It needs a planning to know all the options in short time. But In my experience with this software is splendid. And it won't be wrong to say that this software is my number one choice when it comes to perfect designing.
date de révision 03/17/2020

Although it still has some cons, Catia is best especially in Aviation and Automotive industries due to having complex parts and assemblies. It is always an advantage to know how to work with Catia.

As an engineer who is working in automotive industry, I can easily say that Catia is most common 3D program. It is great for designing complex parts and assembly. This is the reason of why Catia is most popular 3D program in Aviation and Automotive industries which have prettly complex part and assemblies. Material library of Catia also makes the study easier for engineers.

The main issue I have with Catia is with product tree. I really do not know why it is not fixed. When you try to do something else, sometimes product tree disappears. Another issue I have with drawing generation which is really not easy to do in Catia. I think it needs to be improved.
date de révision 03/15/2020
Komara Wedd

Catia has a user friendly interface which helps you while you working on it.

Sometimes it gives 'Click for termination' error which means end for your design because if you haven't saved your design up to that moment than you'll lose everything!
date de révision 03/15/2020
Vale Cantrel

la puissance

KWA, VB script sketch control. copy past result of link,

Modular madness, they charge you for everything
date de révision 03/12/2020

Great, it has become favorite of the users when it comes to design and drafting the models.

Catia is a wonderful tool and very effective to create the complex geometries and large assemblies. The best feature of this tool is its surfacing capability. It is also mostly used by the automobile manufacturers to design their products.

The only thing that matters here is its little difficult user interface and accessibility. Rest of the features if this software are worth for a designer to use.
date de révision 03/11/2020
Abran Coburn

experience was interesting I think if I trained more on it I might have seen he full benefits of it.

what I liked the most about catia is you can create 3D drawings and if they have moving parts you can play them to see how they move. I used the software for one of my projects.

it is difficult to understand, sometimes it doesn't allow you to carry out tasks due to clashes and it can be frustrating trying to fin these clashes.
date de révision 02/17/2020
Gabriele Flinders

CATIA works well for modeling complex designs and dealing with assemblies, and also helping with analysis for production line assembly and manufacturing through stamping, molding, injection, and others. CATIA also integrates very well with Teamcenter, the PLM software which we use in our company, making it easy to upload files and dealing with approval processes for new designs - although the time it takes for loading parts and saving could be reduced to improve productivity.

Easy modeling with production steps in mind; Surface modeling is pretty intuitive and makes possible to design complex geometries faster; Model edit is practical, making possible to edit a geometry parameter and rerun the program to have the new parameters ready; CATIA works very well for assemblies too, it makes possible to easily attach parts and bind specific parameters, also to hide parts that are not desirable for the analysis.

The software is pretty heavy, even with computers designed for heavy-duty loads, resulting in long wait times to load files and make changes, reducing productivity; User Interface is not that friendly, too many features which can get confusing.
date de révision 01/12/2020
Uchida Garnicki

By working with CATIA V5, i can design and analysis my mechanical parts at the same time.

Being able to work on product tree is crucial. Parametric design tools and analysis tools are working together and it is awesome.

It is not super user-friendly program as Solidworks but it works anyway. Sometimes, when i'm working on the big products, update can take lots of time.
date de révision 11/29/2019
Jem Pecinousky

CATIA is the best software for surfacing, rendering and analysis as I used. For personnel use it is quite expensive but perfect for industry.

CATIA has better performance in simulation and surfacing tool than other design software I have used. It has an good rendering capability. I is very flexible with the laptop as I used. I t can be recommended as very good software to deal with large assemblies and complex designs.

I found it is much expensive for a single user like me to purchase. I would like if there are no any pop up instructions while working. With this mouse functioning also little bit awkward.
date de révision 11/24/2019

It is a great software and very easy to use and teach interns on

The User interface is very easy and has many customization options. Can be used easily by new people.

It is a little expensive and given too many toolbars even if you dont need it
date de révision 11/22/2019
Gaven Kealohanui

I use Catia for 3D mechanical designs and for simulations! It’s a very complete software, so I’m able to do everything that I need using just CATIA.

This is the best software I have used for 3D modeling and simulation! It’s a very complete software!

CATIA is very expensive, and you have to pay every year, if you are a student you can get a discount, but it’s still expensive.
date de révision 10/21/2019
Anselmo Koury

Catia is the most powerful tool in the world for engineering applications. It can be used various operations. I like to use its 3D surface topology and solid part section. Additionally, extracting the 2D technical drawing is very easy to use.

Finite element section can be improved little bit. Mesh generation section is not user friendly.
date de révision 08/26/2019
Monk Woolley

I generally use Catia for Step & STL data exporting for creating CAE models and 3D data viewing. Catia has a user friendly GUI. Measurement tools are quiet easy to use. Product tree management is so effective. I like so much the visuality of the welcome screen. It has many special modules for automotive and aerospace industry. 3D Surface modelling and skecthing capabilities are awesome and industry leader.

Sometimes it could work slower. Your computer need much more RAM. CAE software implementation is open to development.
date de révision 07/29/2019

Easy to implement your design and analysis tools

Poor technical drawing performance, long loading time
date de révision 07/21/2019
Audres Mccra

Generating 3D models, 2D sketches, part & assembly designs are the main things that I perform with CATIA.

It has a lot of function that you can create 3D & 2D models, perform simple analysis including DVA. Surface modeling is the best in the industry.

Not that much easy to learn all functions in detail. But need to spend some time to learn.
date de révision 07/20/2019
Eaves Mowder

Its a great ool to use and no wonder airbus A380 was modeled using it

One of the most robust modelling softwares available.It makes fresh users attracted to it and there are plenty of tutorials available to learn.Its capability over a broad spectrum of portfolios makes it a great product

Rendering function can be improved and also a student license can be available for use with a lot more features included
date de révision 07/02/2019

We are using this tool to create new products as a leader of automotive sector. The most important feature in automotive companies.

You can do it what do you want. Most companies use this program and you need to add this program to your abilities as a mechanical engineer.

It is the most powerful 3D modeling program in the world and you need to deeply investigate every tools.
date de révision 06/29/2019

Once you get experienced with CATIA, you should just imagine what to create and you’ll find a way in CATIA. It is very helpful.

I’ve been using the software for 2 years. The parametrization capability is one of the important pros. Since you can easily control it to create designs by optimization softwares like ModeFrontier. Teamcenter engagement is a plus, as well.

It requires some time to become an expert. Since it is a bit complicated for the new users.
date de révision 06/19/2019

Great production tree

Sometimes click ok to terminale warning.
date de révision 06/19/2019

When I learnd Catia I was at university and it was come from in 20pcs of CD. At that time it was unique tool for 3D modelling. It is still unique! To design mechanical parts only Catis is enough as it is embedded with analysis and simulation tools. Currently all automotive industry uses it.

It is quite expensive compare to other softwares with similar function.
date de révision 06/11/2019
Darda Kaluzny

Catia should be a monopoly to en able engineers to talk in same way.

If you are able to use this tool, you can be an engineer in all over the World. It is globally well-known tool. Catia GPS is also successful add-in.

Hard to understand the design approach behind the tool. When the error pops up right after modification, it drives me crazy. and solving the issue takes time.
date de révision 06/07/2019

Product is easy to use to produce 3D Models and commonly use on automotive industry.

Pricing is really high for single users.
date de révision 05/31/2019
Surovy Klos


I use this software for designing various automotive components and altogether visualization of vehicle environment

It sometimes takes a lot of time if you decide to load too many components at a time
date de révision 05/30/2019
Landa Kindred

I am Design Engineer at Ford Motor Company.

If you create a new product in Aviation or Automobile Industry you should start with Catia. Because that, it is most common software in these industries and it makes you using same language while designing something together your partner.

First time if you learn Catia, you can be forced into doing something, than you to continue doing something.
date de révision 05/29/2019

The best design I have ever used for 10 years and it can be integrated with analysis tools

I am design supervisor and my team use Catia V5 for all design activities. There is so much tool to create any design in my mind.

Perfect design tool but command base and developing automation tool is a little bit complex
date de révision 05/26/2019
Staffan Curtisiii

Catia is good in automotive area but not best.

Catia has different modules like for surface generative shape design, for sheet metal generative sheet metal design. This are ease to use and fast modules for designers.

I have used 4 different design software. Catia should be user friendly. If you know what to do but don't know you can do with what button, Catia is useless. Others has search button to search funtion shortcuts.
date de révision 05/25/2019

I work mostly on 2D drawing creation in my organization. Catia provides more flexibility in usage of different sorts of tools.

The software contains powerful tools for CAD modeling. The interface is very good and is divided into different workbenches based upon the designer's requirements.

The features tools won't create a 3D model unless the sketch a closed profile.
date de révision 05/23/2019

It is the best package program I've ever used. You can do anything what you need and more with CATIA. But you need more experience than similars and I strongly suggest to get serious training or work with tutorials before try to do some work with it.

CATIA has lots of module inside and you can use these to create 3D model, 2D drawing, optimize your design for manufacturing (ex: sheet metal option) etc.

It is not that easy to use and you must learn all the modules and capabilities to complete your work and it takes time. It is the natural consequence of all that features in one package but I think it can be updated to better user interface. Sometimes it can be hard to work with shell data (surfaces without parameters or details) which is commonly used in lots of industry.
date de révision 05/23/2019

CATIA is easy to learn and user friendly CAD program. Moreover I can say that you can do whatever you imagine with this tool.

Sometimes, connectivity problems, but it can be due to network not due to program. Rather than that I could not find a negative thing.
date de révision 05/21/2019
Dane Loyer

I've heard of the program before, but when I first started work I started to use it. I was using Solidworks and AutoCAD. At first, I noticed that mouse clicks are more ergonomic over time, though they are reversed by these programs.

I had no negative experience with the program. Although I started with other programs, I started to adapt to catia program very quickly and started to use it actively.
date de révision 05/18/2019
Copeland Heinsohn

I love how this software has so many tools. If you have something in mind and there is a tool, in some cases more than one, in CATIA to make it happen. It is so powerful that it amazes you. I would totally recommend it to everyone who want to design/draw anything.

So, far there is one tiny bit of thing that I didn't like about CATIA and it is the quality of the error messages.
date de révision 05/04/2019

Part Design, Drafting, sheet metal design and surface modeling. 3D FTA is the one which solved most of my problems.

Drafting work bench Is the one i liked most in CATIA

Complex parts modeling is difficult using CATIA part design.
date de révision 04/29/2019
Adoree Wraspir

We use Catia in the office for doing the Drafting and FTA work. We use it to update the drawings. As it has many work benches it meets all our requirements.

There are many work benches like 2D modelling, 3D modeling, Assembly, Drafting, Sheet Metal and many more in Catia which helps the user to explore more and learn more. For the begginers, who are searching for any Modelling software this is the best one. It is very much user friendly and easily accessible.

In CATIA we don't have the Auto contrainst option, so we need to give all the constraints and dimensions for the parts manually which takes more time.
date de révision 04/18/2019
Audsley Guiden

It is great. But not for everyone

You have a lot of options and tools you can use in catia. For example you can design your products in sheet metal, and configure anything according to your production capabilities

It is very hard to learn. Especially moving with mouse is hard to learn
date de révision 04/09/2019
Hasseman Schryver


Licenses need to be renewed regularly
date de révision 04/08/2019
Hare Elias

I create large motor boats with large assemblies and i use Catia and NX on a daily basis. I have no problem managing the boat and the parts but when it comes to modelling in Catia i find incredibly tedious and very time consuming. Some days are very frustrating using this software as it is still very buggy. And when i contact helpdesk, they just reply 'oh yes, we know about that. This will be fixed in the next version!*

Managing large assemblies is particularly good with Enovia V6. I frequently open large assys containing up to 3-4000 parts (some of these individual parts are even 500MB each) and i have no problem with rotating the model with too much lag. The perspective view and general rendering of the parts is very good and quite impressive compared to other top CAD engineering packages.

Catia is not an easy package to learn. The UX is very over complicated and you really have to be shown by another user how to grasp the endless mouse clicking menus as they are not straight forward. After using Siemens NX for 10 years and then having to learn Catia was a nightmare. Catia takes far longer to model compared to other CAD packages. After 1 year with NX i didnt have a problem with creating anything, it was very reliable and I knew i could have a solution within a certain period of time. With Catia i never know how long something will take. It is far more unstable and it crashes very frequently.
date de révision 02/01/2019

very solid software and stable.

hard for user to lease license from server when traveling. other CAD software would allow you to take license with you out of office for laptop keeping the main license on server for desktop
date de révision 01/15/2019
Kirsteni Lennihan

It is fabulous tool.

It is user friendly and very useful tool to perform modeling. Features are so good.

It has so much complexity about the features, If team makes features more user-friendly then it will helpful.
date de révision 11/13/2018

Normally I use it weekly for designing some mechanical pieces because of my job and my feelings are very good with Catia. You can create pieces really fast and export them in any file format to send them to any client.

This software is really good on its work speed. It's faster than others I ever tried. Like its user interface is really simple, any PC can run it.

Something implicit in its work speed, is the user interface like I say before. For working faster than others design softwares, it's needed to relieve quality to the drawing. That's why it could be simple at the first sight.
date de révision 10/23/2018
Eliott Weinand

Overall the CATIA is good choice for 3D modeling. It is more user-friendly and even a biginner can use it with free mind

I n my view the most usefulness of Dessault Systems CATIA is it's ease of use. Even with a mouse you can do a lot of things. Rendering is neat and fast. The hardware and system requirements are quiet comparable. Another most important is it's low cost among the rivels. Even with low cost it provides decent features and it makes the CATIA a good choice for 3D modeling

In my user experience the most annoying thing is it's interface. It is outdated. But I think that outdated design makes the software easy to use even in low hardware configuration.
date de révision 08/15/2018
Wawro Elstad

Great CAD software. Has a lot of functionality that can takes a long time to learn, but can do amazing things.

Very expensive software when there are others that have the same features for less.
date de révision 07/13/2018

It is very easy to do anything we want to do via this software from drawing and solid body to surface modeling... The space of CATIA is fantastic for will be more if i say this is the best Solid Modeling Program in the whole market everywhere we look for such soft wares...

Sometimes CATIA takes a little long while downloading our files and this makes the whole work a little boring for doer. And i also know that it is not a big issue for a software it usually happens while using other ones as well.So this is the great for me .
date de révision 05/30/2018
Doss Simkowitz

I loved the challenge of learning this software. It was different than most other services, but still very capable. I would recommend this to people who are very familiar with CAD software already as I don't think this is for beginners. Especially if you plan on using other software later on.

This software can do most anything you need it to. From solid body modeling and drawings, to surface modeling and more.

The terminology is different than most other CAD services. This takes a while to get used to. Although, if you get used to the pictures or short cut keys, this won't be too much of a problem.
date de révision 03/21/2018
Goldie Alloush

Great drawings great ability to brainstorm and look over prints and data.

I truly like the engineering team can review CAD data, 3D data, and details about what the customer wants in this software. There is also great training that this vendor offers about greater possibilities when using to design parts.

Just offers somewhat expensive and we have to purchase an entire year in advance in order to get in half decent deal on it. Doesn't make it so much time of negotiating price and looking over the terms but all in all we do get what we need done and make the customer happy with that drawings by using the software.
date de révision 03/03/2018
Marven Stretz

CATIA is a very complete CAD software. From modeling to animation and rendering this software is the "swiss army knife" of 3D conception.

Everyone is talking about it high price, but I think that this argument can be excused because designing a multi-million dollar aircraft using a software can be a bad idea.

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