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Propertybase is the leading global real estate platform consisting of designer websites, real estate CRM, back office and more. Propertybase is ideal for brokerages & teams.
date de révision 04/08/2020
Avera Meabon

We've been working with PropertyBase for about a year or so now, and the platform has absolutely served its purpose for our real estate org and provided tenfold value. The program is rather intuitive to control in the Lightning Experience side of things, and comes out of the box with a lot of great additional features that Salesforce does not (the Matching Tool for matching Inquiries to Listings, for example). The platform is quite customizable, due to it being made on Salesforce's backend platform. Because Salesforce is the leading CRM tool and has been around the block for a bit, you should have no problem finding solutions or best practices to COMMON problems inside of the software itself.

...However, I gotta say, I'm really quite "meh" about the customer support for PropertyBase. It seems like the response time on inquiries generally is around a day or two (which is quite quick!), but a lot of the support team end up giving generic, link-to-a-help-article responses, and rarely take any additional time to really provide a thorough answer or workaround solution. There is no type of customer support live-chat or number you can call for immediate support - I've found this very unfortunate in times where you're caught in a pinch.
date de révision 04/07/2020

All contacts in one place

You can keep all your contacts in the same place. There are many campaigns to set your clients up on. It has a ton of features.

It has been difficult for me to navigate thru this software. They have tons of tutorials available but I do not have the time to sit and watch an hour video of how to set my client up for an auto email. I like to play around and learn a software and this one has not been as easy for me to figure out.
date de révision 04/06/2020

I was able to view many software options within one search platform which made it easy to find what I needed.

Would have liked more help from customer support on software. Only were able to show me how to search but not offer advice on different softwares which would have made my search much shorter.
date de révision 04/05/2020

soso, but since rep helped it'll be soooooooooo much better and easier!

Rep showed me how to use it properly instead of just sending a link to instructions that I don't understand.

That I can't change the default values in the reports
date de révision 04/03/2020

comprehensive inventory management

They have been quite helpful with acclimating to the new system, and finding every app and feature that was useful for us before the migration from the Classic version.

Certain search features don't always provide the options users are looking to use. Some less tech-savvy users don't find this system fully intuitive.
date de révision 04/02/2020

I love how everything is on one place. I can track my progress, complete assigned tasks, and keep up with my contacts in just a few minutes.

There have been a few glitches when entering in daily numbers.
date de révision 03/31/2020
Shae Gackle

This CRM is easy to use and extremely powerful. Since it is built on the Salesforce platform, you get all the benefits of a robust powerful CRM pre-configured for the Real Estate workflow. The support team is always on-line and extremely helpful. The Mobile app for Propertybase is also very strong.

Highly productive contact/transaction/listing management tools, flexible to each of our many processes, and mobile apps are amazing!

Team oriented application not designed for the single user who doesn't require much horsepower to drive their business.
date de révision 03/30/2020
Anastasius Merila

Think this is my web site but not sure

Display, easier and nicer site than our previous website was, doesn't capture many clients for some reason'

Sometimes hard to navigate, don't feel clients know how to use, I don't have lead capture as much as I would like, need assistance to make it better
date de révision 03/28/2020
Floris Lonn

The system is very easy to use, user friendly and set up well by Carpenter. I like the drip campaigns.

I do not like the lack of customization, sorting commands and tagging of leads to sort by. I feel the lead page could have more to offer.
date de révision 03/26/2020

This software is very user friendly and simple to manipulate every detail. The mobile app is great because it has everything I need being a Licensed Real Estate Agent!

There have been a few glitches when entering in numbers daily so the information is not 100% accurate. Also the graphs do not always come through clear/look strange.
date de révision 03/26/2020
Bebe Vecino

Database management, ease to export reports on various metrics about our clients, dashboards to track our sales vs. our goals.

Can be a challenge to get some team members comfortable with it but that's with any cloud based CRM.
date de révision 03/24/2020
Abbotson Giannavola

I like the customization and huge app store on the backbone of a highly developed platform.

The complexity often requires additional help from consultants.
date de révision 03/24/2020

As an EDO and Commercial/Industrial Real Estate organization, actually finding a CRM database we can operate out of was our main concern. Our PB customer service rep went above and beyond to help us understand the in's and out's of this system! He was on top of his game the entire on-boarding process and walked us through almost every inch of the database to help meet our business needs. He created modules that did not exist in order for us to do the proper analytics and reporting for our organization and manage our customer relationships under one platform. Our account executive was extremely professional and patient throughout the entire process and responded almost immediately to every question we had. He took the time to learn about our business and custom build the system we needed to effectively operate out of. We are excited to be able to finally use a CRM that we can operate and manage on our own and look forward to a long relationship with Propertybase.

PB is customizable and very practical to use! As a first time user for a operable CRM, we are able to store all of our contacts, companies, and prospect information in one place, as well as streamline our sales workflow. We can now easily identify which deals we are working through our pipeline and determine what stage of the sales process they are in. There are applications you can purchase that will integrate with your system to help manage email marketing campaigns or even upload multiple business cards from your mobile app to save time. On top of that, their customer service support team is hands down the fastest, reliable, and most friendly group to do business with.

Managing some of the customization and learning to operate on your own is the toughest challenge. The workflow and sales pipeline can be cumbersome when working through a deal, but after some experience and repetition I'm sure it will make sense. We are still learning to create and operate the reports and analytics feature.
date de révision 03/23/2020

Seems to have most everything or the ability to create everything we need. Looking forward to creating very specific reports.

Training for our reps was not as good as we would have liked.
date de révision 03/22/2020

I like the fact it's built on salesforce and it's reliable. I also like that it's very scalable software.

The workflow takes a while to tweak to the specifics of your business. It also takes a pretty decent amount of salesforce experience to change certain options. This being said, PB has great support and has been very helpful.
date de révision 03/20/2020

Great integration with Sales Force. Highly recommend.

This software is loaded with lots of features and there are plenty of ways to customize the dashboard layout.

I found the way to navigate through the software a bit confusing. It's not the most intuitive interface to use on the back end. Found myself often having many tabs open at once.
date de révision 03/20/2020

Help me manage leads and manage transactions.

For real estate teams, this software is really robust. You can really customize the software to fit your business model. You can get really deep and automate a lot of processes. It really functions not only as a CRM but also a file management tool and does both very well. Also, my representative has really gone above and beyond to help my team get up and running.

The system can be a bit overwhelming at times as there is so much you can do. That is great but working with objects and some of the terminologies can be a challenge for someone unfamiliar with the concepts.
date de révision 03/19/2020
Resee Lawry

We are generally very happy with PropertyBase, it has helped our company become more efficient and better at record keeping. The Customer Support Team is the best asset to the program. They are wonderful to work with and always incredibly helpful! This was a good decision for us.

Équipe Assistance

We basically had to completely customize the program for our company which has been time consuming but ultimately we will have a better program because of it.
date de révision 03/14/2020
Delfine Hawks

Incredibly flexible and customizable. Talks to our MLS, other major software tools, and has a lot of powerful functionality.

It requires setup and customization, a fair amount of on-going maintenance, and has a learning curve. It's not the quickest or easiest real estate CRM by far. But for doing it all, in one place, correctly, the first time - propertybase can make that happen.
date de révision 03/13/2020
Tice Baskow

The team at Propertybase is fantastic at helping you get set up from the very beginning. I worked with my account executive, who also was the one who went through the sales process. He handled training around 40 of our agents via GoToMeeting and answered all the questions we had. We use Propertybase to run our national level real estate company. We distribute leads all over the country based on potential sellers inbound leads.

It could be more "cool-looking." Salesforce in general is ugly, but Propertybase did their best to make it a more simplified enviroment and took away a lot of the clutter.
date de révision 03/12/2020
Dorr Leithoff

The Customer Support team is very prompt, reliable and goes above and beyond to help troubleshoot, design and create functional workflows and systems within the program.

The Sales team and the Customer Support team help edit, build and manipulate the out of the box features to fit the way YOU do business! The Sales team works to understand how you currently do business and starts the discussion of how much Propertybase can do and take over for YOU. The Customer Support team takes it from there; any flows, reports, calculations, forms, automatic email, etc they will help you refine and build in Propertybase. Propertybase has a HUGE amount of storage for everything from contact data to photos and documents. Having the ability to have everything in one place is the first step in getting streamlined, organized and efficient!

The mobile version is not as functional. Our brokers have asked for edits and changes that only appear in the non-mobile version.
date de révision 03/11/2020
Dyna Mckoon

How user friendly it can be. You can manipulate every detail to make sure that it is easy to follow.

Some of the conversion ratios and graphs come through funky.
date de révision 03/11/2020
Dwane Zapato

For real estate brokerages (and any one in the industry) Propertybase has you covered so you don't have to start building your CRM from the ground up. Our account executive, outlined all of our needs from the beginning. We then did a Quickstart program with team - they went above and beyond to create a system that worked for our niche. We appreciate the time they invested to train me as an admin and prepare our team to use the system. We look forward to working with Propertybase for years to come!

Since it is a highly dynamic software, there is a steeper learning curve. However, once you are trained and comfortable, the possibilities are endless!
date de révision 09/06/2018

Satisfied with the system

Built on Salesforce Plat form where it keeps you update to date with integrations and new sales technology

The after sales support service need to be improved. people who use propertybase with no salesforce background need more attention and support.
date de révision 07/13/2018
Thatcher Skura

The support through the Adoption Package to configure and stand up the Propertybase toolset has been great and enabled us to begin realizing value quickly.

Propertybase provides a tremendous set of tools built on the Salesforce platform that helps to enable multiple processes as needed in a Real Estate Agency. The customization provided by Propertybase to address real estate is already proving to be valuable.

The cost and complexity are challenging for a small agency but the features and support that Propertybase provides helps to realize good value.
date de révision 04/25/2018

This program is really going to help our agents get organized, once you know the basics its very user friendly.

The product is not cheap and it takes a lot of man hours to learn how to use the back end. Also i wish there was someone who would set the whole thing up for you. Its not great that the customization have to be done on your own. Even if your taught how.
date de révision 04/18/2018

I want to send a big thank you to the whole of Property Base Crew and especially our rep! Big up! He helped a lot, always got back as soon as possible which was like the next day and helped me understand and use this fantastic software. Some things like workflows are still out of my understanding but im sure i will find all the help i need in order to use this feature, too!

All information is in one place. All documents, pictures , you name it! Being able to customize about anything you can dream of!

The HTML knowledge that is needed to customize one feature that we all use, every day. EXPOSEs!""
date de révision 04/10/2018
Rosemari Fitzhugh

With every issue we've brought to support has worked diligently to provide us with information that we need to improve our org.

PB is set up with page layouts, buttons, tabs and additional Real Estate specific functionality that goes beyond what you'd get with Salesforce out of the box. The PB support team is top notch and incredibly knowledgeable. They respond to inquiries or issues promptly with resources for you to learn more. If that information isn't enough they'll go through the process of elimination with you and are willing to step in to help modify the issue you're experiencing.

PB/Salesforce itself is a big system with a ton of functionality that can be overwhelming to get just right for your Org. We customized our version of PB from scratch and only relied on our PB rep, SF Trailhead, the online Salesforce forums, and the internet. I honestly can't say that we have any con's with PB because they were always willing to take the time to help us and provide us with all of the necessary resources to customize our version of the product.
date de révision 04/05/2018

Outstanding system for anyone who wants to take their business to the highest level. You won't outgrow this business solution.

Workflow Management Tailored to Your Business

Agent Adoption
date de révision 01/11/2018

This web site has cost me a lot of money. I am spending a lot in google ad words and you keep marking my leads as invalid email address and you wont do any thing to fix it. We had no resolve to any of the problems we have submitted. You are more than welcome to call or email me for more input. Cons: I have approximately 7,000 leads and your company has market 2,000 of them as invalid email addresses in addition you have stopped another 2,000 daily search email from going out. We keep asking you to fix this and nothing has been done. I sell homes in a resort community and there is no search for golf course, pool, or water virew homes but I can search for basement homes. FYI we are not in Boston we are in Florida there are no basement homes.

I have approximately 7,000 leads and your company has market 2,000 of them as invalid email addresses in addition you have stopped another 2,000 daily search email from going out. We keep asking you to fix this and nothing has been done. I sell homes in a resort community and there is no search for golf course, pool, or water virew homes but I can search for basement homes. FYI we are not in Boston we are in Florida there are no basement homes.
date de révision 01/08/2018

I love the ease of sending drip campaigns and single campaigns. The ability to use hyperlinks is also extremely helpful.

I do wish editing the pages was easier to access and had more ability to make changes. There are edits I want to make to page layouts, and the order they come up in. I can call Boston Logic help line but I would prefer to be able to make these edits myself.
date de révision 01/04/2018
Nepean Acierno

The drip campaigns. I haven't done any yet but I have the people loaded in and ready to go. Now I need to pick a few I'd like to send and have marketing make changes.

It should include a way to find clients near where I am at any given time. If I have a few extra minutes, I can do a "pop by" to a former or current client or other special person in my data base.
date de révision 12/29/2017

Takes just seconds to find what you want in an easy to use simple format. Simplifies my business and allows me to spend more time selling.

The steps needed to add leads and set them up on drip campaigns was a little complicated at first but once they have been added it works well.
date de révision 12/23/2017
Salinas Kartye

Support was very helpful with the initial setup and response time was really fast. Easy to use platform.

Mostly being used as an online presence and next step will be adding in contacts.
date de révision 12/19/2017
Tenenbaum Athmann

variety of information that is available to find, I can shrink or expand headers to make it easier to find what I'm looking for, the requirement that I approve any information before it's added to my site

limited forms available on the printable flyers and its layout, when I enter a new lead it automatically schedules a task for that person whether I want one or not
date de révision 12/19/2017
Franciskus Dellos

The admin page has almost everything I use daily, all in one spot. Help not to have to keep track of all the different sites.

One stop shop for most of the links we use for our business. I don't use any of the lead or marketing pages, just admin.

There is so much on our admin page, that it's difficult sometime s to find what I need. I don't use any of the other pages except admin.
date de révision 12/19/2017
Bubalo Kinderknecht

Has tons of great tools and features. Great follow up capability to interact and monitor customers and clients.

Difficult to learn. Some tools require multiple steps to accomplish (in different areas). On line webinars are not convenient times quite often. Wish they were in video form to look at later.
date de révision 10/25/2017
Fonz Gotham

Nothing but heartache and lost time, money and energy. Cons: It is purported to be a real estate specific application / overlay to Salesforce and it very well may be but don't fall for their bs about signing the contract and their import and 'on-boarding' people will do the rest. We should have been more suspicious when Propertybase refused to give us any references to real estate agents that are using the product, instead referring us to videos and screen shares. After months of my team trying to make the program operate properly, we asked that Propertybase suspend the billing and credit us for past months until the software was functional and they refused.

It is purported to be a real estate specific application / overlay to Salesforce and it very well may be but don't fall for their bs about signing the contract and their import and 'on-boarding' people will do the rest. We should have been more suspicious when Propertybase refused to give us any references to real estate agents that are using the product, instead referring us to videos and screen shares. After months of my team trying to make the program operate properly, we asked that Propertybase suspend the billing and credit us for past months until the software was functional and they refused.
date de révision 07/06/2017

When we called for help we were directed to our salesperson Cameron who became suddenly rude with helping at all. The only thing that was offered was to PAY money for a one-time setup fee. We will not be renewing and so far just threw money out the window.

Being used to working with SalesForce, I expected much more. SF functionality is there. So far not much.

We were sold based off of SalesForce functionality, however, there are some functions that you cannot use that would be available in SF. This was not discussed with us prior to purchase. We were also not aware that there is a 30 day opt out clause that we were not aware of.
date de révision 06/24/2014

The mobile app is awesome. It's Salesforce with all the Propertybase real estate stuff built right in.

The desktop app is not very cutting edge; it works, but it is what it is.

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