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Angus AnyWhere

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Property management solution that allows building owners, property managers, tenants and staff to manage their operations.
date de révision 03/28/2020
Mercer Krajnovich

System makes it easy to submit work orders for our office. Easy to track and generate date range for viewing.

It would great if one could export reports from generated date range. User experience could use some updating.
date de révision 03/19/2020
Tabbie Hanold

I used Angus for over a year in my previous job in property management. We used Angus to communicate and place work orders for our tenants. Wish there was a calendar to see when tasks were scheduled. Did not love.

date de révision 12/04/2019
Bayless Sansbury

I think their customer service is quick and helpful. As a relatively new user, I have learned the basics pretty quickly.

It’s a helpful way to track our property work orders, tenant announcements and equipment. Our maintenance staff and tenants can communicate with each other in a clear way.

I wish we could sync our angus system with another software we use called Hub. It would allow our tenants to submit work orders, room reservations and get notifications all from one program.
date de révision 07/30/2019
Rozalin Swaringen

Angus saves a lot of time talking on the phone with tenants. Instead they just submit their request and the work is dispatched immediately. I recommend Angus for any property management company that has multiple tenants.

Angus makes communication between the tenant and management very quick and painless. When our engineering staff receives a request from a tenant we are able to hold the engineer accountable for completing the task in a timely manner.

Setting up our PM schedules took a very long time. Wish there was an easier way to enter in every piece of building equipment.
date de révision 11/14/2018
Kirst Penton

ease of use, customizable, clean forward facing look

don't have any cons as a end user of this product
date de révision 04/09/2018

What I like most about this software is that I am sure it's capable of tracking many things and being very useful for an organization

What I least like about this software is how many different steps it would take for me to enter a work order complete a work order or update a work order.
date de révision 10/18/2016

Extremely easy to use. Great customer support. Preferred over agilis smartwork. Navigating is simple and tracking and recording is a breeze.

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