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SysAid's Help Desk offers one place and dashboard to manage all your IT support. You'll find all the essentials you need in one place including a powerful ticket management tool, IT asset management, self-service portal and more. Implement your customizable Help Desk easily and quickly today from the cloud or downloadable on-premise software. With 15+ years of experience, SysAid has been serving +100k admins globally. Get a Free Trial now or contact us to see what SysAid can do for you.
date de révision 04/09/2020
Trudnak Petek

We needed something to track our issues and requests and since I've used SysAid for 3 years before and only had good experience with it we decided to go with it.

- Helpdesk / Servicemanagement: The helpdesk is great and really easy to use (for admins and end users).

- Admin UI: While the admin UI is really customizeable, it's also really old and just doesn't feel right (to me) anymore. SysAid just revealed their new HTML5 UI for admins (early 2019) but since we're still on the legacy UI I've decided to put it in here.
date de révision 04/08/2020

Our company is satisfied with the tool, the use of it is not exclusive to IT, departments such as maintenance, marketing and finance have joined the use of this great tool

The ease of use, the rapid adaptation of the end user with the tool. Obtaining metrics with your own BI included

I insist that a good tool should be well paid, but if they could create users with different prices and profiles it would be great.
date de révision 04/07/2020
Flavia Wayts

Daily use makes my job even easier. All our staff have said they find it easy to use too. My manager can monitor my productivity with the explicit report.

Easy implementation and excellent support and cloud version is more than reliable.

Need improvement in filtering, more than one request user will make my day.
date de révision 04/07/2020
Penrose Yetsko

I can focus more on supporting/helping clients then less on tracking the actual support tickets.

SysAid's flexibility makes it ahead of most other helpdesk software. It serves what we intends to use it and it even amazed us that it can be used for other purposes.

Sometimes, the cloud version doesn't refresh the dropdowns and button so well, but it's minor. No big deal.
date de révision 04/07/2020

The cost to own this application is externally lower than most of the other Helpdesk software on the market. The ability to create a ticket from an email is a plus, because it reduces the time it takes for the Helpdesk agent to record a fault or request. Also, the application can utilise open source databases such as MySQL to store its' data, which results in a massive reduction in the cost of ownership.

I think the application needs to be a bit more optimised for use in large organisation due slowness issues when a large number of persons are using the system at once.
date de révision 04/06/2020
Gregrory Caine

Their customer support is fantastic, and they also have excellent commutation skills.

What I like about SysAid is that the software has in one platform multiple functionalities the two more attractive to me are inventory and helpdesk ticket.

The price for additional users is very pricy and the barcode scanner app doesn't work with office 365
date de révision 04/06/2020
Hudis Pankhurst

SysAid provides a fully customizable experience for IT administrators. Every form can be customized and when combined with using templates, it becomes a powerful tool. Also, I like the ability to separate our clients into different companies and use SysAid as a true MSP ITSM tool.

The mobile UI leaves a lot to be desired. Although they do have an updated iOS app, it can be difficult for IT staff to manage their queue strictly from the app. Also, the forms do not support logic to create hidden fields.
date de révision 04/05/2020

We have tracking capability with SysAid that we never had before. We are able to better route our service requests to the correct team for quicker response. We have better ability to tier our help desk services. We have the capability of tracking hardware and software assets and maintaining an ITIL CMDB.

Includes an asset management system and CMDB, modern interface for end-users and administrators, excellent sales and technical support.

Workflow management is a little outdated and has a bit of a learning curve.
date de révision 04/04/2020

I have now used SysAid at 4 companies. Every company I go to I change out their system to SysAid.

It has so many features included with the product. It's very easy and intuitive to use. It has all the tech ops tools I need under one roof. We're changing the way our entire business functions with an IT tool.

Setting up incident management is easy. Finding the capacity to setup all the features and functionality has been a challenge. This isn't a con but more of a frustration for me. It's easy to see everything it can do and use cases. The challenge is putting all the thoughts into logic to make it happen.
date de révision 04/03/2020
Tessler Bartosiewicz

in my experience with the tool, it is very good to track, lift tickets and keep your inventory correct, the support is very good and the handling of it both for the administrator and the user is easy.

it is a tool that contains an integration system with tickets and you can give them a correct follow-up, in addition to keeping your inventory organized

When you upgrade a computer, you change the name or user the system automatically doesn't update and it gets the last record that was enlisted
date de révision 04/02/2020
Fredericka Hesson

Sysaid is very innovative and very easy to customize in order to meet our company's specific needs. Their support staff was very intuitive in getting us to where we wanted to be in terms of daily IT operations.

The company is across the pond and it was hard to set up meetings but they do have support staff here so that help when it came to support and deployment. Other than that there was nothing that i didnt like about the software.
date de révision 04/01/2020
Obadiah Kunert

A help desk solution in which none was being used by the companies I worked in.

The program is cheap. Somewhat easy to setup. Not cluttered like other software I've used in the past.

I've used this software for over 7 years. Almost every complaint that everyone else has about this software, I've made myself and the #1 complaint is that the company is based in Israel and they are hard to understand / get a hold of / and don't fully understand the real problems until the issue is explained a few times.
date de révision 04/01/2020
Roehm Figgers

for years we needed to get KPI's based on the support workload for the IT team, now we can have them with sysaid

easy to use tool for end users, and capabilities for reporting services

very restricted directly access to database.
date de révision 03/31/2020

All in all, Sysaid is an easy to use tool and has a lot of other feathers that can be utilized by any size of the orgainzation

Sysaid is easy to implement and use. i like the Change and release component which is on point. the ticket aging is also one feather is easy to pick

The report creation is quiet difficulty. needs i lot of training and time to understand
date de révision 03/30/2020

Very happy with all the members involved, from install to support. Satisfied with the product.

It was very easy to install, and configure. The roll out to the rest of the company went down with little issues and the users have taken to the product quite fast. Support is excellent. The software does what it is supposed to, works well and is easy to maintain.

The reporting module takes a bit of playing around to get it to deliver. Other than that, I really dont have any "CONS" to add.
date de révision 03/30/2020
Benedix Sneathen

I loved this software, once you got beyond the intial setup, it made ticket creations, assignment, and conclusion very easy.

Setup. Oh boy setup. This software requires a few hours of initial setup time, web server configuration, and an idea of how you want your workflow to happen.
date de révision 03/30/2020

We are using SysAid to manage our day to day incidents and requests. Along with that we have de-commisioned solar winds and intune and only use SysAId as our Asset management.

We implemented SysAid for our ticket and asset management system. SysAid is nothing but a great system which can improve productivity drastically. The thing I like most about the system is that the varieties in which it could be molded depending on customers needs. I will definitely suggest SysAid.

I have not come across any cons until now.
date de révision 03/29/2020

SysAid support is very responsive. It has allowed our department to see our daily tasks without keeping everything in our heads.

It allows our company to understand issues that each department is dealing with on a daily basis. Keeps us organized.

The implementation was lengthy but once the tech support team helped we were fine.
date de révision 03/29/2020

Syaid truly is the number one helpdesk resource for IT admins, from ticket logging to self-service account unlocks it has it all. But not only that SysAid listens to its customers. Suggestions you make to the product can happen and they are always looking to improve the usability and feel of its product.

If sysaid has one weakness it is its Project module it is slow clunky and tricky to use. WE use Trello as it is so simple
date de révision 03/28/2020
Amyas Soderstrom

The integration with Active directory gives and advantage to set up email responses

I would like to have remote desktop connections
date de révision 03/27/2020

Great experience with the implementation team as well as support

The Asset Management, Automated Updates/Upgrades and the ease of the implementation

The UI and the case/project management features might need some work
date de révision 03/27/2020

It is a very good ticketing tool and it is very easy to use

It is a very good tool to manage request of internal users, with this tool i can interact with the users like the Clerk user or manager and to have am efficient communication to track the case

No, really this software is easy to use like final user and to manage the ticket using request is a very good tool, I dont have cons to say.
date de révision 03/25/2020
Remington Tricoli

Since day one SysAid has been the main tool our experts use to support our thousands of users around the globe. The experience has been beyond our expectations.

In our business, SysAid is an excellent tool that helps us to improve our customer service.

Sometimes the configuration is a little complex
date de révision 03/24/2020

My experience is very good, we have already used it for 4 years and we have never had big problems

It is very easy to use for the administrator and for the end user.

The software has changed a lot, but when I implemented it it was all manual
date de révision 03/22/2020
Townshend Cano

We are using SysAid as our primary IT ticketing system. The reporting features make it easy to see how well we are meeting our SLA's. I'm not a huge fan of the text-only template style, and the workflows are not automated, so that if I have to pass a ticket on to the next phase of a process, I have to manually re-assign it. These are minor gripes. For the most part SysAid has served us well. It is easy to use and I can't say enough about the robust reporting

Sysaid has some of the best back end reporting of any ticket system I have worked with. Colorful graphs by department or individual that report on open tickets, time to close the ticket and so many other helpful reports

Does not have as much user guidance as other software in this space. The templates are text only and it does not include automated workflows.
date de révision 03/21/2020
Eldridge Deeksha

Better customer service Better staff allocation of calls

One of the advantages is - The management of calls between my staff ensuring fair allocation and the management of SLA so that all Work can be monitored and tracked.

date de révision 03/20/2020
Gun Breon

In fact, we received all our request and incidents within this app and thanks to this we're able to identify our problems and solved them.

SysAid it's based on ITIL and this make SysAid stronger than other applications in the market. SysAid has helpdesk this to have all your ticket and incidents of your organization. CI to have all types of assets. CMDB to see your assets and services relationships. KBFAQ to have all the solutions of the requests and incidents.

I think the interface could change a little, make it more friendly to the user.
date de révision 03/19/2020
Dredi Ochiai

Full help desk ticket tracking as well as workstation polling.

Does a great job at tracking and managing helpdesk tickets as well as your environment. Allows for multiple users which can trade off tickets. Very configurable to your requirements. The cloud-hosted version has never had an un-planned outage since we began using the product.

Very clunky interface, certain items do not work in Chrome certain items do not work in IE, the polling client on workstations updates every minute which results in an extremely high connection rate which throws off firewall reports (It's not mission critical every hour or two would be fine), need a lot more polish compared to other options now available, customer service is not US based and very quick to dismiss you. by SysAid Technologies on 11/12/2017 We have made vast strides in modernizing our user interface - we recently released a new interface for the end users - our Self-Service Portal, and next up is the admin interface. Our Agent technologies polls the server / RDS every 30 seconds for messages in order to allow online features such as broadcast messages to end users, initiate a remote control session, initiate a chat with end users and more... the packet sent/received is extremely small and does not cause any significant network traffic. The one time FULL computer inventory sent after initial deployment is a bit larger ~ 300K - that is what you may have seen in your FW traffic. Your account manager will be happy to review this with you.
date de révision 03/18/2020
Neidhardt Dulong

One of the coolest things this product is that it tasks our IT staff with accountability and timeliness for our resolutions.

I love how intuitive this product is. SysAid makes it easy to submit a support request for our end users.

I have no complaints about this product.
date de révision 03/17/2020

In my experience for 3 years, he used this platform, it seems perfect, and also an email is attached, where it is automatically indicated and this facilitates the user generating those tickets.

The advantages that SysAid has are many of which are having a computer inventory, a ticket system, a database to help users, easy to make reports, understandable graphics, in short, many benefits that can be derived from this platform.

Disadvantages I have not yet found because the functions I perform in this platform, are the ones I need and I can get the most out of it.
date de révision 03/16/2020
Buckie Roshanlal

Helpdesk mostly, but we are planning to expand its funcionallity.

Ease of use, very friendly and simple GUI, easy to find what are You looking for, nice reports, reminders for upgrade or new features.

Honestly nothing, we have tested few solutions and Sysaid was really the best and thats why we choose it.
date de révision 03/16/2020

The best thing about this product is the cloud deployment. It was extremely easy to implement and maintain, with new product versions rolled out without any effort. Ease of installation and relatively low cost for the cloud offering made this an easy choice. The account manager for my account has made this a good purchase as well. It is very easy to expand the product and any issues we had she has gotten me the help we needed. The asset management piece is very informative and with the optional API we have integrated the output into SQL for reporting etc.

The vendor is based in Israel (I believe) and this made technical support to a middle US state a bit of a challenge. Timing was a little off at first, but they have worked to implement US specific support and once the product was fully deployed we haven't needed much support anyways. That is a testament to the product itself in that it works well and is easy to maintain after a little initial help.
date de révision 03/16/2020
Daria Regner

The interface is user friendly. Service requests are inputted with ease. Screen capture is a wonderful feature for staff to show what is going on without losing the error message.

Sysaid is user friendly which makes it easy for our staff to input service requests. It is reliable. We have not had any issues with the software in all the years we have been a customer. Your support is very responsive if we have any questions. Reliable, reasonably priced, and the support is exceptional.

Patch Management needs to be more customizable.
date de révision 03/15/2020
Hinch Mothershead

Our incident response time has improved considerably. Before SysAid we did not have a service desk tool, so were report to us by phone or in the halls.

We have been using for 5+ years, the application is very user friendly which makes it easy for our staff to input service requests. It is reliable. The few times we have had any issues with the software in all the years the support has been very responsive. Reliable, reasonably priced and excellent customer service.

The service catalog feature is not as Intuitive and complete as in other products that I had used.
date de révision 03/14/2020

Excellent! We have used it for many years. Our users like our seasonal theme on the home page. A really nice feature is the ability to keep track of instructions on procedures and how-to articles. We used to keep electronic documents for all that and still have some but having most of them in one place all categorized has made it much easier to find the one we need.

How flawless it works all the time. Even when we make user errors, the program never crashes. We have experienced a problem a few times over the years. Support is very fast and provides correct fixes right away. We have the ability to make changes in all the screens we use, to customize them for what we want and somewhat how they look. It's very fast. When a user enters a case, we see it immediately. There are far more features that we don't even use.

It's difficult to find locations for all the areas that can be customized. The whole user interface from the administrator's side could be improved by making it more friendly in finding my way around. The appearances for the whole thing could be polished up with better graphics.
date de révision 03/11/2020
Sykes Schoon

The ability to track incidents, requests, changes and much much more.

We use this system 100 times a day for tracking incidents, inventory, and archiving information. Over the years I have used everything from Footprints, Track-it, and Maximo. I can honestly say this in my opinion is the best one for an administrator.

The only con I have is access to support. We are located in America and SysAid is in Israel so sometimes getting a window of available time because of the time zone differences can be problematic. On the other hand the system doesn't really give us any issues.
date de révision 03/11/2020
Agamemnon Grando

the SysAid product has streamlined or IT help desk and asset management. we have actually used it for our human resources and mainentence departments for toruble tickets....I just love the software

As software provider SysAid is top notch, excellent support and product. the software actually does what it says it can do with an easy to understand interface and rock solid dependability. if your looking to make you IT life a lot better give them a try. I started with the free version and in a short time moved to the full cloud version and have been completely satisfied

I really have no Cons, the software just works and there support is top notch
date de révision 02/24/2020
Albina Daiz

Easy of use, the documentation ton implement the software are really well detailled , great support from the team when you got a small problem.

Honestly nothing the price is great and it's simple.
date de révision 02/20/2020
Keare Fontaine

Being easy to use, configure and completely aligned with ITIL framework we implemented it successfully with a fast user adoption; now I have full knowledge on what is going on in my department.

It have several options to create a ticket (from e-mail to a key on the keyboard - F11) and is powerful enough to support detailed customization (look and feel, personalized templates, e-mail with expected resolution dates, tickets categories, timers, notifications, etc).

Project tracking is rudimentary (Understood that it's not part of the scope)
date de révision 02/20/2020
Kathye Tarras

We have been satisfied with SysAid and it's ability to help us do our job more efficiently.

It's ability to allow the IT department to be more flexible, and more accountable.

I wish the reporting had a few more option.
date de révision 12/03/2019
Scharff Slinsky

Overall, the system works. It can just be extremely high maintenance to use.

I like most how easy it is to work on a ticket and then re-assign it to someone else. When someone gets a ticket, it's easy to see the history of what has happened the sysaid breaks down all the information of each ticket so that it's easy to follow.

The feature I like least is the e-mail notification. Whenever any new activity happens on a ticket, you get an email notification and this sounds like a good idea on the surface. But the problem comes when get tons of unneeded email. For example, I will close out a ticket (and get a message that the ticket is closed). Then, if the user responds to say thank you, it opens the ticket again (and sends another message to me). If I get the thank you not the next day and close out again, but that user is now out of the office and has an auto-reply turned on, the auto-reply triggers the ticket to re-open again - and send me another message that this has happened. I have literally struggled for days on end to close of ticket because of stuff like this.
date de révision 10/07/2019

Sysaid not only helps you streamline your day to day helpdesk activity but also a number of other key IT-related tasks. Using the workflows you can automate new starts leaver where you require notification to multiple departments. With Sysaids self-service unlock you don't need another app to allow user unlock their accounts and this saves on the footprint on your device with only one agent. and with escalation rules and routing you can automate communication to users.

The project module needs some love and attention i don't find it works well for me compared to simple tools like trello. But in saying that it's a minor issue.
date de révision 10/07/2019
Kenta Corbridge

It's ok for the price that is paid

many functionalities

it's not app based (browser cache an issue)
date de révision 10/07/2019

Sysaid has facilitated the management of incidences and technological and operational requests, giving us the option of tracking tickets and having SLA and routing tickets directly to specific areas.

Its friendly interface and its ease of adapting to different functionalities

That you do not have free training for your use as an administrator
date de révision 09/18/2019

We are an IT service provider and software and hardware reseller. We've sold SysAid software to our customers for 15 years and have found SysAid ITSM to be an excellent help desk solution for many of our customers. We've been provided prompt, friendly, and accurate help from both the sales and tech support teams at SysAid over the years. They are always eager to help in any way possible. I'd recommend SysAid software for any organization looking to efficiently manage their IT help desk.

SysAid ITSM has helped many of our customers streamline their help desk functions and dramatically increase their IT help desk efficiency.

We probably like the cost the least, but SysAid provides a solid value for the money. Cheap and free help desk solutions just cannot compete with the SysAid solution. You do get what you pay for.
date de révision 08/28/2019

If you come from XLS or a homemade ITSM took, this software does the job. It integrates with AD and the user portal is simple enough.

Overall the management of the tool is not very friendly. The design and configuration of the workflows is conversom. The management reporting is old looking and can't be configured as you like. For instance, you are limited to six indicators for the management panel and you only can pick the indicators available in the shapes presented. It has simple things that are very anoying, such as the filters in the lists that stay with you from session to session and can´t be removed with one click. Migrating incidents to problems is not easy. Managing Massive incidents is less than intuitive, navigation between tkts is not great, but perhaps the worst is that admins and users can not be grouped together.
date de révision 08/05/2019

increased business visibility on challenges and showed if staffed adequately to support with quality of service expected.

Ease of customization and ITIL compliant

payment method when adding licenses, does not seem to match our AP standards.
date de révision 07/19/2019
Kayle Wrightington

Service desk informatique

clear new interface

asset scanning limited use
date de révision 07/17/2019
Rakel Dimitrov

We are using it for service tickets and patch management

- Ease of deployment

-very proprietary-
date de révision 07/17/2019
Tab Laranjeira

Managing Hardware, providing enduser support, Patch management, Reports, trouble tickets for enduser and administration. These options mentioned make for an excellent overall support and management experience

Tech support for onsite servers, option to use the cloud for small companies with limited resources.

A little confusion when setting up modules, but the support via Chat, trouble tickets and FAQ makes it bearable for roll-out and 1st time users
date de révision 07/03/2019
Clement Maciag

all the in

Hi, what I like the most about sysaid is its easy operation for users when lifting a ticket and thus solving their problem immediately, on the other hand we can take a very well organized inventory of computer accounts and the best is not as expensive as other systems from itil

what I dislike about sysaid is that their technical support is too bad and there is not so much information on the web, since we recently had a migration from their system to another server and they could not help us, they took too long to contact us and when they were migrated their system was when they contacted us
date de révision 06/19/2019

The Team are friendly and understood our needs (Once we had defined these). Overall the process has been quite simple, it's simply getting your head around using new software/solutions.

I love the fact that SysAid is not a boring 'Out of the Box' 'This is what you get' experience.

I dislike the fact that I had to learn 'very basic' HTML to implement notifications. This wasn't a great hinderance, but definitely something I disliked.
date de révision 05/07/2019

Prior software (SchoolDude) was not made for IT Help Desk and was not user-friendly for any users. SysAid was about the same price and is IT-specific tool. Easy implementation and on-boarding of new product was nice.

Ease of implementation and ease of use for our End Users. LDAP integration was a plus; and reporting features are robust.

Occasional issues with the hosted environment and not always the clearest communication regarding causes of downtime or ETA to be up.
date de révision 04/24/2019
Deonne Spizzirri

We finally are catching the sense of what is going on in our department (tickets, requests, problems), manage our knowledge base, and have some automatic rules to reply and close unanswered tickets. Also reports are a valid asset.

this israel based company has done a great job by putting out - and constantly enriching - a full featured ITIL based help desk software which covers with various modules (Help Desk, asset management, workflows) most of the daily routines of an IT department. there are many products out there in this category, what I here like the most is the aggressive user support which Sysaid offers: their team is really keen on solving each single issue you might have. they use their product for their own processes - of course - and they are highly motivated.

the user interface is being rewritten and is more modern now with the latest release. we did not apply it yet but plan to do so soon. certain rules and forms can be complex to manage, a good implementation at the beginning is mandatory. unfortunately there is nobody with know how in our country, the setup has to be performed mostly remotely which can be a bit of an effort.
date de révision 04/23/2019
Zicarelli Bresler

our experience is good, we have fast support, the schedule reports help us keep in control the service, with the new BI integration the monitoring is most easy to do.

Easy to use and configurate, mobile version with a friendly interface.

The price is little expensive this is an limiting for have more administrator
date de révision 04/16/2019

Ease of use, easily configurable, and easy to get useful reporting out of for decision making and performance review.

Thus far have had no cons with the software or support. We have not implemented all feature sets but as we've grown and implemented additional features we've been impressed with the ease of extendibility of the product.
date de révision 04/15/2019
Eisenberg Sephus

I've been using SysAid for over 15 years both in my current company and in my previous company. I could not be more pleased with this product and the way they handle their version upgrades always making the product better and listening to their customers in making their product better. I also used their professionals to provide enhanced training to my staff and it is helping to make our helpdesk better than ever for our staff and end users.

The Self-Service dashboard that was recently introduced. The Business Analytics that was added that I have begun to use and find it extremely useful. The staff and people that I have had the pleasure to work with over the past 15 years.

Cant say there is much I do not like. To be able to have more configuration options in the reporting and Business Analytics would be nice.
date de révision 08/24/2018

This ITSM software is perfect to implement Help Desk and Assets Management inside any organization, in my case the Cloud version helped me to automate customer service (internal & external) with successful results, the deploy of this software was fast and I counted on SysAid technical support all the time needed.

- Allow the implementation of ITSM, Help Desk and asset management quickly.

- Least of support for other languages different from English.
date de révision 06/27/2018

We evaluated several products however this one had it all. It was easy to purchase, configure and implement. Has great reporting features and dashboards.

Additional cost for extended business reporting however it might be worth it down the road as you collect more data and implement more ITIL functionality.
date de révision 06/27/2018
Casi Sitara

Ability to create reports and automate them. Categories can be created for anything as deep as 3 subcategories.

Maintenence used to be fairly cost effective until they realized there was more money to be made. Annual fee increased by 9x what we've paid over the past 8 years. Unacceptable.
date de révision 06/25/2018
Janene Hoysock

The ability to enter all your work tickets, and capture all the receipts with my phone's camera, is a real time-saver. And everything is uploaded and stored in the cloud, so I can work anywhere and anytime.

It doesn't have a very good mobile application that you can use. It takes a long time to load and bounces you out at times.
date de révision 06/07/2018

I would recommend this Solution to cover all the ITIL and ITSM needs of your IT Department and keep all your IT assets well managed.

SysAid has almost everything your IT staff will need to efficiently manage the company assets and help desk processes. Enhancing the process of first response to the business internal requirements, also for those companies that offers services will fit as a wonderful solution to It is a great combination of help desk, asset management, remote control and IT activity analysis solutions, in one simple, easy-to-access platform and it support multi-language that makes it a plus for multicultural IT teams.

There's no freemium version available, you can test it for sure using the free trial but won't allow to go further testing the whole package besides that I can't find anything else that will turn against into the features of this great system.
date de révision 05/11/2018

Easy of tracking work orders and warranty work is made easily. Functionality to see others work orders is handy. Easily produces reports for Work in Progress.

Can be clunky at times. Is not en entry level program, so may require some more intermediate computer skills.
date de révision 04/19/2018
Mallorie Tallacksen

Overall this product is something to consider when looking for a management tool, tracking of assets and keeping up with user request.

This entire system is set up to run an IT help desk. Great asset visualization and network detection. Its features are rich, configurable, and highly-scalable help desk solution suitable for any business especially large organization like mine.

Has an overly tabbed and sectioned user interface (UI). The user interface (UI) was not easy to understand at a first glance.
date de révision 03/26/2018
Morey Vanscoik

Tracking helpdesk tickets has never been easier, even IT purchases and calibrations to projects. Built in Remote Support Desktop viewing, Asset Management is also built in.

Projects module is not as strong as the rest of the features and functions. Also lots of drilling down to get projects and tasks setup properly.
date de révision 03/08/2018
Knudson Hostler

All the features are clearly displayed in the dashboard so everything is easy to get to. All of the tools are powerful and it's quite customizable for a program like this. All in all, a fantastic cloud service that's become integral to our business.

The company has been in business for nearly 20 Years and it becomes evident when using their service. There are few errors and when they arise it's extremely easy to pinpoint and resolve.
date de révision 01/11/2018

Lot's of benefits, one of those is we feel we are in control of our tickets desk.

Since we started SysAid we feel like all the tickets are under control in terms of tracking, follow up, future referencing, and putting files for future usage. I like SysAid because I can access it anywhere for KB, reference, task, and even file storage

If there is an option to show KB items without having to log on. Our users want to view the Knowledge Base but they are not keen enough to keep their ID/PW so if there is an option while creating an KB item that says [/] Visible even without logging in then that would be help.
date de révision 11/06/2017
Keriann Delgreco

The mangement of ticket ans asset, it's more easy now for the inventory !

The system is easy to configure !, really simple to use, the new portal for end user it's really great !!

miss a rental system, in the patch management is miss the option to put the software we want, is miss the option to customize completly the colunm
date de révision 11/01/2017
Vey Seanger

We use it daily for our ticketing system and it is our asset management system. It performs these two functions very well.

It was simple to get the cloud version up and running. We had a bit of a learning curve keeping responses to emails from creating duplicate tickets. Pushing out the agents to our desktops for asset management was very simple and is very useful. I used it frequently to ensure software compliance.

There are many add-on modules but compared to the cost of this system, they are rather pricey. The remote control feature built into SysAid if frustratingly slow and cumbersome. SysAid just released an add-on for TeamViewer that looks very promising but it costs for one simultaneous usage. I have rarely used tech support but when I did, it was always a call back.
date de révision 10/31/2017
Derna Anshutz

Being cloud based is a major bonus plus the end user portal is a big help for my clients.

The ease of submission of tickets for my clients. Very good at keeping track of the important things for my company.

The customization of the product, takes many, many months to fully get integrated into environment. Would love to see the ability to adjust certain things on the fly instead of having to scrap everything you doing to go to a different area, add and then return back to what you were doing.
date de révision 10/31/2017

We were able to get a comprehensive product that gave us the biggest bang for our buck compared to any other product. Overall we are very happy with it. Support, not so much. There are lots of things we would change, or focus on changing for sure.

We like SysAid because of it's flexibility in design. We are easily able to create new forms and templates for different kinds of tickets and as such were able to roll out SysAid to our entire company and it is now utilized by every department in our company. We love the workflow features and that we are able to incorporate data from our active directory infrastructure to be able to identify end users and their departments or managers. We are very happy with our ability to modify and maintain escalation rules. Because the system is operating on Microsoft SQL Server we have been able to very successfully use SQL Reporting Services to generate very robust reports to provide our management teams with metric data that was previously unavailable.

Getting support is like pulling teeth. Some design element a lacking suck as the ability to edit and remove and or re-arrange workflow tabs. The system seriously lacks any granularity in administrator security and data security. Example, in order for an Admin to be able to use the LogMeIn feature, they have to be a SysAid Administrator. However with over 75 Administrators in our organization, we don't want them all to have the power to change our system configuration. So it lacks foresight that a feature like that would require the keys to the house to be able to use. The same thing goes for designing templates. There is a security role to be able to modify and design templates, but you cannot create custom fields and new lists with that role, so users cannot complete the designing of their forms without having been given the SysAid Admin role which is more power than we want them to have over the system. This leads to unforeseen problems where departments admins start making changes to the system without knowing that the change does not only affect them or their department. Canned reporting is not great. Even the custom reporting feature is not good.
date de révision 10/31/2017

I like the ability to customize the features so that we can categorize our tickets in ways that make sense to us. I also like the visibility into the history of each ticket, so we can easily see each person that has contributed to the resolution of issues. The software is also reasonably priced compared to other solutions.

date de révision 09/25/2017

A haphazard ticket system that sometimes works better then nothing at all.

I like that you can make quick keys for EU's to access Web-Portal. I like the customization of tickets, assets and EU portals (once you can figure them out). I love the Language Configuration Text file you can use to make it totally your own. LDAP integration is a total dream come true.

Customer service is HORRID! To the point of complaints have to go to CEO of SysAid and had to have HER get on the phone with us. Mobile apps for Android and Now iOS are broken or severely limited functionality and VERY outdated compared to other ITSM's apps. RDS never works correctly. Assets have never fully populated, even though all our systems have agents and services enabled correctly. SNMP devices are atrocious to get to populate and forget monitoring... You have to have a degree in Theoretical Physics near to find the OID's and a dedicated systems analyst to research them and keep them updated. Dashboard has disappeared and can't get it to return, let alone ever work. The entire interface is clunky and looks like it was written when XP was in it's prime. WMI Scans are pointless as you can't do anything with the results of those found devices. Small to Medium business would be better off with Spiceworks IMHO. by SysAid Technologies on 01/10/2017 Thank you for your honest feedback.
date de révision 01/27/2016
Mildred Zahid

First off let me start off with saying that we've have had our issues with SysAid over the years but SysAid has improved leaps and bounds since we decided to go with them and I'm glad we stuck with them despite the issues. We first rolled SysAid out locally and have since migrated to their cloud edition. We utilize almost all of the features offered by SysAid. ****LIKES MOST****

date de révision 04/30/2015
Elihu Takala


Price point makes it accessible for schools.

Some customisation is lost when upgrading versions

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