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See for yourself why thousands of MSPs seeking greater profitability and small IT Departments needing to do more with less use Kaseya VSA IT management software to automate IT management. With Kaseya's solutions, organizations can manage their entire infrastructure and IT operations, including cloud, on-premise, hybrid, virtualized and distributed environments all from one place. Start your free trial to proactively manage and control IT assets and applications remotely, easily, and efficiently.
date de révision 04/10/2020

Remote Monitoring and Management of user PCs.

This software is very full-featured and allows quite a bit of granular control and automation. It continues to improve and has a nice amount of features that are included.

Features that would be nice to have in the base version must be purchased as additional plug-ins so that one feels somewhat "nickeled and dimed" every time you want to expand your feature-set. The cost is on the higher end for a remote management product which could be justifiable if the support were better. I have found that it is a mixed bag of tricks in terms of how quickly you get a response and every time my ticket is addressed it is outsourced to someone for whom English is a 2nd or 3rd tongue. I don't have a problem with the outsourcing aspect but I often find there is more than a bit of a communication gap and it can be frustrating spending a solid chunk of time trying to get my point across due a language barrier. If this were a very low-cost product this would be more understandable but it is not. There is also a very solid learning curve in terms of understanding all of the features. They offer a Kaseya University option to address that (which I am currently involved with) but it requires a subscription that keeps having to be renewed or you lose access. As the content is static, it would be much better to have a pay once and access forever -certainly for the same version.
date de révision 04/10/2020

We took on Kaseya largely for remote control of clients and Windows/Office patching. We quickly made use of its Agent Procedures and reports modules and then continued on, slowly integrating module after module.

Many powerful modules:

Persistent, unfixed, obvious GUI issues spanning years and years after being reported:
date de révision 04/08/2020
Zolner Goodrow

We cannot work without the software. It changed the way we do business.

We can do 90% of all support service remotely.

You need to pay extra for good new modules
date de révision 04/08/2020

Good overall experience although my service desk have had confidence knocked in the product with recent outages.

Monitoring, Remote Control and Patching all within one management console. Ease of access to multiple features.

At times, not user friendly and hard to navigate.
date de révision 04/07/2020
Deuno Shappy

Central Management of all the assets and remote support

Live Connect, we were able to get the insight of the machines without logging into the machine and complete most of our tasks. Centralized patch management and asset audit with automated monthly reports.

Chat feature is not upto the mark, customizing a report is not user friendly, patch management is still having issues, there is no time based password generation for the technician to login the server. doesn't reads the backup details of third party backup softwares like veeam, shadow protect.
date de révision 04/07/2020

I have been using Kaseya VSA for about 10 years now. It has transformed my business. I travel less and less to clients sites and do most if not all work remotely for them. Their customer support is top notch and they work hard to help you. Their billing department could be improved, but they're working on it. They have Kaseya Connect every year in Las Vegas. I wish they would hold it somewhere other than casinos and strip clubs.

Kaseya is awesome in the automation department. I am able to set scripts in place and have them run in the middle of the night. No more staying up after hours pushing out patches and fixes. I can set the patch management to scan for new updates, then push them out on a schedule that I determine.

The product works great on Windows machines, but updating a Mac can be tricky. I would like to see them move into the Android field more too. There are more and more Android devices coming into the work sphere that having an option to remotely fix androids would be great.
date de révision 04/06/2020

Kaseya is the most powerful Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software available on the market. It's easier to use than its competitors and it has the most robust Agent Procedure and scripting engine.


Customer support is terrible.
date de révision 04/05/2020
Turmel Beresford

Overall, this has been an easy to install and implement software.

Overall, it is easy to set up and administer. There are lots of functionality options in order to automate the environment and keep track of all workstations and assistance needs.

Some of the modules, even using the help options available, are not obvious for set up and require some tweaking and re-tweaking. Occasionally it also requires reaching out to support, which is just a slow process. However, the people we have worked with have been thorough, knowledgeable and have been very helpful. Additionally, once data gets to a certain amount within Kaseya, it makes searching for tickets very difficult - and you can't search by ticket number.
date de révision 04/04/2020

Managing multiple machines, virtual or physical can really be a pain. Kaseya provides multiple tools to manage accounts easily and fast. Connecting to a new machine is REALLY fast.

Facile à utiliser

I wish the interface was a bit more cleaner and defined. Aside from that no issues.
date de révision 04/04/2020

Computer asset tracking, fast remote control, scheduled scans and tasks, patch management and bundled anti-virus all in one place.

I'd like to see information on deleted agents and better tracking of certain changes made to agent PCs and Macs, specifically more than a month's worth of logs.
date de révision 04/03/2020

I have been using this since 2013, there still a lot I need to learn, this program gives you a lot of opportunities if configured properly. You can have hosted or on premises either way it will cust you some change, you license per administrator and per agents.

This is a very powerful tool, you can set scripts, updates, manage networks and set alerts and policies for one interface.

It can be very complicated to set up, support is good but not over the top, there are a lack of reporting tools compared to what you can automate.
date de révision 04/02/2020

We have saved a lot of time dedicated to working on each machine locally. Between remote installs and remote access it keeps out efficiency maxed out.

We make the most use of the ability to create scripts for automating day to day tasks such as installs or updates on the client machines. It has saved a lot on our man hours since we manage the entire District with one full time and one part time IT staff.

The only issues we've run into with the software is some issues with the earlier version of the KAV component. Many of the issues we had have been patched out of the system at this point however.
date de révision 04/02/2020
Latricia Cathie

As a Managed Service Provider we were initially attracted to Kaseya for its Windows patch management and Event Log monitoring. The powerful scripting agent has allowed for us to deploy software and patches quickly.

Over the years they have bolted on several features and while they have polished up the interface quite a bit the navigation is not intuitive and there are times where you might need to go to several places to get the information you need. The remote access tool to endpoints is slow and does not always connect so we ended up using something else that was more efficient. The canned reports need a lot of work before they can presented to a client.
date de révision 03/30/2020
Williams Forsell

We have been working with Kaseya since an early version. It was a great tool back in 2009, but they haven't change too much. Functionality is there, but the interface is inconsistent between the different modules.

Kaseya VSA is a powerful RMM solution that includes everything you need to manage your customers networks. From remote access tool, network discovery, patch management to scripting.

VSA seems to be made from different teams each one with its own interface. It is not consistent and it you need to click several place just to do another task in the same machine.
date de révision 03/30/2020
Clayson Burhanuddin

Overall the software is great, I have tried all the major RMM software options over the past 10 years and still feel Kaseya VSA is the top of the line one.

Scripting engine is better than other RMM software I have used.

Support over the past 10 years has always been bad, there have been ups and downs but overall not good.
date de révision 03/29/2020

-- Tactical Responsibilities

Kaseya is one of the best RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) tools in the market

unfortunately using kaseya core modules, it is not stronger to manage network devices
date de révision 03/28/2020

I've been in the IT services industry for 17 years. I've tried or used just about every tool under the sun. While Kaseya VSA isn't the prettiest (today), it is best in class. One of the strongest features is the newest update to LiveConnect (remote control). LiveConnect is very fast and provides access to a host of features and tools with no user interruptions. The release of the Automation Exchange has been a boon to our technical resources as well. Kaseya has come a long way on the integration front as well, adding new and useful plug-ins on a regular basis.

LiveConnect, plug-ins, Automation Exchange.

Support could be quicker at times, but adding the telephone option has been good
date de révision 03/27/2020
Wallache Kalert

Centralised platform, easy to use, easy to manage

needs a more robust quality management regime.
date de révision 03/27/2020
Jareb Doughan

I use this software to maintain computers and servers on several different networks. VSA gives me one spot where I can connect to and maintain resources across multiple companies and locations. I am not sure how we would manage all these assets without Kaseya VSA.

Remote management of all computers and servers. This is the best feature. As long as they are online I can access and maintain all computers on my network without actually having to be in the office. I can also set alerts that e-mail me if a server happens to go offline, which allows me to quickly respond before there is any real employee time loss.

While it is very versatile, it is not very refined. It takes a bit to get acclimated to how it works. Kaseya provides training to help with this.
date de révision 03/27/2020

If I were to make the decision today, I'd choose a competing RMM. However after investing hundreds of hours into custom scripts and researching and designing monitoring.. switching RMMs is not an easy task. Consider that accordingly when making your decision. Also know that no solution is turn-key out of the box and that to make the most of your RMM, you will need to invest tech time in such R&D and customization.

Kaseya built out one of the first and still most powerful RMM tools on the market. They have wide-ranging integrations, a very mature scripting language, and a web-based single-pane-of-glass user interface that is simple but effective. Their remote control tool is extremely fast.

Dealing with Kaseya as a company has been the stuff of nightmares since I first used it in 2008. Despite massive growth, management overhauls, and continued change.. the company has and still seems to feel as though their clients are an afterthought. I got my hopes up a few times with promises of change and was let down. Pricing has always made me feel a bit "nickel and dimed". Acquisitions and integrations have been a bit buggy (KNM... you had so much potential!!) and have been their focus instead of improving the core product.
date de révision 03/26/2020

I've been around the industry for long enough to have used most of the rmm providers, and I'll start by saying that they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Some are robust and powerful, others are easy to use but limited. Kaseya VSA falls into the robust and powerful category - it takes some expertise and configuration, but what you have here is a system that is capable of automating the majority of your IT operations.

Remote control is integrated into the product, and actually works. Very powerful scripting and automation. Pretty good selection of add-ons to extend services out to other areas (SSO, PSA, etc). Product is improving.

The UI needs an update, and some of the workflows are less than ideal. Support could be better.
date de révision 03/22/2020
Cleave Jaspers

As an MSP (Managed Service Provider) in the highly competitive IT services market, our tool set is the backbone that enables the service delivery model that differentiates us from the competition. Because these tools are the skeleton of our business, we test all of them on a 3-year rotation to make sure we're using a best-of-breed solution that will make our services faster, more effective, more efficient and produce higher reliability and better outcomes for our clients. Last year we evaluated our BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) and RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) platforms with that backdrop. We included all of the major players (for RMM that was Kaseya, Labtech, N-able, Maxx, etc.) and a few free/near-free 2nd and 3rd tier players, and again Kaseya was the hands-down best-of-breed winner.

Robust features, lightening fast remote desktop access and huge user community producing thousands of scripts to cure every/any problem or request you may have. Full access to SQL database in included.

Slightly above average support response times and longer lead times for enhancements. Their SaaS version is slower than some of the competitors (altho the on prem is blazingly fast).
date de révision 03/21/2020
Arianie Donndelinger

features, easy to deploy & keep updated technology. Live connect, remote access & remote control so light and almost seamless experience considering in Indonesia internet infrastructure is challenging. IT Automation best practice using Kaseya VSA is the most powerful selling point to the market. Minimum functionality to managed IT System management & automation in the business are there.

MDM features should be improved. We are expected for software metering features will be available as part of Kaseya VSA. We need for MSP business model using Kaseya best practice.
date de révision 03/21/2020
Fokos Chaobal

We have used Kaseya for quite a long time. Over the last decade, we have tried to change to other providers when we felt issues were mounting, but never felt like we could find a better option. After a number of years of fighting through a variety of issues, we have seen the product settle down for us. We did recently deploy MSPassist with our VSA and hope that it helps add a lot of functionality we were missing with straight VSA. The pros for me center around the agent and scripting. These are much stronger than others we've used in the past. They have modules for other add-ins like Webroot, Veeam, etc. These are nice, but they sometimes are inconsistent. They have made some acquistions recently with IT Glue, Rapidfire tools and IDagent that are exciting with regards to possible integrations into the base VSA.

My main issues with Kaseya deal with support. We have had many times where it was difficult to get an issue addressed if we didn't "light a fire" or raise the devil with account managers. This even extended to professional services and some problems completing scope items. Also, reporting could be better with product. I generally craft my reports in other applications with information from VSA.
date de révision 03/20/2020

Kaseya's products are great. I wish however their support and accounts departments were more aligned.

The features and options and the customizability there of.

The lack in support.
date de révision 03/20/2020
Henrique Wenke

Flexibility, control and strong management capabilities.

Policy Management has been a big change to the way settings are enforced and monitored. Ease of use with KRC and LiveConnect Extensions has given our level 1 techs faster resolution times. The product has come a long way with integrations and the new Webroot integration is the easiest deployment of AV I've ever seen from Kaseya. Warranty Master is also a very useful integration.

There is a massive learning curve for my developers understanding some of the procedure development methods. It's very powerful but sometimes counter-intuitive for people with a background in common languages. Some settings that you would think would be under a certain module are hidden in other locations, but that's understandable given the development changes.
date de révision 03/19/2020
Auria Manrriquez

The ability to quickly connect to a remote endpoint is probably our most used feature. We also have many Agent Procedures (scripts) scheduled that maintain the endpoints in the background (disk cleanup, log pruning, patching, etc.)

When something doesn't work well, it can be difficult to troubleshoot. Sometimes and endpoint won't be able to receive Windows patches or antivirus definitions, and the error message reported in the VSA is vague.
date de révision 03/19/2020
Chantal Zerko

Have used this product for over 2 years and have no regrets. Has helped us respond to our clients faster. In fact we have been able to lower our on site calls.

The remote connection to pc's has reduced our response times greatly. The ability to see what they are doing helps troubleshooting the problems quicker. The ability to have their service tags / serial numbers allows us to check and verify warranty. Also, information that is shown on the main screen can help us locate PC's that are older or out dated.

Updates with Live Connect, some times install will fail and have to uninstall and reinstall. Some connectivity issues when using live connect is slow.
date de révision 03/18/2020
Woodie Schautz

This software allows my company to support and manage the networks, workstations, servers, and technology of our customers. It allows our technicians to remotely access and administer customer systems, automate maintenance tasks, monitor security and end user behavior, and also gives us a direct link into Kaseya's BMS product for support desk access with direct customer asset access and information. It has saved us many labor hours through automation of system patching and simple end user request or issue resolution.

I very much like Kaseya VSA's patch management capabilities, discovery, remote control and Live Connect, as well as the many integrations with 3rd party products. VSA has made troubleshooting and reporting on ours and our customer's networks exponentially easier. I like that Kaseya is plotting out a roadmap to a software version that encompasses all aspects of Managed IT Services, and am looking forward to the next release.

I am not particularly fond of Kaseya's Cloud Backup integration with Acronis, and while customer support was exceptionally good prior to our purchase, and for almost the next full year after, it seems that there have been some internal changes of late. We've had 4x account representatives in the 1.5 years we've been using VSA, and this last fellow just isn't cutting it. I've also noticed that our version (permissions) to the SAAS VSA do not reflect the same dashboard as others and getting features added or removed has been a process.
date de révision 03/17/2020
Jestude Liebrecht

I feel that Kaseya VSA is an great tool, however the agent required to install on customer's end still required much education in convincing them to open firewall port.

Ability to manage customer's assets including end user computing and servers including VM. Unable to generate reporting for customers for their information as well as strategy business planning for hardware refresh. The reports helps the customers for their auditing as well.

Agent which required to be installed on customers end, due to security unwilling to open firewall port.
date de révision 03/17/2020
Jolie Sobha

Kaseya has a huge array of features. We use it for monitoring, backups, anti-virus, reporting, etc. Theres also network discovery tools. I like that it can be used as a single point of management of all endpoints.

Configuration. If you are new to the system, it can be very difficult to configure. The settings are so granular, it can be a bit cumbersome to get everything figured out. Once done, everything works very well.
date de révision 03/17/2020
Nipha Gumb

We paid for the 25 licenses up front and paid for the "on boarding" which they promise 8 hours of training on how to use their software. The Tech that did the on boarding had problems doing anything and said it was bug in the current system and the fix would be out in 3 months he would give us a credit and re-do the onboarding when the problems were fixed. we never heard from him again, we did not use the software as we were never showed how to use it and got next years bill on my cc and called in and spoke to a supervisor who refused to give us any kind of credit and said onboarding hours expire. So we tried using the software ourselves and called support for help. They literally just email you the link to the general help page and say figure it out or you were supposed to learn this in the onboarding (which we never got). So after calling the supervisor and telling him we have a client that is waiting for something we need their help to get it done in their software so we didn't have to manually remove a user & program to the 50+ computers we had added that week or we were leaving Kaseya. The supervisor promised to have support call us and help us with what we needed, would get us the promised credit & would have us re-do our onboarding. Except support never called us and when we called them they said they couldn't do anything but email us links. we have not gotten the credit or a response from the supervisor and the 8 hours of onboarding they promised us & that we paid for we get 2 hours instead. So if you want support they will just email you a link and say figure it out which is fine sometimes but when you need something right away and don't have time to read 50+ pages. Customer service promises the world but has 0 follow through (and yes I have all their promises in writing they don't care) the software is extremely slow and takes 1-2 minutes to load each page. (we have a 50/50 connection) you can host the software on your own server as they list the hardware requirements of a P1 (yes Pentium 1) 2.4ghz 166 fsb 4 gb of ram and 10gb of hard drive space. with requirements that low you would think their software would run fast. the licenses are expensive over $6.50 a month per computer considering they have no templates, no support, no best practices guides, nothing but instructions on how to setup massive amounts of worthless features but very little actual useful features.

their initial sales pitch was good and convinced us to buy it.

terrible customer service, NO Support, slow, lousy features for the price
date de révision 03/17/2020

We use AzureAD. Only AzureAD. This means we don't have a legacy Active Directory. As we don't have legacy Active Directory, we don't have group policies. We do have Intune but Intune is not yet mature. We needed to find a way to control our pc's. We started with VSA at first. We do want to move over to full Intune and we did move some management tasks over to Intune. Still we do use VSA to have a quick overview of our pc's. Also VSA feeds our Ticket and Assets system Vorex.

We do have a good and fast overview of all our pc's. We can see where a laptop is logged in and who was the last person who was logged in.

Pushing policies and scripts cannot be don at startup of logon. Wen you reinstall a pc a pc is duplicated in VSA. This costs double on licenses and gives a distorted overview. Deduplicating must be done by hand.
date de révision 03/17/2020

Having a remote control solution in the same web based app that allows patch management and scripting is the best efficiency aspect of this product for us.

Everything is integrated. One screen gets you a 360 degree approach to systems management... from AV and Backups, through 2FA & password management, through remote control and patch management.

The remote control feature works well on Windows Pc's, although can be quite intrusive on guest resources while active... and no remote control support for Mac, Linux or Android
date de révision 03/16/2020

Kaseya just scaled up on my number of end points without any issue over the years. It is stable and I hardly face any issue with the agent stability as I have bad experience other RMM that keep needing reinstallation of agent and etc. Kaseya also offers a huge range of solutions ranging from DRaaS, Network Monitoring, Ticketing and security to choose from that integrates nicely inside the RMM.

Nothing much except the price is a bit steep but I guess you have to pay for solid software.
date de révision 03/16/2020

We manage almost 8000 of our customers machines. On almost all servers we run monitoring to alert us to issues, like disk space problems, services not running or certain eventlogs popping up. Here the lego building part of Kaseya is obvious. You get the rough shape to help you set up, but you determine what machine needs what monitoring. You polish the whole in the right shape. We have good security options with Webroot, Malwarebytes and Patch Management as most important parts. We have remote access when we need it and can investigate problems without having to bother users and take over the machine a few times a day. Then there's the luxury of running commands, or agent procedures as Kaseya calls them, in a heartbeat. You can automate cleanups by tying monitor alerts to commands. In the past this could take you weeks to setup and maintain properly, but that task is mostly done by Policy Management now. You setup the roles per group, do they need monitoring, antivirus, patch managent, etc, etc and Policy Management does it all. Unfortunately there is no complete coverage for all Kaseya options, but in our case it's about 80 to 90% and that saves hours and hours....

- You can build a whole lot of automation with their building blocks;

- Old building blocks have lived on too long (this year is supposed to be the big clean-up);
date de révision 03/16/2020

Kaseya VSA has helped me overcome hurdles with outdated software, missing updates, and deployment of new software. I used Kaseya to locate which devices are using old version of Office and using Windows version XP, 7 and and 8 and 8.1. This has helped me in the process of updating all of our devices to the newest Office and Windows 10.

Kaseya VSA is not only for MSPs, but for anyone who needs help managing their assets in the office and in the field. I'm the IT Security Manager with all the hats in the IT world at a large confectionery broker. I manage over 250+ devices on my own, with the help of Kaseya VSA. I could not do my day-to-day job without Kaseya VSA.

I'm not a fan of the app as the functionality seems to be spotty. Right-clicking the client app sometimes brings up a menu, and sometimes it only offers a simple selection of "Refresh". This is my only gripe in the 3 years I've been using this product.
date de révision 03/16/2020
Irvin Jepperson

I would say our overall experience has been a 3/5, the alerts and information on agent workstations come in handy. The file transfer feature to and from agent systems crashed a few times in our early days when transferring between MacOS and Windows. The chat feature needs improving as although it opens a browser window it doesn't automatically go to the chat which can result in users on agent systems sometime closing window not knowing why it's opened. Would be nice if chat just opened up in a window directly. A mobile app has been promised from sometime now and would be really appreciated. Ease of deployment for windows is great, however it's best to wait a month or two before updating to the latest MacOS release as we've found the Kaseya agent isn't always updated at the time of MacOS new releases. We also love the feature to update the agent icon to our own branding, again this works great on Windows but found icon reverts to stock image on MacOS after a few reboots.

We have both Windows and Mac admins and the ability to be able to administer from both platforms was a key a factor in our decision to use Kaseya VSA for our MSP business.

Connecting to an agent desktops can be delayed, we sometimes found we had to close and reopen the live connect app multiple times to connect to a host. This however works a little better when trying to connect directly from a browser.
date de révision 03/15/2020
Joh Padavano

I purchased Kaseya over 10 years ago. During the evaluation, I was concerned that I would make the right choice and not waste time and money on a mistake. Best decision I have ever made. It allows us to manage and automate like no other product can. Some other products have pieces of what Kaseya can do, but no one has it all.

Scripting - Single biggest reason this software is so powerful

Costly - But you get what you pay for
date de révision 03/13/2020
Wyck Gillilan

It's the best remoting tool and inventory control I've seen. You could complain about somethings, but you can't suggest a better product.

I really like the "remote viewer" features when you're controlling another machine. Being able to lock out the local controls (or the screen, when necessary) is divine, after using a similar program that lacked such features.

Updating the software on the vsa server is sometimes cumbersome. Luckily support was up to the task!
date de révision 03/12/2020
Massimo Heaviland

Ability to manage assets remotely

* Télécommande

* Inability to log in incognito without enabling RDP on the laptop (which is a high security risk)
date de révision 03/12/2020
Tomchay Manisha

Asset management, API into ITGlue/BMS as we're a full Kaseya house and remote access

Being able to remote into devices easily

Poor Reporting, Live connect disconnects
date de révision 03/11/2020
Melisenda Rollin

Fast, powerful remote control and scripting. Easy to use and understand scripting language. Through monitoring.

the VSA has had some rough spots in the past, but their renewed dedication to the product gives us hope they will keep up with their competition. There are still some bugs and occasional inconveniences/annoyances, but support is dedicated and fast to respond. I guess they're all doing this now, but some of the features that are nice to have are only available at an additional cost. Reliance on legacy technologies like Flash.
date de révision 03/11/2020

Overall I (and our business) have a very positive experience with the Kaseya VSA in our day to day operations. The VSA allows us to centrally manage all of our customer remote operations including Endpoint Security, Backup of differing technologies, Patching, monitoring and remote access. The VSA also allows us to provide many of these same benefits to our customers which we support, enabling them to have a similar positive experience when needing to access their own systems.

I am most impressed by the functionality and ease of use of the Kaseya VSA for everyday operations, from the perspective of a managed services provider. Supporting our customers in a way that allows quick resolution of their issues is a driving force behind our software purchasing mandate, and the Kaseya VSA allows for this without being cumbersome to use.

My primary issue with the Kaseya VSA is around the licensing model. We run an on-premise VSA, but would prefer to have the flexibility of a monthly subscription service around our licensing as this is how our customers consume services in the cloud driven era we live in.
date de révision 01/07/2020

It has reduced the number of steps necessary to deploy a new workstation (but we don't do that often). Monitoring is somewhat helpful.

Monitoring, workstation deployment, Windows updates

Lack of consistency in the interface between modules; new software management module has bugs despite multiple efforts to patch and fix it; company's insistence on requiring multi-factor authentication despite our request to make it optional (since it doesn't fit in our environment)
date de révision 10/22/2019

Kaseya user for over 10 years, and only now looking to change, that should give you an idea

Kaseya has been pretty much consistent since day one

No local support, VSA not managing blackout windows and causing Windows 10 update issues with clients. Would like to use Webroot module but not as good as company dash board. Have been totally disappointed to have t wait over 4 months to get patching sorted, no amount of calls could fix the issue that made us look so incompetent to our customers. With so many opposition suppliers on our door, there is not much time left to get it sorted before we start looking to change after over 10 years with Kaseya.
date de révision 08/26/2019
Kamin Schuckert

Their tech support was very helpful in helping me to get it up and running initially. Overall I would recommend it to a MSP or IT director with a lot of computers and/or branch offices.

Kaseya VSA is very powerful and makes managing large groups of computers much easier. There are a number of different tools that allow remote control, remote task management, event monitoring, alarms, inventory and auditing, software inventory, push programs and patches and more. It's been around for quite a few years and is a leader in the MSP arena. I have the on-premises version and run it off of a local web server.

It's a little tricky getting it setup initially. I think the Cloud version would be much easier to implement but I opted for the on-prem version because it had a few more extra features and was less expensive.
date de révision 08/05/2019
Raskind Yournet

Kaseya provides us the ability to report on customer environments and also support them remotely via the Remote Connect.

Fantastic product that provides the ability to securely manage and monitor your managed service customers. We integrate Kaseya with IT Glue to give our MSA customers the peace of mind that their environment is not only easy to manage but is fully documented. Kaseya has helped us confidently grow our MSA business.

Outdated Interface, Clunky reporting functionality
date de révision 07/30/2019

I have been with them for about 10 years and didn't always appreciate the company as a whole. Their current CEO has changed all of that. It doesn't matter your size, they will treat you as if you are a much larger organization.

The company behind it and the direction they are headed in. The account reps I have had for the past several years have been amazing. You need to get to know as many people as you can at Kaseya and learn to work as a team with them and you will be very happy. Their recent acquisitions will make their products better and they will continue to pull away from the competition.

It's doesn't seem intuitive at first. You need to invest a little to get things setup properly. All software is like this. They need to do a better job coming out with patches in a timely matter. Go to the conventions and get the certification and it will point you in the right direction. The networking at their conventions is priceless.
date de révision 02/01/2019
Carlen Ikzda

We selected Kaseya because our retail locations run 'Peer-to-Peer' (IE no Active Directory). We found most of Kaseya's competitors required AD joined machines.

Pros: very reliable, any outages have been either due to general system maintenance or patching. Makes for a very effective and information rich support environment.

Patching: tried switching from Patch Management to Software Management, but found Software Management lacking in essential features such as ability to spec and set 'file source'. Also Software Management seemed to find relentless issues (excuses), all over the map, different in almost all cases, not to install patches. We have reverted to Patch Management.
date de révision 01/28/2019

Super happy to have this tool. It makes life funu for our IT office which makes them even more proactive than traditional reactive. :)

Best feature... remote access to end-points! This allowed our small helpdesk team us to monitor and manage hundreds of end points (mostly desktops) all over different sites. No need to physically go to the office to install a patch or troubleshoot.

Functionality wise, I have no complaints. However, in terms of UX, it looks a little dated. Perhaps the interface navigation can be improved.
date de révision 01/28/2019
Gus Vangemert

I can maintain and manage all of our computer assets, generate countless reports and keep track of incident tickets.

There are many powerful tools in Kaseya. The feature I like the best is the Live Connect tool. It allows you to instantaly see running processes, conduct file transfers and remotely control another machine.

Getting it set up can be very challenging, especially if self-hosting it.
date de révision 01/25/2019
Bartholomeo Smallin

Kaseya helped us to get an accurate picture of our network and assets. We have been able to leverage Kaseya to do a number of projects that previously were off limits because we had to "touch" every machine. Now that "touching" a machine is just selecting all from a list we have significantly more flexibility from an IT standpoint.

The feature set of Kaseya is impressive and has helped me to automate a significant amount of our work.

The interface is currently awful. Flash is not a technology that should be used in a modern product and the interface frequently fails to update accurately when using filters.
date de révision 10/17/2018
Stephens Mendler

Having an RMM package is essential to running an MSP. It allows us to service our customers with fewer tech resources and a lower tech to customer ratio than without.

Kaseya VSA is the oldest and most mature RMM platform. It does it all; software management, monitoring, alerting, 3rd party patches, windows patches, backup, anti-virus/malware,, and the best scripting engine around.

The complete integration of the Kasey's network monitor Traverse isn't done yet, nor is their latest acquisition Rapid Fire tools.
date de révision 10/09/2018
Maples Bryars

We have relied upon Kaseya VSA to be the bedrock of our managed services offering for 7 years. It is dependable and provides a diverse toolkit for our engineers and vCIOs.

We rarely have problems with the software. It just runs. We are constantly asking it to do more and it always performs. We depend on it to service our clients and rarely if ever lets us down.

Promised updates and features usually take longer than promised to make it to us. Not an uncommon issue with other major software developers but they get us excited about a new release and then we wait...
date de révision 09/11/2018
Inglebert Fajen

I work with Kaseya every and it allows us to accomplish about 95% of what we would like it to do.

Kaseya offers a lot of modules and so includes a lot of features for managing endpoints.

There are bugs in the software and sometimes update break things that were previously working well.
date de révision 07/11/2018

Significant reduction in operational costs and increase in our ability to deliver value.

The feature set is huge and its automation capabilities are excellent. Support is generally good and their techs are knowledgeable more often than not. The company behind the product is one of its greatest strengths - no product is perfect, but it's easy to work with Kaseya and they go out of their way to make things right.

It can be finicky. We have several thousand agents on it and the database needs frequent pampering. Their support engages and helps willingly and quickly, but I feel this should be handled by the application or some support automation.
date de révision 07/10/2018

It really helps decrease the amount of time we spend working on client PCs and allows us to more quickly deploy global solutions to our clients.

Consistency of user experience and large feature set which allows techs to easily perform tasks while still being powerful.

Inability to use "Policy Management" for all modules as I haven't seen any 3rd party modules in there, nor have I seen the ability to apply policies for Network Monitor.
date de révision 06/14/2018
Therron Hemrick

Nice to have the automation so I don't have to higher staff to due work that can be automated and repeated consistently.

It is a extremely flexible product, which allows you to make your own end point management tools, but you can also buy the scripts too. Lots of bolt-ons, so you can add as you grow your MSP.

Needs a bit of work on the remote control tool as it has limited tools on the remote control screen, but then you have to open another management tool for advanced functions. I would also like to see the permission cleaned up as you have to login to see what restricted users can see...not labeled well
date de révision 04/24/2018

VSA gave us the ability to manage completed remote laptops from a central console. Something as simple as changing the administrator password remotely is priceless to us.

We are a 100% remote company with strict SOP's and guidelines. We are required to manage laptops that never connect to a domain, no VPN. With the new Software Management Module, we can easily perform all security updates and have a record of these updates in one central location. This new module detects all vulnerabilities (including 3rd party software) and can be as automated as you want it to be.

Reporting could be better, but that seems to be the case with most software. Reporting what is installed on machines is somewhat difficult.
date de révision 04/18/2018

VSA is allowing me to scale my client base at a far greater rate than I could without the platform. Automating tasks & automating the monitoring of infrastructure saves me lots of time.

I have found that VSA is so feature rich that you can do basically everything you need from an MSP standpoint. I have appreciated the prompt support when it was required & have found that VSA will really scale quite well. Kaseya gave me 2 free 1.5 hour long sessions with a VSA expert to remotely assist with the initial configuration & to go over all the features.

Sort of a positive negative comment, VSA is such a vast product that the initial setup process is quite a mission. Probably one of the more negative things is the lack of a quality iPhone/Android application to assist with monitoring alerts.
date de révision 04/17/2018

As a managed services provider, we thrive on all the diferent combinations of services that is easy created with Kaseya VSA.

No tool suits all needs but Kaseya VSA is pretty darn close. The sheer amount of functionality and integration makes it very easy to use as foundation for tons of easy to sell services. The user role system can be customized for many levels of security and the API-access is complete.

Apart from the basics, the learning curve is pretty steep and the GUI is in need of an innovative overhaul. The servicedesk-module had hugh potential, but was unfortunalty discontinued and left a big hole in the suite.
date de révision 04/16/2018
Veronique Gordy

The feature set is good and it is stable overall. It has been very good at alerting, monitoring and backups.

Patch Management, Remote Monitoring and Scripting

terrible customer service, NO Support, slow, lousy features for the price Constantly have to uninstall live connect and reinstall. Seems the only way to maintain good connections.
date de révision 04/16/2018

It allows me to manage many pc's with less effort across multiple organizations. If I need to push a script to several organizations that does the same thing it is as easy as deploying it in one place. I also find the Live Connect functions to save time not always having to VPN in to different clients to gain remote access to client PC's.

Policy Driven Events allow events to be happen by clients and departments easily. Easy to navigate dashboard.

The Live connect can be a little glitchy.
date de révision 04/13/2018

Live Connect has been a great addition to the RMM Platform. We use service desk for our helpdesk ticketing system and enjoy the many ways it can be tweaked to fit .

Getting the solution setup was a difficult task, especially the service desk.
date de révision 04/13/2018
Quita Svec

Lots of configuration options and customizations. Potential to do so many things with it. I like the ability to see software and hardware inventory quickly and run reports.

Not user friendly, requires some indepth knowledge to use it, remote control software not as robust with features requiring Live Connect for file transfer, chat, etc in separate portion of the app instead of inside remote control app.
date de révision 04/12/2018
Aia Foiles

Productivité accrue.

The breath of features. Central remote control across all devices is great. The polices and monitoring are great assets for supporting a lot of devices with fewer tech people. We have been very satisfied with the product.

Even thought it is a positive the quantity of features can also be a little overwhelming. We have had the software for several years and we still do not feel like we utilize the software the way it could be. Not sure if we do not know the best channels but having more support would be helpful. We talk to sales people more than support people.
date de révision 04/11/2018
Inverson Macky

To many to describe. Remote access, auditing, reporting, patch management, scripting....the list goes on.

Live Connect is a great feature, giving everything from remote support sessions to remote shell access. The scripting gives you ability to do almost everything behind the scenes making end users very happy. There is no better feeling than being able to tell your customer you fixed a problem without ever needing to bother them or interrupt their day. The reporting functions of Kaseya VSA allow administrators to parse almost any information possible, into nice PDF or Excel reports. Customers are usually very impressed and excited to see the reports, showing them any and all information they want to see regarding their company.

The user interface is a little dated, and before you learn it can be cumbersome to get around in. Another issue, when you schedule a script for a date/time that already occurred, it executes immediately, without warning. Not a big deal for some things, but when you accidentally schedule a reboot script for the wrong time, you don't get any warning before your customer computers are rebooting in the middling of the day. Live and learn :)
date de révision 04/11/2018
Rocray Lamunyon

Asset management and OS and software patching have been very valuable. The Kaseya Remote Control is fast and easy to use. Our entire team uses it every day to support our end users.

We are a private company that uses the VSA for supporting our internal network and users. As an asset management platform the VSA works well. We are able to leverage the many support features to provide assistance to our end users.

The integration with end point security has been tough. The management platform for EPS was frustrating and difficult to understand. We experienced false positives on a daily basis on the EPS solution. Ultimately we moved away from the Kaseya/Kaspersky solution for end point security.
date de révision 04/10/2018
Debarath Auerswald

It allows me to support large numbers of computers with the immediacy required in todays business environment. Single best piece of software in my business. We are able to be proactive, and at the same time react quickly when issues arise.

Remote control is lighting fast, Audit gives you everything you need to know, Scripting the most powerful piece of this software that differentiates from the rest, & automation a must for efficiency & immediate results.

Documentation is better than it used to be but not good. Needs more how to and examples in help. Needs to have real documentation.
date de révision 04/10/2018

We do all of our management for remote agents with this software but would look elsewhere if it was not so hard to switch and if we did not have so much money invested in the product.

The feature set is good and it is stable overall. It has been very good at alerting, monitoring and backups.

It feels bloated and slow at times. The filtering and search are not great. We have had lots of problems with remote control, sometimes it works, then it breaks and then they fix it.
date de révision 02/06/2018
Kuster Casillo

If you want a RMM tool to be your right hand, then Kaseya is it. It has vastly limited my truck rolls, made repairs, repeatable, and their support staff have your back when you 'must' have a script do XYZ. They are good people.

Nouvelle interface utilisateur

knowledge base is very out of date, but support makes up for it
date de révision 11/17/2017

Remote access, patch management, software/hardware auditing, asset management, VSA does everything we need it to!

Kaseya VSA offers functionality similar to SMS/SCCM or LanDesk at a fraction of the cost. In addition, it includes options for additional endpoint protection management.

I was not able to get the VSA front-end working on our shared IIS server, I ended up creating a separate VM for VSA which is pretty trivial but it's one more host to manage. I probably should have just contacted Kaseya Support for assistance, but since I had licenses and VM host overhead available, the most expedient solution was just to create a new VM just for VSA.
date de révision 11/16/2017
Lucio Bemrich

Helps my IT staff with their day to day work making them more productive

Easy to use and very reliable. Love the remote access tools to keep track of all the systems in the office. Weather it be patch management, cloud backup. deploying software or just remote desktop support Kaseya has it all! If my user base is in or out of the office at a client site, Kaseya is there to help manage their computers with just a click!

Kaseya support is sometimes slow to respond and resolve tickets at times. I'm not sure if its a language barrier, or maybe I am just not explaining the issues clearly it usually takes a few attempts over a couple of days to get a resolution to an issue,
date de révision 11/14/2017

I have logged, literally, thousands of hours in Kaseya. As stated above, I can do more in the VSA than if I'm in front of the PC. Hugely powerful. People ask me "So what kind of things have you done with Kaseya besides just remote into a desktop"? Then I give them a simple example, such as how I wrote a small agent procedure that allowed me to uninstall Office 2010, install Office 2013, and activate the product with a license key on more than 350 endpoints with (literally) three mouse clicks. And I did it with a 100% silent uninstall/install while the user was logged in and working. They had no idea anything was even happening with their workstation. Kaseya makes what could otherwise be a huge project super easy stuff. Kaseya is probably the most important force multiplier in my environment.

Identifying a con is tough. The only drawback I would point out is that for brand new users there can be quite a bit of learning curve when you delve into the really powerful features. For example, writing complex agent procedures takes experience. That being said, the initial basic use of the most common features is easy to pick up right away, so even the learning curve isn't a big deal. When you're ready to "do more" and invest the additional time to learn the more advanced features, they're there waiting for you. For basic help desk folks, they may never need to go beyond the surface features.

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