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Our industry leading Applicant Tracking System is an easy-to-use solution that uses automation and intelligence to help you engage candidates while increasing recruiting speed and quality. Top features include: applicant tracking, text recruiting, social recruiting, employee referrals, mobile app, Smart Scheduler, unlimited workflow, and custom role-based permissions. Join the top brands already hiring with Jobvite's scalable ATS! Our solution is best suited for internal recruiting teams.
date de révision 04/10/2020

As I currently work with another software, I miss a lot of the great functionalities Jobvite has and the freedom within it for the hiring manager to define each requisition flow/process.

Jobvite is a complete and multifunctional ATS. The candidate process can be tailored to each requisition need due to the multiple statuses, screening types and contact options. It feels like an actual flow and it makes it easier to follow the candidate journey and keep track of the email sent and received. Bulk emailing and bulk change of status are also 2 great tools - which I use to give for granted but I don't have in the other ATS I use for m current product (SF).

1. No access to knock out form templates + no option to customize basic templates
date de révision 04/09/2020
Wampler Francescone

I was asked to implement Jobvite at my company. We were a small tech company that was expecting to grow rapidly and needed an applicant tracking system that could scale with us. Once Jobvite was implemented I was the administrator. Recruiters often came to me frustrated because of the complexity of the tool.

Jobvite does a great job at putting your open positions on your company website and making it look very professional. The applicant experience is simple! Applying for a job via Jobvite is quick and easy. Jobvite makes sharing jobs opening simple.

From an administrator perspective Jobvite was very complicated. The navigation was tricky and time consuming. Jobvite had many capabilities, but figuring them out was hard. Customer support was not very helpful.
date de révision 04/09/2020

control over the candidates that come into our system.

Ease of use and accessibility to other job boards, its a great tool and employees think its easy to view all the open reqs and send the positions to referrals.

Its more of a manual process, changing templates is a task, setting up interviews for different locations I want to be able to have a button to click for time zones, so I don't have to change it manually in the email to candidates.
date de révision 04/08/2020
Celestina Mautz

Reporting and Analytics Automating processes Integration issues Hiring Issues

- Ease of Use - Intuitive both on the admin and end user side

- No ability to add logic to requisition/offer forms, requisition fields need the ability to auto populate data based on inputs from the user like cost center or department.
date de révision 04/07/2020

I don't recommend using the ticket system during implementation; Too much room for misinterpretation and it slows you down by days! Use the live chat feature.

It is fairly easy to use and navigate and the knowledge base is helpful. I purchased the Engage add-on and this is a very robust tool that I recommend for recruiting!

Be aware that unless you purchase extended implementation support you are on your own at 8 hours of guided support. Basically a DIY. While it was a struggle, I did finally get through it and launch successfully.
date de révision 04/06/2020
Erny Wymore

Overall, I think, JV is an underused application with what it could do an as a recruitment tool, reporting tool, and an administrative user tool. However, there have been situations when asked to run a particular report. One would think, JV would be able to run it because those fields are in options fields within the program. Unfortunately, some of our report requests are not available. There's always room for improvement.

I like there are many things I like about JV. Figuring they system out wasn't as difficult as I anticipated. I learned fairly quickly how to maneuver around the system. I really like learning what I can get out of the reports and still learning there is so much more there is to be learned throughout the system.

There are some things that I don't like about this ATS, in general, as there is a lot of toggling around to different screens which takes time. However, I haven't had much experience working with other ATS's to make a fair comparison. There has been frustration getting instant online help in a timely manner. JV may or may not have this as an option, but online learning courses. I use this ATS, not as a recruiter, but more as an administrator monitoring all new WW jobs posted to ensure all new postings have continuity, consistent messaging, spelling errors, along with a gender-neutral tone.
date de révision 04/03/2020

I use JobVite on a daily basis. It's easy to use and very intuitive in the user interface. I've worked with several ATS's over the years and JobVite has been one of the best. It makes my job easier as a recruiter.

JobVite is easy to pick up and use. Lots of bells and whistles-being able to integrate notes and data between LinkedIn Recruiter accounts and post to LinkedIn is a great feature! I also like being able to parse resumes and send people links to apply to roles directly from the req I am viewing.

Sometimes switching between screens could be a little easier but it's not that big of a deal. I am sure there are shortcuts that I don't know about but it hasn't hindered me enough to research it further. by Jobvite on 29/10/2019 Dan, Thank you so much for being a Jobvite customer! We really appreciate you.
date de révision 04/03/2020
Tiertza Heinecker

Jobvite is a tool that becomes highly visible in an organisation. All employees, hiring managers and recruiters get one common place to interact.

It's CRM functionality is not the greatest and if you want to use Jobvite as a sourcing tool it's not the best. The reporting tool is not great if you do any customisation to Jobvite. Quite often you find that you just need to export data to excel to find what you are looking for.
date de révision 04/01/2020

I like how easily Jobvite makes it interact with candidates. Keeping all messages in order all in one place is the genius. I think that user interface on recruiting end needs some help. Shifting from tab to tab often takes a long time to populate. Also, the taskbar should allow us to make additional notes to it- for example, the person to whom the task is assigned should be able to leave a small note stating " waiting for availability" or " waiting on interviewers approval" or whatever else they may need to note.

date de révision 04/01/2020

I like how easy it is to learn and teach others how to navigate Jobvite. I have used other ATS products in the past and Jobvite is by far the most user friendly. I love the dashboard feature and the fact that you can customize it to fit your needs.

Honestly, the only thing I like least about Jobvite is the fact that after making a change to a job description, you have to go all the way to the bottom of the page to hit Save. I have put in several requests over the years for Jobvite to add a Save button at the top of the page and it has never happened. by Jobvite on 23/09/2019 Thank you for your review Simone! We appreciate you so much!
date de révision 04/01/2020

Jobvite was a step up for my company. We out grew our former ATS about 2 years ago. With that said I do not feel that Jobvite it the right fit for our organization. Once our 2 year contact is up I don't foresee us renewing. My company needs to be able to field hundreds of applicant's through our ATS daily. It became very clear shortly after using Jobvite that this software is not meant for a company like mine. It lacks small features that I need as a Staffing Manager, in order for my tasks to be efficient. We initially offered to pay more money if they needed to customize any software but they do not do that. You have to post your change to a forum where people can vote on it. The ones with the most votes gets applied in the release. This is fine in theory but if no other companies are endorsing the idea you post to the forum it leads me to believe that Jobvite can not handle the type of recruiting we do and does not have many companies like ours. Which should have made clear to us in the initial stages of negotiation.

1. Great Level 1 Customer Service representatives, all you do is call in and someone can help you with a simple question or problem almost immediately. I use this feature often.

1. Sub par Level 2 Customer Service Reps, when a level 1 person can not answer your question they pass it off to a level 2 Rep. These level 2 Reps that are assigned to your case are hard to get a hold of. They are reluctant to get on the phone with you. I have had 2 separate instances where I had been passed to a level 2 Reps, I was not impressed with their customer service skills. 2. When we went through the integration process we had many meetings with the integration Rep assigned to use but towards the he fizzled out. We were not fully integrated and he passed us off to the customer service line for further questions.
date de révision 03/31/2020

It gets the job done and it's useful for us as a small business to have a place where people can apply online without building our own application process on our website. It's simple for applicants to fill out, but it is time-consuming on our end to get the applications ready.

I like that you are able to put pretty much anything and everything on the screening forms. So many other software/websites make their application so simplistic that we barely get any information from our candidates other than a resume. We have a full application that we like our candidates to fill out so it is nice to be able to put all the questions we want on the screening form. It's also a convenient way to keep all of our recruiting needs in one spot.

It's not as user-friendly as I would like it. Creating the screening forms is very time-consuming. It's difficult to be able to delete requisitions or candidates which I understand, but at the same time, it would be useful to have. I inherited the software from our previous HR rep and there were so many things that were incorrect and what not and it's really difficult to clean up requsitions. I'd also prefer if we could turn off the general application as we get so many resumes for positions that sometimes don't even exist.
date de révision 03/28/2020

I love the functions within Jobvite and how easily it is to access different information. I have an easy time looking up reqs and appreciate the customization of hiring steps within each req. I really enjoy being able to quickly see on a high level where all my candidates are at and how Jobvite is able to integrate with different softwares we use.

It is a bit difficult to find candidates. Whenever looking up candidates by their name the software would occasionally pull candidates who's names are nowhere near similar.
date de révision 03/28/2020
Trevethick Sten

It does exactly what we needed it to do.

Very easy to set up and get going with it.

I have no complaints about Jobvite other than I wish it was a bit less expensive. by Jobvite on 14/08/2019 Alan, thank you so much! We appreciate you!
date de révision 03/28/2020
Sachiko Kilgore

We get rave reviews from candidates during the onboarding experience.

I love that the product is so customizable and integrates nicely with our HRIS systems. I also love that it really helps with branding and creating a wonderful candidate experience.

I had issues with turn over of my account manager on the sales side. I also have had to call or use the chat feature a lot and find that a dedicated customer support team per accounts would be the best route to take. instead, I always get differnt peopel with a differnt level of product or account knowledge and I find myself repeating to them. I'd love to see more premade reports in the system. We live in the world of Data and It needs to be easier to data mine the system by Jobvite on 08/08/2019 Maggie, we are so happy to hear that you are loving Jobvite and so are your candidates! I let our Sales Leader and head of Support know your concerns and suggestions.
date de révision 03/27/2020

it is a good one i dont have any problems with it.

I like that when a someone applies it is highlighted, I like the fact that I can invite candidates to apply , Very easy to use

i dont like it when i look up past candidates, view their application the application date changes to the current date... its confusing by Jobvite on 08/08/2019 Natalia, we are so happy you're happy with Jobvite! We will pass your note about the past candidate applications on to our engineering team.
date de révision 03/27/2020

Saves times

Ease of use. The learning curve is fairly small as compared to some of the robust ATS' on the market. Calendar scheduling is also very simple.

Advanced automation and analytics. Sometimes it seems that simple change can't be completed. As an example, there's a super minor customization I've requested that for the life of me can't understand why it can't be done. It would save me hours of time but that's for another day.
date de révision 03/26/2020
Anya Wingerson

It's not horrible, if you've never used an ATS before, you'll think it's terrific. If you've used some of the others like Level or Greenhouse, you'll think it's fair but not great.

I like the ease of use, it's somewhat intuitive and has a lot of good features. They have a lot of good training tutorials online so it's pretty easy to get hiring managers to use it. For the money, it's not a bad ATS, I'd give it a B- if I were grading it.

Their site goes down quite a bit which leaves you stuck not being able to do anything.
date de révision 03/25/2020
Lyall Mapstone

We manage our recruitment function across 11 offices using Jobvite. Our recruitment team can keep track of candidate activity and assign next steps as tasks, making our internal communication run smoothly. You can also move candidates through all interviewing steps effortlessly and with transparency for their referrals.

THE BEST customer service I've ever dealt with; they're fast, friendly and helpful. It integrates with LinkedIn Recruiter and Referrals. I love that it can also handle onboarding tasks like generating offer letters and conducting background checks. Working with outside recruiting agencies, it helps me manage submissions and does not allow an agency to submit a resume that is already in the system.

It's a little slow at times, which can be frustrating. It doesn't have way to include LinkedIn profiles for sourcing. You have to download their profile as a PDF instead of adding their LinkedIn link and auto-generating a candidate profile.
date de révision 03/25/2020

For me this is a great software being that I use it for recruiting candidates, posting ads and tracking candidates. It has provided me and many other colleagues that I know who use this software a smoother and easier way getting their recruitment daily recruitment duties done. It serves it's purpose well and the pricing isn't over the top, it's reasonable.

Ease of use. You can easily integrate your calendar which is a huge plus. Keep a trail on every candidate. You can also customize this software to fit your company and specific recruitment needs. You can track when candidates have received emails and when they were reviewed. Ease of sharing and posting your open positions with multi job sites for maximum exposure. Integrating with social media is super easy.

It takes a little longer than expected to customize a job ad as some of the tools are not as easy and advanced as I would like. The mobile app is not as good as it could be or as advanced as some of the competitor apps. There is no way to look at old candidates in the app version which is very important from a recruiter standpoint.
date de révision 03/23/2020
Sivia Delnero

I really like the Jobvite website, the ease of use, the features that are available and the ability to communicate within the website to both the recruiter and the candidate is excellent!

Our company recently switched over to Jobvite for their recruiting and interviewing efforts. So far I really like the look of the website, the options and the abillity to hold all communications through this site.

Jobvite will take a small learning curve to figure out the website, they do offer slide shows on how to use the site but I wanted to see what it was like going in cold turkey with no training. It only took me a few extra clicks to figure it out, but this is a warning.
date de révision 03/22/2020
Kizzee Klimas

I have used all major Applicant Tracking and Applicant RM systems. Jobvite is the cleanest of what might be termed the "minimalist" systems. It gets the job done without a lot of fuss. Very user-centric and intuitive, ramp-time is fairly short. Some of the bells (Campaigns, email "slams" etc.) have a steep learning curve; this is problematic for me since I am working specialist positions rather than commodity positions.

There are three elements with Jobvite that are just the best:

There is one issue that drives me up a wall with Jobvite and it is pervasive throughout the application.
date de révision 03/21/2020

We used to have trouble managing job postings across multiple platforms and it was hard for different hiring managers to work with HR to know if they had candidates. Everyone was on a different page or doing their own approach to hiring and we weren't getting the right candidates. Now everyone can log in to one interface for quick and easy updates across every job.

I like being able to track candidates throughout the process from where the candidate found us to where in the application stage they are, Jobvite gives so much usable information and makes hiring the right candidate easy! Jobvite easily syncs within our website we are able to have jobs display across our site and easily update them in Jobvite. I can create custom links for social media to track how different jobs are drawing in candidates.

My one con is that I cannot customize automated social media postings to employee's profiles by job. It's a great feature to have and would be even better if I could write custom text for each job.
date de révision 03/21/2020
Effy Kletschka

Plenty of features to manage the full hiring process: calendar integration, evaluations, social sharing, career site API, reporting, message templates, integration with free job boards, etc. Lots of conversations with top management on product vision and collaboration. Works well in most international markets and there's a big push to continue to improve.

Level 1 service has historically been inconsistent in response time and quality. Sometimes product prioritizes the wrong features or there is clunky functionality in various areas (e.g. managing forms); not working consistently well yet in China (no WeShare integration and not yet inside the great firewall). Lacking a solid integration with paid job boards, no way to integrate with 3rd-party assessment tools and no easy way to schedule group interviews. Mobile is very clunky outside of the main dashboard.
date de révision 03/21/2020

Overall my experience is great, I like that Jobvite is easy to use and you can pretty much jump in and start using it and figuring things out without worrying about "messing" anything up. Recruiters and sourcers alike will find that it does not slow down the process and if the company switched to Jobvite they would not be unhappy.

The pros for Jobvite is that is customizable and really easy to use. You don't need very much training and it links to your social platforms so sending automated announcements is easy!

Cons about the software are that it can be slow at times and there is not a texting feature YET.
date de révision 03/20/2020

- easy to set up

Can be difficult to get employees to log in from their perspective
date de révision 03/20/2020
Wardieu Sandlin

Easily setup and integrated with our org. Intuitive for those on the admin/backend side to navigate and use. Candidates have had great feedback about the application experience during interviews, which gives them more confidence moving to a new role/org .

Really easy to setup and integrate with what was needed. Moved from an outdated, very manual process to easily managing and following up with potential candidates all in one place. Users appreciate seeing where the process is at, and the automated messages keep candidates in the loop throughout the process.

It would be nice as more of an all in one that could be used across more areas of the org that tie into HR. Apart from that, I really do not have negative feedback. by Jobvite on 29/10/2019 Thank you so much for being a Jobvite customer!
date de révision 03/19/2020

I use Jobvite daily as an admin to support recruiters and coordinators. I approve reqs, offers, and help to schedule interviews. It is easy to use and learn but there are few things that I feel could be improved. Currently working on Wokday/Jobvite integration as well as Jobvite/Docusign integration to help streamline our processes.

-Refer a friend is an easy functionality that we advertise a lot to our employees -Scheduling is very easy to use and makes it quick for coordinators -The home screen improvements make seeing my tasks, offers, and reqs a lot easier when I am in there daily

-Does not convert time of a scheduled interview for a candidate in a different time zone.
date de révision 03/17/2020
Schlosser Headley

Vraiment comme

Integration with LinkedIn and ability to schedule multiple people.

At times, it can be slow but all in all, I like. by Jobvite on 26/08/2019 Amity, we appreciate you so much! Thank you!
date de révision 03/14/2020
Addiel Fosburg

That everything can be done automated and it syncs up with your calendar. You can tailor the fields you want, the dashboard too. I like that fact I can see where in the process a requisition approval is, or an offer approval is and I can send out reminders to the approvers. On the end user (candidate) I like it too because I could see all the companies and jobs I had applied, so I wouldn't apply twice and I had a visual of where my application was.

I would like that if a candidate applies with the same email address, just like it show all the other positions they have applied too, that the notes maybe show up on all of them.
date de révision 03/12/2020
Minsk Denjen

I love this software because it is easy to use and manage the recruiting processes of the company. Very helpful to us.

I think some features are need to improve. A little bit expensive but very worth it and organized. I like this application and very highly recommended.
date de révision 03/12/2020

Jobvite is very easy to use and intuitive. It's easy to undo a mistake that you created or fix small issues on your own without going through too many steps.

It is impossible to move someone into a new req unless you manually do it. This creates a challenge as this is a function we frequently use. Also, there are many functions throughout Jobvite that are great, but we were never privy to.
date de révision 03/12/2020
Lorollas Dilleshaw

I was devastated during my job search, you have to go through 6 different pages and fill 1000 question answers for no reason, then you race , color, nation, veteran, non veteran,

Nothing in comparison of other tools in market.
date de révision 03/12/2020
Southworth Skilling

- interview scheduling (with view on availability, meeting room booking, interviewers scheduling)

- Candidate evaluations options and visibility is not yet top-notch
date de révision 03/12/2020
Rossi Meretsky

The Jobvite team introducing new features/functionality and fixing some pain points such as approvals (used to be Excel spreadsheet)

- Jobvite has most of the needed functionality - The Jobvite team introducing new features/functionality

Employees and hiring managers: don't like to use the system (forgetting passwords, Mobile version is very limited)
date de révision 03/12/2020
Schroth Laack

I had a decent experience with them. The software is good for small companies (or individuals), but i'm not sure how they would do with a company over $100mm in revenue. They do have a built in CRM/relationship management, but it was a basic mirror to others you can find out there.

Since the people I worked with were remote, having the software cloud-based was definitely a plus. Also, it helps with your onboarding and compliance (though simplistic) which frees up a ton of time.

There was a lack of exporting and reporting that you can do. Filling out profiles for potential candidates is great, but importing contacts and having it extrapolate all the information was lacking which, taking time to go through profiles and update them manually. by Jobvite on 15/10/2019 Kevin, thank you so much for being a customer! Feel free to reach out to our CS team and they will be able to help you with customizing your reports!
date de révision 02/12/2020
Kirwin Stepps

Overall, Jobvite is a great ATS that integrates with all of our HR and Accounting tools. The customer service and response rate is on par.

Jobvite offers several options for customizing the dashboard and workflows, and the customer service is great.

nothing stands out as of yet. It would be nice to have a list of available free API's
date de révision 01/06/2020
Kurtz Hemmen

1. quick access

1. Cloud be more friendly in the feature
date de révision 12/09/2019


Ease to use and able to work with other CRM's - i.e canvas

Customer Service is very slow, long wait times, often times have to look up the answers.
date de révision 10/31/2019
Floridia Noval

I was able to give myself an edge over the competition. Saved weeks of time because of Jobvites social network does all the work for you.

It focuses on the applicants’ and is extremely user friendly. It saved me weeks of time because the social network integration.

It can seem impersonal at times. It is very detailed so it can take some time to feel satisfied that you have done everything. by Jobvite on 13/11/2019 William, thank you so much!
date de révision 10/30/2019
Copland Ladtkow

Once fully operational, Jobvite has performed very well overall.

Excellent candidate engagement functionality and the on-boarding tools are top notch. The interactive support/help tools are very helpful and intuitive.

The admin module is not always intuitive and it can take a few tries to find the right screen for making changes. Additionally, the implementation model is a challenge, as there is no single person accountable to keeping the project on track. by Jobvite on 13/11/2019 Steven, thank you! We appreciate you!
date de révision 10/28/2019

I like quick chat support and flexibility that I can make changes in the process.

Reporting function is not accurate and I have to use different function in excel to get the consolidated data. Some glitches in the system and I need to refresh the page multiple times to get the result. by Jobvite on 13/11/2019 Hyesoon, we appreciate you as a customer, thank you!
date de révision 10/24/2019
Connors Phoolwati

I love Jobvite! I was introduced to it at my company prior to Behavior Frontiers, and upon my inception at Behavior Frontiers I suggested Jobvite. The owners of the company loved it so we launched it. It has made the hiring process more streamlined, and easier for our team. I love it so much that we are now looking into the on-boarding piece, which I feel, will make it easier for our HR Team and it will be a better candidate experience.

Everything is housed in one place. Everyone on the team can get access to the information they need. Hiring managers do not need to depend on the recruiter. Pulling reports is super simple. Customer service is always great. Easy application process for candidate. Easy hiring process for hiring team.

I wish there were more reports available with graphs and pivot tables that are less confusing when you download them on excel. by Jobvite on 29/10/2019 Paola, Thank you so much for being a Jobvite customer!!! We really appreciate you.
date de révision 08/27/2019

Just a point to note and not really a negative to the platform, but it is something that Jobvite folks can help to make the system even more friendly to those state and local Government folks looking for an ATS platform. Jobvite is a social media recruitment platform so the whole process from hire to on-boarding is meant to be quick and efficient- the platform is more tailored to the modern day business environment where-by users are familiar with technology. Because of this, it is not as "friendly" to local or state government environment. With that said, as a local government entity, still made it to work and have been working now since the beginning on 2019! So that is to say the flexibility and adaptability of the Jobvite are there BUT you need to have a very well-versed administrator/architect/systems analyst to really translate business processes to approval workflow from inception to Go-Live!

Le support est super!

Just a point to note and not really a negative to the platform, but it is something that Jobvite folks can help to make the system even more friendly to those state and local Government folks looking for an ATS platform. by Jobvite on 23/09/2019 Thank you for your review Duc, we appreciate you!
date de révision 08/20/2019

The ability to have all candidates in one place and run reporting on the several data points has been very valuable. The reporting is still a work in progress for our needs. Since using Jobvite we have been able to provide reliable reporting to our hiring managers and executive team.

It serves as a receptacle for all candidates, the ability to communicate with multiple candidates at one time. It's a time saver. The reporting is helpful, the product is easy to navigate. It serves as a one stop product for all things recruiting related from, communicating with hiring managers to candidates and everything in between.

The reporting could be stronger, an more fluid approach with LinkedIn Recruiter, and better email options. The ability to add a signature in the email templates that doesn't look generic. by Jobvite on 26/08/2019 Vince, thank you so much! We appreciate you!
date de révision 08/20/2019
Trish Lejman

It's given us the ability to share information with our hiring managers. Get them more involved in the recruiting process. The system has allowed us to do the majority of the hiring process within one system. True archive of candidates. Streamline applicant process. Overall robust system.

It's an easy "drill down" system. From high level view of req to individual candidate profiles. As a recruiter I find it easy to use and track candidates. I train my hiring managers on this system as well and they are able to catch on easily. My managers like the ability to view candidates directly.

More sorting capabilities to eliminate applicants and to also find previous applicants. by Jobvite on 26/08/2019 Danielle, thank you so much! We appreciate you. Feel free to reach out to our support team that can help you build out more sorting capabilities.
date de révision 08/13/2019
Derry Bolebruch

Overall, a positive experience. We would recommend highly.

Since we implemented Jobvite, it has been a valuable asset to the Lewis organization, not just the Recruiting team, but to hiring managers and employees. From it's easy-apply features for candidates to its reporting functions to show ROI and /source hiring data, my team and I have been very pleased. The feedback we received from managers and staff have been positive. New employees (with simple training) pick up its features quickly and start using Jobvite right away for interviews, candidate evaluations, social sharing and/or referrals.

Jobvite has a robust reporting function and we use it for about 2-3 weekly, monthly & annual reports. Some of the other reports are difficult to create on your own, requiring help from your Jobvite rep and/or Jobvite customer service. The Engage portion of Jobvite (an extra feature) hasn't been that successful for us, but that may just be that we need more training. Either way, we don't use it much. Also, integration is a factor. If an organization has a separate HRIS, identify integration possibilities. by Jobvite on 14/08/2019 David, thank you so much! We appreciate you!
date de révision 08/13/2019

I'm using Jobvite to enter candidates that I have sourced on LinkedIn for a number of similarly-defined sales jobs. I am mainly only using the simple, common features of Jobvite, but it's been very effective for these functions. I love the speed and simplicity.

The Jobvite platform is very simplistic and was easy to learn. In only a day or two, I was able to effortlessly add and update candidates, view requisitions, send candidate emails, write internal notes and perform other functions. I am still learning the finer points about Jobvite, but so far those other features have worked well, too. The software is very fast - far faster loading times than other ATS systems I've used.

I wish there was a better way to scan different requisitions based on location and other details. We have a number of requisitions that look almost identical except for their req number, and it's difficult to sort them out at times. by Jobvite on 14/08/2019 Hi Alexander, thank you so much! We appreciate having you as a customer! For your search concern, Candidate search supports full Boolean search terms and can also be limited to searching on only specified requisitions per search. There are also reporting options that might assist, but the search is quite powerful and will search resume contents as well if the All (Keyword) search option is used. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you need additional help with this.
date de révision 08/09/2019

I think the customer service makes it all worth while for me because I can always find an answer for issued the come up through a quick chat with a rep. They are super!!

Ease of use for the average user. Hiring managers can learn the system and be off and running fairly quickly because it is intuitive.

Sometimes the layout on the back end can be confusing. If I want to modify an evaluation form and have multiple versions I have to remember where it lives and how to connect all the other pieces so it belongs to the right business unit. by Jobvite on 12/08/2019 Wonda, thank you so much! We appreciate you! I passed your kind words along to the CS team!
date de révision 08/06/2019

Overall, I've very much enjoyed using the system. It interfaces well with other job boards and reaches a large population of candidates. I've been very successful finding qualified candidates using Jobvite and would recommend to others. The cost of using Jobvite has also been very competitive in comparison to similar systems. I really feel that I get a lot of value for my investment.

I like the easy scheduling for interviews. Invitations are sent directly from Jobvite to the candidate. I also like that the Jobvite posting is shared on other job boards. This improves the coverage for the posting and candidate outreach.

So far I like all the functionality of the website. by Jobvite on 08/08/2019 Anthony, we are so thankful to have you as a customer!!
date de révision 05/29/2019
Marigolda Estala

I always thought, why job companies are putting 6,7 step forms to fill,save and submit before applying for any jobs, why it is required, ? take few necessary information first, shortlist candidate and then do a depth screening. Jovite application forms are so easy and they only ask for as less information as possible. This helps to save time and apply for more jobs and its not frustrating at all unlike other job application form platforms.

It's a savior for many candidates who are seeking jobs
date de révision 05/03/2019
Idolah Okie

It's very easy to maintain data in the tool and hence our Talent Acquisition Team's work is more transparent to the stakeholders.

- It's very consumer friendly. If the consumer hasn't used any ATS tool ever, Jobvite has a very easy UI and anyone can pick it up quite quickly without any formal training. - I really appreciate the quick help I get from the Customer Support team, they are just simply awesome.

I would rather write "What could be better" rather than writing any cons
date de révision 05/03/2019
Figone Fullwood

For the most part, Jobvite is an easy tool to use. If it could be customizable more, it would be perfect.

The streamlined process and ​graphs. It is very bright, let's you see our load at a glance.

There are many things, but most are a quick fix within the programming itself. I wish there were more functionalities, especially when it comes to scheduling candidates, like when a panel member backs out, it's time-consuming to go back into modifying​ the panel, instead of a button that can easily be clicked to remove the panel and shoot an email out to that panel member that they were removed. A lot of the templates that are in the program have so many spelling errors, grammatical errors.
date de révision 05/02/2019
Darelle Martorana

Helps us stay on top of process & gives a broader pic of where we stand in the recruiting process & what is the immediate action step!!

Its work flow and ease of use helps us stay on top of tasks/ daily activities

While sourcing passive talents, example an Inmail response from Linkedin - we would only get their phone numbers to speak for an exploratory cal & not their email address...
date de révision 04/24/2019
Goggin Tochterman

We used to use another, more simple ATS that didn't allow for candidates to be taken through a workflow, or even allow managers to submit feedback. We paired that with Google Sheets, and everything just got messy. We've been using Jobvite now for about a year, and it's really simplified my life, and kept things organized.

I like the intuitive way that I can track, and take candidates through the workflow. It allows me to see at a glance where my candidates are which helps me plan what needs to be done, and adjust sourcing. Jobvite also allows me to communicate clearly and instantly with hiring managers, as they have access to see where candidates are as well, and we can keep feedback all together.

My only con of Jobvite is that when I search a candidate's name, maybe a letter or two off, Jobvite will say there isn't anyone in the system with that name. So it's important to spell your candidate's name correctly. I wish it would bring up similarly spelled candidates, but other than that, I've enjoyed using Jobvite.
date de révision 04/24/2019

Overall, I like the system. I feel they make effort to really meet the needs of the customer. There's room for some more bells and whistles but they're diligently working on things like this and I think they'll only get better.!

I like the ease of functionality. In my opinion, the software if pretty intuitive and user friendly. The workflow's are easy and the admin access makes it easy to tweak things that we need to conduct business. I like the Jobvite is working on integrations with new companies all the time, and other software systems, so they're only getting better!

Reporting. Sometimes if you don't hit certain 'buttons' then the reporting is off or skewed.
date de révision 10/26/2018

Overall, no major issues or complaints about jobvite. It is functional and gets the job done for the purpose we are using it for.

It has the functions necessary to maintain our candidate pipeline

It is a little difficult to navigate the site and an old looking UI experience. You also need to reach out to jobvite support to make changes and cannot modify everything on your own.
date de révision 10/19/2018

We are growing and this role is growing, which means there are additional products that could help resolve current roadblocks and mounting obstacles in moving a candidate from the recruiting portion to the onboarding portion. My rep and I have been reviewing solutions to help streamline our efforts.

I love how all of my communications with our applicants are easily accessible, and now with the integration with Canvas I can text them directly from within the ATS.

The portal for creating a ticket or a case is a little clunky and somewhat outdated.
date de révision 10/19/2018
Orelee Mccarron

We couldn't have the hiring data we need without Jobvite, but Jobvite could be miles better with how it distributes data and how its UX works

It easily integrates with your website/hiring page. Tons of data is available at every step of the process

Additional charge for api of data. This is ridiculous and silly it is our data we should have easy access to it as part of the main contract. The UX could be much more intuitive and less clunky. No sections are clearly labeled about the functionality they contain
date de révision 09/12/2018

I would recommend Jobvite to any one in my network!

Jobvite has so many platforms available for integration. We currently use Jobvite for our Talent Acquisition team and also for our new hire onboarding. Both of these features have improved our processes. The customer service is also EXCELLENT!

The system can sometimes be finicky and changes will happen with little to no explanation. Our customer service rep is always able and willing to help resolve the issues, but it would be helpful if they didn't happen in the first place!
date de révision 08/21/2018

Jobvite is based upon Continuous Candidate Engagement (CCE), which aims to modernize the recruitment space. It is a candidate focused recruiting model which has so many pros to have a look upon. It helps companies recruit candidates with meaningful experiences at the correct time, in the right way, from the very first look. Jobvite is built on a platform which uses automation and intelligence to increase speed, cost-effectiveness, and quality of talent requisition. Moreover, you will be amazed to know that it manage resumes, prevent candidate duplicity, tracks applicant, provide notification and alerts, and so on. It is user-friendly as well. Jobvite provides a great dashboard and user interface, which makes it easy to use and manipulate. It is integrated with G Suite, which helps to schedule interviews and responding from emails seamlessly. Jobvite helps to expand the talent search socially by posting the positions out to your twitter/WhatsApp/Facebook/Instagram network.

Although Jobvite seems to be a boon in Modern Recruitment Process, it has some disadvantages as well. Firstly, it is an application which is not refined as it contains so many errors and bugs. System lags frequently, and sometimes over filter candidates. Despite being run by automation and intelligence, it is much more a manually operated system. Long clunky log in process is also highlighted as a disadvantage. There are some issues with its upgrades and performances. Its customer support feature isn't functioning as smooth as desired. Another problem with Jobvite is that it is more of a Requisition focused rather than candidate focused. Thus, finding the real candidates is somewhat a tough job with Jobvite!
date de révision 06/11/2018

I was using Jobvite in my previous organizations and it was one of the best applicant tracking system. My job was to get an ATS for the organization and i tried multiple applications before using Jobvite. It has a very smooth UI and you'll be able to screen through candidates and job updates very easily on dashboard.

Little expensive. I really don't have much in cons for Jobvite as it gives what i required for and i was pretty satisfied by this product after using it for 2 years.
date de révision 05/31/2018
Iver Chappan

Jobvite is very user friendly and makes it easy for us to train new employees on. I really like the side bar that walks you through anything that you are not sure on. I am also a fan of Jobvite Publisher, great to have social media posts while you are sleeping... set and forget.

It's need to move a little quicker with the times! Needs to have text message capabilities.. we should be able to text our candidates through the system... we should be sending an auto text 1 hr before their interview with address link and 1 hour after interview thanking them for their time. It should also have option for a Bot Recruiting assistant... one would be scheduling interviews and chat feature to pre-screen our candidates. Similar to systems like textRecruit and Paradox Olivia... do not like that we have to go out to additional vendors.
date de révision 03/01/2018
Diana Wohletz

Jobvite has helped our HR department with a number of things. It helps managing various information and helps with HR day to day activities.

date de révision 12/21/2017

Spent about 4 years with jobvite and am a big fan. Easy to use and onboard. With a recent change away, they were even great on the backend with the data migration.

If you're using it every day, it's VERY easy to navigate and access all the information you need.

Search wasn't as intuitive as I'd like (for example, I have to get the spelling correct - kelsi, kelcey, kelsey) - doesn't autofill
date de révision 11/30/2017
Stila Hatchet

What I like most about the software is the ability to save workflow processes. That way depending on the type of position I'm recruiting on or where that positions is based, the appropriate workflow process will automatically be put in place and therefore the appropriate managers and other key employees in the recruitment process will be notified. Jobvites ability to track candidates applying to more than one position in our organization also helps keep us organized and gives us a birds eye view of what a candidates interests are and what communications we may have had with them in the past when they've applied with us.

What I like least about the software is we cannot easily add hyper links to emails. Since hyper links cannot be part of your templates you have to manually add them to emails. This is tedious.
date de révision 10/20/2017

Integrations with google and outlook calendar and messaging. Once it's set up, easy to use. Can schedule out rejection dates.

Searching feature isn't as robust as it could be - if you misspell a candidate's name, you can't pull their application. Difficult to see active pipeline. Can't upload a batch of resumes.
date de révision 08/15/2017

This is a great tool, it is a bit pricey but you definitely get all of the functions you will use and more. This is a tool that any organization could grow into - if you aren't going to use the tool to its full use - its still worth it just for the easy adaptability

Easy use from screening resumes on their mobile app, to deep diving into an interview evaluation. The tool was was cross functional and there was little ramp up time which is always easily adaptable when learning a new tool.

The reporting function was a little weaker than what I would have thought, only because every other function performed at such a high level
date de révision 07/25/2017
Bolme Kip

The Social Media platform integration is still best in class. It works well and allows easy visibility for your company's jobs across all social media platforms.

There are several things, but the actual ATS part of the system seems to have been designed as an afterthought. The workflow is not intuitive and there are too many features that just are not there for a modern search firm, and I imagine it would be very frustrating for an internal corporate recruiter as well. The worst feature though is their enforced branding through email. If you use Jobvite, every time you send an email through their platform it will go out with a email address. This means that many of your candidates will just not see the emails you send because their junk mail filters are picking up the email address as spam because they have a very high junk mail score and also because the word job is in the email address. When I used Jobvite as a corporate recruiter, I was constantly having to call candidates to see if they had received my emails and when I found out they had not I was resending messages from outside of Jobvite. When I called Jobvite, they said this was not a feature that could be easily turned off, and that the only way to do this was for our sys admins to make changes to the company domain settings and if your admins are like mine, they are not going near that with a 10 foot pole. This an idiotic feature and a deal killer for anyone in the recruiting industry.
date de révision 07/10/2017
Wendelina Rutt

I love how easy JobVite is to learn and how the team is super responsive to any issues that occur. The best part is how you can truly customize the program to our needs to make our TA processes quick and efficient. The webinars are extremely helpful and interactive, and the way you can customize the Engage Us App and landing pages is awesome!

the resume database has been down for several months. In January, I submitted an engineering ticket because it was telling me that my CareerBuilder login and password were incorrect, and the communication was great initially, but the issue was never resolved and now it seems like that whole piece of the software has been down (it is July now). another con: often when candidates are added through Indeed, duplicate files are created. the software needs to get better at weeding out double and triple files of the same candidate.
date de révision 04/25/2017
Georglana Maddocks

Jobvite is one of the more competitively priced recruiting systems out there. There are premium products out there that I loved, however they would have cost almost twice as much as Jobvite, which I couldn't justify for probably 10% better functionality. It's super easy to use from both a recruiter standpoint as well as an admin standpoint. The key feature of sending Jobvites makes it super easy for employees to send out (and for us to track) referrals. As an admin, I LOVE the ability to chat with a tech support person from the tool vs. calling and being on hold for hours, only to be read to from a script vs. speaking with someone who can problem solve.

Jobvite emails come from the Jobvite email address and do not allow you to embed a signature. Because of this, we do not use Jobvite for candidate communications (other than the standard "thanks for applying" email that all applicants receive. There's also no way to BCC Jobvite to track these external emails in the system. We are a smaller company (350) and our recruiters are more senior, however this could be a deal breaker for a company that uses coordinators that require more oversight.
date de révision 08/24/2016
Everest Risbeck

My team has been using Jobvite for over a year. We love the customer service the most. Also Jobvite seems to be constantly updating and improving- we appreciate that

Customer Service, ease of use, and the constant evolution of this product into something better

I would like the reporting functions to be more in depth and pervasive. I also would like the search function to be updated. It seems to randomly pull lots of irrelevant results- even when I put an exact name in, for example.
date de révision 08/10/2016

I oversee the hiring process for a 1300 employee school network. We hire around 400 new staff each year and have roughly 4000 applicants each year. We purchased Jobvite because of its user-friendly interface, the platform speed, and the multiple products that come rolled into one (video interviewing, reporting, pipeline management). Our application process is unique and we were able to customize the system for our use. Since purchasing in October, there have already been a lot of updates and improvements to products as well as new capabilities added. They have great customer service and listen to their customers' needs in making improvements (there is even an ideas section for current customers to make suggestions and have them be voted on).

We really enjoy the built-in video interview function. We also love the pipeline management, the reporting capabilities, and the overall ease of use.

We would really benefit from even more customization capabilities. Even though we love the video interview function, many of our applicants experience technical difficulties with it so it may help to make some system improvements there.
date de révision 06/17/2016

My team uses jobvite as the centerpiece of our recruiting strategy. We pull data every day to see our progress, and keep all info about each candidate in jobvite. It has streamlined our process, but some unfriendly UI designs and too often outages slow us down.

- Keeping everything in one place. Great that we can access candidate information so easily and keep it all organized. Allows us to make sure no one gets dropped.

- Ugly emails. Emails sent from Jobvite show up strangely, and the fact that it comes from a strange email address means that it sometime goes to SPAM for the candidate. I find myself going through personal email more often now.
date de révision 09/17/2015
Asuncion Mehta

The product is very robust and allows for virtually every aspect of our current recruiting process to be made much more streamlined and efficient. Also, our implementation manager is wonderfully attentive, responsive, and highly insightful, making her an absolute dream come true business partner to guide us through the transition process.

As to be expected, we experienced an almost complete drop-off in communication from our initial point of contact (sales rep) once we signed the contract. While we fully expected that, he could have been more hands-on and clear with next steps, making all required connections, and providing a more seamless transition to those next-level business partners assisting us in the transition. It would have also been slightly less impersonal than receiving almost instant automated emails from JobVite's Accounting system about invoices and deadlines, if the sales rep himself might have been proactive and forwarded and or made a call to explain those. The experience was pretty corporate and or big brand to go from, "what can I do to show you more / earn your business?" to essentially, "Thank you for choosing JobVite, You owe us money, go here to pay by X deadline. Do Not Reply to This Email." Again, a little more hand-holding and personal touch would have been nice from the sales rep, especially considering the size of the check we cut him.

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