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BambooHR offers easy, integrated applicant tracking (ATS) as part of our award-winning cloud-based HR platform. Onboarding tools, e-signatures, time-off tracking, performance management, plus easy reporting and a convenient mobile app set you free to do great work. Released from the data management spiral, HR professionals become more effective, more efficient, and more human. Give us a call to see a demo and start a free trial.
date de révision 04/09/2020

Everything HR all in one place that looked good and was easy to use.

BambooHR looks good, is easy to use and comes with a lot of nice-to-have features. We used this in posting jobs which made it very easy to syndicate job listings across a number of sources and keep all of the information we gathered in one platform. The software also had some really neat features like masking paystubs when your cursor wasn't over a certain section on the page, that way your payment information was kept private. It was very easy to see who was going to be in or out in the month and what anniversaries or birthdays were coming up. Overall, it had a great layout, easy functionality and lots of neat features.

There isn't a lot not to like in this software. It wasn't super fast but didn't I wouldn't go as far as saying that it was bulky or slow. There were a few times when navigation seemed odd our out of place, but really it was a great piece of software.
date de révision 04/09/2020


The user friendliness with the UI is so appreciated. You really don't need to know anything about programming language. The information we can find/store is thorough, and being hosted in the cloud leads to very little down time. The customer support is phenomenal. Not only are they skilled and helpful, but they genuinely sound happy to that you matter what kind of issue you may have presented them with.

This is a tough one, since it's difficult to come up with something that doesn't work, or doesn't have a solution in the works. Maybe the mobile capability could be improved - so that as an administrator/owner, the same view and functionality would be available on mobile units. A lot already is, but it can be a little clunky.
date de révision 04/08/2020
Phillipp Childres

It's not great at the moment, but as I said, that might only be because of the way HR handled the configuration of Bamboo. It could be a lot better but I think generally, it's a good platform and one that is user-friendly.

I generally like BamhooHR, it's a nice platform, looks pretty good, and has all the necessary info. You can submit vacation days, input personal information, and submit and receive feedback and appraisals. It's relatively easy-to-use and efficient.

I guess it depends a lot on how the HR department chooses to configure it. I think it could be a lot better for my particular case. I cannot see the total of vacation days that I have in a year, only the ones that have accumulated until the current moment, which is a horrible way of ovserseeing my leave. If that part is configured right, in a way that makes sense to everyone, I think it's a pretty good software.
date de révision 04/07/2020

We use BambooHR at the company that I work at and so far I have only had positive experience with this product. It's clean and simple to navigate in, has dedicated sections for personal and professional info, as well as sections for any benefits, additional conditions and statuses you might have. We use this for quarterly manager-employee reviews as well.

I'd say I don't see any negative sides to this software, except for, probably, site navigation at first, which becomes really clear when you click around a bit.
date de révision 04/05/2020
Wystand Heinsohn

firstly, I would say it is a great all in one solution for HR arrangement, it is so easy to use, user friendly and convenient to get information about other employees like their email, phone numbers, their position in department, salary, and for other things and all this comes with a great storage of the data. It is very easy to ask for leave approvals. It offers a variety of features for different HR functions and that’s why it is a very organized way to keep information. It is also very secure, not allowing non-management people to see any personal details. So, I think that BambooHR is very supportive and useful for organization's and I hope u will find it interesting.

Although BambooHR seems to be an asset for company it has some little problems that are to be looked upon like organization chart gets unreadable when expanding, sometimes it gets harder to find links, when we have to send one single document to all, u have to do it individually, there is no 'select all' option there and if there was a time clock for employees it would be even more beneficial. It is not recommended to use this software if the company employee size is larger than 250.
date de révision 04/05/2020

Bamboo helps us manage applicants in one place. Ads are "pushed out" to multiple job sites for greater effectiveness. Saves time and makes us more productive.

I like how Bamboo ties all of our applicant and current employee information all in one place. Very helpful when researching candidates for jobs. Bamboo has great templates set up . Super easy to use and very intuitive

I'd like to be able to customize templates. Haven't been able to figure it out yet - might be ME and I just need to try harder.
date de révision 04/04/2020
Landan Estruch

Good experience, works well for our company.

UI is very clean and intuitive. There are fours main sections: home, my info, employees, files. My info shows all your personal information, title, performance reviews, emergency contacts, etc. Employees shows the company directory is very useful for understanding the structure of the company. Files shows all the pertinent documents like medical, holidays, etc. Very simple and easy to navigate. HR tasks are sent to your inbox with periodic reminders.

In the tree view for company directory, when I click on an employee, instead of showing me their information it will just bring to my own employee page. Not sure if this is by design or a bug.
date de révision 04/04/2020

Bamboo offers a beautiful platform with tremendous ease of use. It offers excellent ATS (Applicant Tracking) and employee management features, and they continue to innovate and offer improvements and more features each month. Customer service is fantastic.

There are times when the system can be too simplistic, and not offer the data customization that would be ideal. For example, my company really wanted to use their performance management software, but we would have to comply with Bamboo's timelines for reviews and aren't able to set our own. This is a relatively small disadvantage compared to the variety of really great features they offer. I also would also like to see Bamboo implement an intranet that would allow employees to communicate with each other and use the system regularly. As is stands now, the vast majority of our employees don't use Bamboo because it's mostly for management, and that seems like a lost opportunity.
date de révision 04/04/2020
Chara Heinzle

This product allows my management team to be on the same page with employee administration. Our managers are able to access our Bamboo account from anywhere, allowing them to keep better information on their staff. It helped reduce costs by allowing employees to enter & update their own personal information. the reporting has automated several manual reports we used to produce in the corporate office. We continue to automate more processes with the help of the Bamboo development team.

Bamboo HR covers every aspect of employee administration and HR management.

I have nothing negative to say about the product.
date de révision 04/03/2020
Stead Rodewald

HR and admin guys will be thrilled to use this most of the time, so that would mean less cost to maintain other smaller, separate apps.

Professional-looking HR suite. most of the items an HR would need is here, from job posting, applicants' hiring to their last day at the company. leave accrual policy's can use the standard, though i have yet to figure out where to customize those policies. it is geared more toward U.S. companies, but i believe some customization requests for certain benefits and additional employee information can be requested. tutorial pages are readily available so the HR person will not be so lost in the vastness of the software. a list of available integrations is growing. basic asset management and tracking is also available to work alongside office admin/IT infrastructure guys

i was looking for a more guided employee setup. Employee account information can also be handy for payslip automation and reporting, but i guess that can be handled by a Comp+Ben software that can be integrated with BambooHR. Email alerts are also limited, so no templates of HR memos/notices and reminders are available, or this feature might be outside the standard package.
date de révision 04/02/2020
Jeconiah Papaioannou

I did a lot of research on HRIS before choosing BambooHR. For those thinking about using BambooHR, really look at how your structure is set up and how you want it to work when the product goes live. For example, we have two divisions in two different locations. Both divisions are very unique and what one division needed the other did not. Getting this figured out before implementation will help alleviate the need for a lot of change once the system goes live. For our company, BambooHR was by far the best fit for us. The best thing about this product is the customization and the ease in which we were able to implement the system. From the time we decided to go with BambooHR to the time it was implemented and functional was a little over a month! My dedicated implementation specialist, Carol Brogdon was great to work with during the implementation of the system. I am not IT expert or tech person, and this was easy! The customization of the system allows (from the beginning) you to create a system in which each user can see as mush or as little of the information as needed. Since implementation, I have even been able to customize more information on the site that is specific to our needs with two different locations and divisions. The time off feature allows our employees to request time off from their smart phones or pc quickly and for our admin and foremen the calendar of "Who's Out" is extremely useful, especially for looking ahead and seeing who will be out on vacations or sick/holiday time. Anniversary dates and birthdays are visible and there is no longer a need to keep a spreadsheet with this information. The reports that can be generated on training, time off balances, licensing, etc has been a time saver. The ability to transform these reports into PDF, excel and even share custom reports as needed has been very beneficial to us. On-boarding, off-boarding, completing forms as needed has been extremely efficient utilizing the uploading of files and then setting up the signature templates (no more paper pushing or waiting for people to sign and return documents). Uploading files to share with all employees or just a few employees is also a great tool. We utilize the company announcements to send important information to some or all of our employees. The notes section has been invaluable for our managers to document information and if an employee moves to a new location, the new manager now has that information at their fingertips. Our employees can update their address, marital status, with-holdings, etc all from their dashboard. No longer do they have to wonder if the HR department has their most current information because they see what is on file for them with the company when they log in. We have yet to utilize the Job Openings component yet. This was a big draw, as we had experienced a large growth last year. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending) our hiring has tapered off, so we have not had the opportunity to try this out. As far as BambooHR responsiveness to any issues I have encountered, they have been very quick to resolve. I like that they are constantly trying to improve the product and take ideas and suggestions on areas of concern. This type of progressive thinking and action will make them and keep them a front runner in the HRIS world.

Like any product, the more you use it, the easier it seems. There were kinks to work out when we first went live. Permissions, setting up employee fields and email alerts all needed some tweeking, but again, the system and BambooHR support was great getting through the learning curve.
date de révision 04/01/2020
Avruch Mogro

The support teams supporting us through our implementation and providing ongoing support have been amazing!

BambooHR has a great user experience that is easy to use. We particularly like the way we have been able to streamline the recruitment process and the on boarding workflows have the company ready for every new employee joining our team. Our new staff comment on how the were impressed with the on-boarding and pre-arrival activities that prepared them for their first day

The reports functionality as limited date analytics and the report views can not be customized. Would be nice to have deeper data mining capabilities and customization.
date de révision 03/31/2020

HR tools in one place covering all HR functions and the entire employee lifecycle from applicant tracking, hiring, onboarding, performance reviews, clearance, movements, resignation, retirement... all in! The reporting tool is powerful enough, just make sure to have everything you need planned and mapped out so you can have it all set up by the vendor right from the bat. :)

Cloud-based HR software is less hassle to maintain for the internal IT team, and easy to manage for the HRM staff. It is full-featured, at least more than what we needed to manage the entire lifecycle of an employee (hiring, performance, records, training, timekeeping, movements, resignation, retirement, etc). The tracking is easy and intuitive (e.g., how many leaves left/used, timekeeping record). The home/dashboard is attractive and easy to navigate. The digital HR 201 files are well kept in one secure place.

Updates to the software come in too pricey.
date de révision 03/30/2020

I recommend using BambooHR as this program makes managing of human resources much easier. I can tell for sure that it will suit to any kind and size of business. If you still doubt, just try its free version. I am sure your HR team will like it a lot.

I like that I can check all the documentation which is connected to each of employee. So you do not need to have thousands of folders saved on your computer. Everything is already stored correctly. And it takes just a few minutes to find the right document. What is more, you can customize the view according to your and company needs. But the best thing that I like that BambooHR has a great time-off management option. Employees submit a request, supervisor approves it and I got all this information well structured. BambooHR is a simple and easy-to-understand program. The design is really cool. But the best thing is that all the information about your employees is gathered in one place. Thanks to BambooHR HR managers spend less time for the organization of their work.

One of the problems is that when a supervisor or another person who needs to approve the time-off request is absent, there is no opportunity to approve it. I wish there was some kind of approval backup when another person approves time-off requests on supervisor’s behalf. Moreover, BambooHR has a very weak number of the integrated program. Because of that, we need to do a lot of work manually. Last but not least is the customer support. They are not capable to solve complicated issues.
date de révision 03/30/2020

BambooHR software and management system is not the cheapest option out there but you get what you pay for. Well-organized, visually appealing tools that are simple to set up and run. This solution has an open API that allows the software to be integrated with a company's existing HR tech vendors, and the performance review function fits with the way more companies are working. I would suggest this product to small to medium companies.

BambooHr has allowed our management team to be on the same page with employee Management. Our managers are able to access our Bamboo account from anywhere, allowing them to keep updated on their team. This product also allows employees to enter & update their own personal information reducing user error. This software reporting has several automated functions for manual reports that my company generates for the corporate office. We continue to automate more processes with the help of the Bamboo development team. The onboarding and offboarding processes are streamlined and offer electronic onboarding, task assignments, and e-signature documents. Bamboo HR is able to support every aspect of employee administration and HR management.

The biggest complaint I have with BambooHr is their customer service and support team. While the team was really hands-on with us for implementation, the support has since left us to figure out our problems with the software ourselves and basically just sends us links to tutorials. The tutorials are ok but we usually end up having even more specific questions after watching them. It would be nice to see them be more hands-on after implementation.
date de révision 03/28/2020

Right from the very first phone call, Bamboo has been a customer service dream come true. The sales, implementation, and onboarding of our organization has been seamless, professional and a downright pleasure. The platform itself is so easy to use while being extremely comprehensive and robust. Our employees love being able to submit vacation requests in a paperless fashion, as well as see their training and benefits info. I can't stress enough what a difference BambooHR has made in terms of productivity for our team!

New Hire Packets! Such a great way to get new hires off on the right foot. Our organization loves the "Get to know you" questions and uses them as ice breakers during the first week.

It isn't so much of a con as a wish: I wish we could have a Canadian Payroll integration for Bamboo!
date de révision 03/27/2020

We are currently researching other HR software. I'm not sure which is better, software that contains the modules needed with obvious and crippling flaws or software that is easy to use both by admin and employees with limited modules.

The idea of on-boarding a new employee electronically is a huge plus. It engages employees before they start and makes it so that they come in with paperwork already filled out and spend their first day doing more than just paperwork. Most of the framework is in place, but EACH area needs improvement, both in the functionality for administration and the ease of use for employees. The sections offered are vital, but aren't complete.

The benefits area is lacking a lot of common sense tools - like the ability to attach plan documents to an insurance plan (only a link can be used), display plan cost information to an employee BEFORE they sign up (the pricing is only available AFTER they sign up and become eligible). Many things like this create double the amount of work for the administrator. The actual on-boarding process was a struggle because even though the forms were done properly by the employees (I sat with a few and watched them), it didn't save all information in completed fields. Employees were frustrated when they had to fill out forms multiple times because you cannot edit once saved. I love that employees can e-sign documents, but preparing the forms is cumbersome and they can't be customized easily. For instance, if you need to update a form because something has changed or didn't save properly, you have to delete the task and resend to any employees who need an updated form. When I discussed a few very basic items with support, they just offered a work around that many clients use. These are obvious flaws in the system that need to be addressed, but aren't necessarily a priority. Bamboo HR seems to focus more on flashy design than actual content. It makes them seem like a leader in the industry, but as soon as you dig in, the flaws are obvious. For the price, there needs to be more development in the software.
date de révision 03/27/2020
Millard Gittleman

I am pleased with BambooHR, is much better than the previous HR tool my company used. It's more user friendly and uncomplicated. At a quick glance you can see which of your coworkers are out that day, the new hires and the work anniversaries of your colleagues.

BambooHR it's super easy to use to submit requests for home office, vacation leave, sick leave etc. I love how on my profile it shows an overview of my progress, my time with the company, the department and the team I'm part of. My company is spread out worldwide and I find it very useful how BambooHR shows a diagram of the whole company divided by departments and hierarchy so I can easily find out to which of my coworkers I need to reach out for different projects. Most of all I like that it's super easy to submit my performance review directly from BambooHR.

I have nothing negative to say about BambooHR so far. I am pleased of how clear, simple and easy to use it is as compared to the previous HR tool that was used in my company.
date de révision 03/26/2020
Jarvey Woolman

If your needs are basic HR administration with limited integration with other software, then Bamboo HR should work great. If you have extensive data integration needs, I would consider other options.

BambooHR is a pretty inexpensive online HR software. The cost of entry is low and it's fairly full featured. It provides all the basic HR administration capabilities.

The integration options are a bit problematic. The available REST APIs have quite a few gaps and require jumping through hoops to get all the necessary data out.
date de révision 03/23/2020
Valaria Nutt

You notice BHR's incredible customer service right from the get-go during implementation. There team is very friendly and patient. Their system is never clunky and our employees love it. Training is a sinch, but there are lots of videos to help you along the way should you need extra support.

The UI, the ease of use and their incredible customer service team.

Their benefits module needs some work to really make it functional. I wish they had a benefits enrollment piece to make it easier to connect to payroll.
date de révision 03/23/2020
Kenta Rick

TIME!! I have so much more time!

Bamboo really strives to make their product easy to use. Their help section is filled with many different how to articles with picture and most often a video tutorial. I really like to 30/30 product updates they do, every 30 day they send out a video showing the new updates to the software for the last 30 days and what they are going to be working on for the next 30! This is constantly showing me all the different way to use Bamboo! They also will help create sections and tables so you can customize the program a lot. We also use it for performance management. We have heard that some people don't like that the limit the total number of questions in the review section we LOVE IT! We use the review period to "check in" with our employees and use the few basic questions to start a conversation about how happy they are with work and it has done amazing things for our company!

At the beginning it was a little difficult to get all of our custom tables set up and functioning the way we wanted but I think that was just some misunderstanding on my part, just not being a programmer! Bamboo has amazing customer service so they were happy to help make any changes we needed and made sure we were happy with everything at the end!
date de révision 03/21/2020

It's multi-functional. Although it has a number of issues, even just paying to use it for job postings and on-boarding has been a cost-effective alternative to posting directly on Indeed, LinkedIn, etc., or using a dedicated recruiting platform such as Workable or ZipRecruiter

Easily my favorite part of this software is the on-boarding functionality. Being able to auto-generate an offer letter and attach W4s, I9s, etc. for signature drastically cuts down on my time, as well as time that normally needs to be set aside for employees on their first day.

When refreshing job postings after 10 days, BambooHR does not prevent people that have previously applied to reapply for the position. Unlike some software that is more ATS dedicated, like Workable, there is no option to just auto-filter out these repeat applicants. At times, this has led to a rejected candidate being contacted for an interview after having already interviewed and being passed on.
date de révision 03/21/2020

I like that it's fairly simple to use for a smaller SaaS company (like we are) and that it puts tools in the hands of the people who need them (managers, employees) without HR needing to be gatekeepers. Implementation was great. They are rolling out things pretty quickly, and the software largely works for what we want it to do. I love the Small-Improvements integration! I love the dynamic org chart, the granularity of permissions, and how easy it is for our tech-savvy crew to pick up intuitively.

While the team was really hands on with us for implementation, support since then has left something to be desired and basically just sends us links to tutorials - even though we've usually watched them and have a more specific question. We've been trying to change an accrual with our PTO, watched the tutorials and have set it up accordingly, but we just want 60 seconds with someone on their team to look at it and say "yup, this will be fine and do exactly what you want when you change over to 2015". Instead, we have a constant back and forth of emails and links to more tutorials which is completely inefficient. Instead of a quick call, we're going to have to use our entire staff as guinea pigs for the new accrual, and see what happens to their balances on 1/1 and fix it from there. We're a really tech-savvy company, a SaaS company, and a big customer service team, so I admit I have a bias coming into this in terms of my expectations. They aren't bad by any stretch, but I'd like the option of calling.
date de révision 03/20/2020
Tyika Liddy

BambooHR is a great platform for organizations on the smaller and/or less complicated size. We looked for them originally when we needed a standalone HRIS system (although I believe they do integrate with some payroll vendors). The integration with Benetrac didn't work very well for us. As we grew and had more complicated working status (like multiple locations, different work status, etc) it became harder to accurately report/use Bamboo. But when we were smaller they were great. And they are super affordable. They're also on the newer side so often add functions. And the user interface is Very user friendly.

user friendly, affordable, friendly customer service.

integration with benetrac didn't work well for us and some better/newer features (like audit history) costs more.
date de révision 03/19/2020
Brunn Asmat

BambooHR helped us scale from 20-50 employees very quickly and efficiently. Without the software, we likely would've had to hire at least 1 person to coordinate everything. It saved us some costs there but it also helps us improve our employee experience through onboarding and performance management.

We hadn't used an HRIS before BambooHR so we didn't really know what to expect. We started using BambooHR when we were around 20 employees or so. In the last year or we, we've grown to 50 employees so their various features from ATS to onboarding to esignatures have really helped us grow quickly while providing a good employee experience.

It took me awhile to get comfortable with the permissions but I was very cautious since HR data is very private. Once I got the hang of it, I found it very customizable. I don't have any major cons - whenever I got stuck due to my lack of HR knowledge, their support team was there to help.
date de révision 03/19/2020
Georgeanna Ritterbush

BambooHR has been very good. I could immediately experience the benefits of this tool after switching from a competitor software.

I love BambooHR for the following:

Ce que j'aime le moins:
date de révision 03/19/2020
Selima Sober

With large teams in our business, managing tons of requests for vacations and sick days, and dealing with all of the requests for help with benefits would take our HR team a lot of time without BambooHR. On top of that, as a person who likes to take care of things myself, having BambooHR as a tool allows me to do that without assistance. Everybody wins.

When I first started at my current position, I was skeptical about the need for an HR tool, but I've come around! BambooHR is a really useful repository of important information, like our employee handbook, various benefits documents, and links to resources that we might need for health or other services. It's also what we run all our vacation and sick days through, streamlining and leaving a paper trail for any and all requests.

No real complaints. It does what I need it to do, and I rarely actually end up needing to use it for anything other than finding information. Nice to have it when I need it.
date de révision 03/18/2020

Very pleased with the user interface of Bamboo and the overall results of our partnership with the product in general! It may have been a little overbuilt for the hourly employee, but for hiring managers, HR coordinators, and the like - a great product!

The two apps that Bamboo created for users. One was a paired down version of the main site, with easy access to contact info for employees. The other app was hiring-specific, making those communications easier on the go! Bamboo sent reminder emails for birthdays, anniversaries, and a lot of the other email types were customizable. As a medium restaurant, there were some features that were unnecessary about Bamboo, but it definitely helped us step up our game in regards to staying organized and compliant.

BambooHR looks to be intended for office type work, so in our restaurant situation - some features felt like a poor fit. On the other hand, it may have made us operate a little more professionally and put together compared to your average medium-sized restaurant. The learning curve was steep for BambooHR but now that we've moved onto another product called Stratex, I'm thinking that it wasn't so bad after all.
date de révision 03/17/2020

BambooHR saves time and makes it simple for everyone to get the HR related stuff done quickly so they can focus on their actual jobs. The app for both iOS and Android means most functions can also be done on the go. This software is a must have for companies of all sizes.

After struggling with Excel sheets, time logs, and software reminiscent of Access 97 databases, BambooHR is a dream for people management. With a clean, responsive interface and built-in tutorials, users and administrators can jump in and get up to speed quickly. The marketplace also has tons of integrations for just about every function you can think of. The most convenient feature is how Bamboo streamlines the orientation of new employees. With configurable tasks and documents, Bamboo can track progress and keep signed records eliminating the need for a lot of printing and physical file storage.

The setting options are both a blessing and a curse. If not configured carefully, you can potentially expose sensitive data to those who shouldn’t have it. Not everyone needs to know how much vacation time the CEO has left.
date de révision 03/17/2020
Audi Divincenzo

This product allows my management team to be on the same page with employee administration. Our managers are able to access our Bamboo account from anywhere, allowing them to keep better information on their staff. It helped reduce costs by allowing employees to enter & update their own personal information. the reporting has automated several manual reports we used to produce in the corporate office. We continue to automate more processes with the help of the Bamboo development team.

Bamboo HR covers every aspect of employee administration and HR management.

I have nothing negative to say about the product.
date de révision 03/16/2020

This must be one of the best human resource management services. Bamboohr is good for delimiting our work flow based on the number of employees with whom we work. It serves to communicate with employees, and with candidates to work in the company. It should be noted that bamboohr offers a very comfortable directory of employees. This software allows you a huge capacity regarding its deployment. Bamboohr It can be operated from any type of electronic devices since no type of installation is needed. Bamboohr customer support has a very acceptable response speed, as well as being very friendly at all times. It is the best services.

The platform offers us a good management of the documentation of our employees. It is easy to make detailed follow-ups about the activity of each employee, and their work time. The same thing happens with the follow-up of the candidates, and their abilities, because this is very complete. Another advantage of bamboohr is that the work can be organized so that specific employees can manage the rest. Bamboohr has proven to be a very reliable service, with which we can support all the work reports of our staff, and much more. The platform has also been of great help to achieve a more methodical workflow, and for the whole team to be aware of the skills and talents of each member of the team. Thanks to this we can create work strategies based on these skills.

Bamboohr offers a quite poor smartphone application. This is much better when used directly from the web page. The Platform does not offer enough communication tools. It does not handle motors of revision of curricular summaries, and neither it allows to administer criminal records (in the case of the candidates).
date de révision 03/14/2020

Setting up my personal information was simple. I do like the approval-based functionality that restricts users (including myself) from saving personal information updates without admin approval. I have worked for companies in the past that did not require approval. Where accountability lacks, employees will always push the boundaries of what is exceptionable. I also like that this provides a platform where important documents can be distributed, signed, and stored. The tracking of signed paper forms is always a bit unnerving.

Deciding whether or not to implement BambooHR is going to be a pure value-added evaluation. If you do not have very many employees, BambooHR may be a bit overkill. For small businesses, I would recommend researching simple HR practices. Manual processes will more than likely be adequate. However, as your business grows, those manual processes will prove to not be scalable. It all depends on the business owner, but when you feel you have reached the point where the manual processes are no longer sustainable, look into BambooHR. It is a great solution for keeping your business's HR practices legal and organized.

While Bamboo is user-friendly, the look and feel of the interface could use improvement. I know this is a bit nitpicky, but the interface is pretty bland. Since the software is built to be accessed directly by employees to an extent, it would be nice if the interface was a bit more vibrant.
date de révision 03/14/2020
Eldridge Letsinger

A nice product for startups or companies with less number of employees. BambooHR needs to scale up to meet demands of companies with large employee strength.

BambooHR come with lots and multiple features like On-boarding, employee data, attendance, payslips, leave management, shift maintenance etc. It's literally one of the best product i have used which come with beautiful user interface and easy to use functionalities. Integration and implementation is also pretty easy.

Sometimes attendance synchronization and reporting is difficult resulting difficulty in sending data to payroll to process salary, in such case manual intervention is required. Though it may be because of punch-in software not realated to BambooHR.
date de révision 03/13/2020
Dionne Wommack

We really like Bamboo. It's been huge for our crews. The performance module is probably the most powerful feature. Getting this data in regular bites rather than doing annual reviews for everyone has been a game-changer for us in terms of retaining people and making adjustments on the fly.

Bamboo has made so many of the tedious and annoying clerical parts of HR automated. The interface is really intuitive to work with. Most of our employees are only on mobile. Some have never owned or significantly used a computer. Bamboo's web and mobile-centric design for users has let us move into modern tech in a way that makes sense for our employees.

Payroll isn't quite there yet. We wish it was, because we would absolutely integrate the payroll features if they were a bit more mature. We're in mining and metals industry, so training is mandatory for safety and regulatory reasons. The features in Bamboo for documenting training are not robust enough to handle what we need. I'd love to see this get beefed up and become native on their app. If this became more robust, I could personally save about 200 hours / year on managing training documentation.
date de révision 03/13/2020

Saves me time & keeps applicant tracking, hiring and onboarding processes organized and smooth, employees like it, and we've taken several processes paperless with BambooHR.

When I rolled BambooHR out to my team, I had several people confess their initial reaction was, "oh no not another program to learn!" but once they got in there they were pleasantly surprised by how intuitive and easy it is to learn. They've done their research and crafted a solution that's simple and elegant, actually kind of fun to use, and does what all HR professionals hope their solutions will do - it saves me time! My favorite functions are the Applicant Tracking System and On & Offboarding checklists. I never want to hire without them!

One of BambooHR's greatest strengths is its simplicity, but that also has its drawbacks. It's not as customizable as some other options on the market. There are some things I wish it could do that it doesn't. They are always making improvements though, and what they do have works great. I'd rather use a somewhat limited platform that works great than deal with a fully customizable one that doesn't work great, or that's difficult to learn and a pain to use.
date de révision 01/30/2020
Drona Skeans

We implemented Bamboo upon reaching over 50 employees and realizing that we couldn't manage our HR on paper/Excel anymore. We use it for applicant tracking, work flow (onboarding, offboarding, changes, etc), PTO tracking, and performance management. It's saved us many, many labor hours by automating our processes.

Bamboo is extremely user friendly. Even the Admin features are easy to use.

Nothing. When we first implemented, there were some features we would have liked to have, like more approvers on forms. We passed those suggestions on to Bamboo and eventually those features were added.
date de révision 01/29/2020

I find the platform very useful. It makes connection with management easier.

Our company is using BambooHR as an HR tool. As an employee it's very comfortable for me to have all needed information related to my job in one platform. I like also the ability to see other employees positions in company. It makes easier to know each other.

When taking day offs, before they are not confirmed by HR, the balance is shown the same. So it's confusing sometmes, e.g. when you don't remember how many days you have worked from home.
date de révision 01/22/2020
Sacttler Lawler

Since moving to their new Payroll service (Trax Payroll) BambooHR has been in the business of keeping us from HR compliance and has made processing payroll much more time consuming and frustrating. All with a lack of professional and effective customer support. They have mishandled payroll taxes, W-2's and account access once we notified them of changing to a better HR management solution. This has truly been a nightmare that won't end.

The software does have some nice features like Performance Management.

The worst payroll software in history! Sold me a bill of goods that everything was integrated, however, they use a remote link which is clunky and extremely frustrating to use unless everything is "just right". Do your research - there is better out there along with excellent customer support. I had to manually add employee PTO each pay period as their system was not integrated with their Payroll software.
date de révision 12/11/2019

So far, this tool had been a witness of my Career process inside the company and now this tool is helping me to keep track of the career of my associates.

BambooHR is really straight forward, I know that it has different features but how we use it in my company is for keeping track of Holidays and Time Off. I like how Bamboo sends you a notification when there is an anniversary of a team member.

I don't like the mobile app for IOS. There are a lot of opportunities. I think they should add a little bit more of functions inside the mobile app.
date de révision 09/17/2019

their support is fast & easy to work with. they usually answer the question the first time

I like that employees can see their time off balances and how they used their time. This reduces the questions I have to answer. I also like the electronic signatures that they introduced.

the permissions can get a bit complicated. I wish they had a default admin level that let someone do everything but payroll and one that allowed someone do payroll without being a full admin.
date de révision 08/29/2019

It seems weird to be writing a review as a non-customer, but I'm a former user who found, implemented, used, and administrated this product for my business. Had to go away from it for a while, but looking forward to getting back to it again as soon as they have a viable payroll solution ready to roll. We were using this as a supplement to ADP. ADP was our payroll system and BambooHR was the rest of our HRIS solution for everything else we needed. When things became unbearable with ADP and we dropped them, we found an all in one solution that made BambooHR unnecessary. If Bamboo had a payroll solution, we would be using them today. My HR team love BambooHR and all of our employees liked it as well. Several ask periodically when we are going back to them on a regular basis.

Facilité d'utilisation

Doesn't have a viable payroll solution yet to be a true all in one HR solution yet
date de révision 05/10/2019
Plath Fortin

BambooHR came to revolutionize our employee information tracking system, while also adding a few other functions in the process like vacations and time off requests. It has been a good decision specially for a global company as we are.

We used to have al the information scattered all around and manually. The company came across BambooHR and implemented it. Now, all of the employees have their own profile and have access to multiple other functionalities like reports, documents, etc... Also, you are able to request for time-off directly from Bamboo which also tackles the approval process automatically for you. It is a wonderful tool for a mid/large size company.

I dont have anything to complain about or that I dislike about this product.
date de révision 04/30/2019

The biggest problem BambooHR has solved for my company is the ability to have employee information in one central location. It's hard to put a price on that. Overall, my experience with BambooHR has been excellent.

The employee pages for each employee are simply amazing. You can store a ton of information about each employee. This information rages from birthdays, hire dates to time off requests and performance reviews. The system does a great job of organizing documents for each individual. You can store employee reviews, I-4 paperwork and payroll documents. Anything you wish to save is available to store in this system.

The only complaint I have with this software is its inability to integrate well with 3rd party software. I am specifically referring to time clock and payroll software such as Deputy. BambooHR struggles at time to provide basic functions with this software.
date de révision 03/26/2019
Josi Filipovic

BambooHR is one of those software which solves problem of performance management. We can fill all the desired columns related to our quarterly performance which are then visible to our managers. In the reviews of the performance columns, we have to justify our work and on manager's approval our performance gets rewarded. It becomes easy and hassle free to manage one's performance in days of appraisals. It creates transparency both for employees and management. We can say that it is a win win situation on both the sides.

This software manages every data of employee under one roof. Every employee can check their details in one go like their salary details, employment details, educational background details, bank details in which salary is credited and many more features. With this feature we can contact other employees of the company if we don't have any contact details. We can search in directory and can fetch email. there is a hierarchy chart which tells us where do we stand in an organisation and whom do we report. Moreover, it enables us to fill our general details like our hobbies, liking or disliking, which are visible to our colleagues. We can chose whatever we want to show on portal out of our general details. The best thing is user interface which is very good and user friendly. Navigation is par excellence.

When I tried to login through mobile app, it threw errors and I was not able to login. I had to drop the idea of mobile app. Apart from this I like each and everything about this software, nothing to dislike.
date de révision 02/21/2019

For many years, we managed HR using paper filing systems. This is very inefficient and not organized. Moving to an HRIS platform has changed all of that for us! We are able to do everything paperless and report on all aspects of our HR processes!

What I like most about the software are the onboarding processes. In the IT department, we are responsible for a number of tasks that need to be completed when an employee is hired. BambooHR is quick to notify us and allow us to complete these tasks quickly and timely.

I wish this software allowed for some customization around the performance review questions. We have some specific metrics that we use internally to track employee performance and it would be nice if we could add custom questions to the performance reviews.
date de révision 01/16/2019
Pennie Leszczynski

In our company's setup, we have multiple departments using BambooHR as our primary way to help synchronise onboarding and offboarding requirements. We have an internal workflow in which whenever there's an onboarding/offboarding; it will send a message to the IT Depot (that would be me) to prepare equipment for the new hire, another one to the Accounting Depot to set up payroll, and so on.

Email notifications can get quite spammy, especially during hiring seasons. I'm an admin user in BambooHR, and from time to time my inbox would get filled with BambooHR notification from new hires, probation period reminds, etc. All that is great, however, there's no direct way to disable email notification from a user's end.
date de révision 01/09/2019
Lucrece Jaggon

Very intuitive from an admin and user side. Shows the information in a very pleasing way. Makes managers love HR tools. Great benefit set up, easy to administere time off and do reporting. If you are an up and coming company wanting to use a great solution go with Bamboohr, everyone will love it.

Stay away from the Payroll side of bamboohr! This was a huge issue for us, good thing they are not one in the same, but their 3rd party payroll that goes with bamboohr was the worst payroll experience ever. They would pay incorrect amounts, take months to fix and didn't get our employees our W2's until late February. very bad. So, use bamboohr for the HR side, DO NOT for payroll.
date de révision 01/07/2019
Neibart Dutra

It has become much easier for employees to find self-serve answers to their questions, and have a single source to go to for their important documents, etc.

BambooHR has a simple, intuitive UI that makes it easy to get an overview of relevant HR data: vacation days, legal documents, reporting lines, etc. We especially love the org chart functionality - it's a great way for new hires to quickly see and understand who is who (and perfect for those of us who have a hard time remembering names). Saves the HR team (and managers) a lot of time. Also really helps improve transparency!

It doesn't integrate with much of our other tool stack, which makes reporting and process improvements difficult to implement. As well, there is limited customizability in how relationships between employees can be highlighted, or different teams can be viewed together. The 'who's out' functionality is less intuitive than others (e.g. working from home should not be displayed the same way as vacation - their availability is different). That too we wish integrated with other tools.
date de révision 12/18/2018
Bixby Pearce

Good enough application to keep track of remaining vacation and make requests easier. It helped us have cleaner email inbox as request and pre-vacation emails stopped after started using this!

Could setup the vacation scheme our company follows

I did not have a lot of issues using this product. I wish it had some more clever features. For example to have settings when two different people could not have vacation at the same time. Or setup minimum capacity into a team per role etc.
date de révision 12/13/2018
Jessamine Wiggains

We've had a great experience with BambooHR. Going into it we knew very little about the software and had just heard great things. Now that we've been on it for a few years I can say that the software has grown along with our business. It seems like BambooHR really takes the customers needs and requests to heart and tries to make the software fit each customers needs. We look forward to the new feature releases and just being able to use the software as it is for years to come!

My favorite thing about BambooHR, in general, is that they are always trying new things and releasing new features. They just released a sync feature that syncs with TRAX Payroll software and cuts out the time needed to reconcile the 2 systems. The software is very user-friendly and you are able to find a help article about nearly anything you could ever want to know. One of my favorite features is the e-signing you can set up for HR documents. Our on-boarding goes a lot smoother not having to print out each form and fill out by hand. The Hiring module also works great. In that module, I love the ability to rate each individual candidate and keep internal notes about them. I really appreciate the ability to track conversations had with that candidate within the module so I don't have to hunt down the communication in my inbox each time.

I've only been able to find one single thing that I would change about the software and that is that I would make it possible for one person to be a manager for operations purposes and another person manager for compensation purposes. I've ran into the problem where the operations person doesn't need to see the compensation of their co-worker, but another person at a VP level should be able to request and approve compensation, essentially skipping over the Operations Manager for compensation purposes. I haven't yet found a way around it, so we just eliminated the Operations Manager from the profile and have the VP listed as manager, but this doesn't change my opinion that I would recommend this to anyone!
date de révision 10/29/2018
Naquin Troike

BambooHR is my go-to platform when I need to look up an employee's name/team/picture/promotion information and company level information. It's a good resources for new employees as well because they can get access to org charts, promotion dates and use the platform to request time off.

Easy to use, good for building org charts, tracking HR/onboarding documents, tracking employee PTO, and changes to compensation/promotions/title changes/salary increases. Has great integrations through other software such as Greenhouse and ADP. Overall a great HRIS. The interface is straight forward and easy to use.

I haven't had too many negatives with my minimal experience using the BambooHR platform as an employee and recruiter. I guess if I had to nit-pick, it would be that it's not as easy to take integrations from Greenhouse and set the right notifications when a new employee is created-- it seemed to really confuse our HR team and create extra work to cleanup, so we ended up turning that feature off-but might not be a knock on BambooHR--maybe just the integration itself.
date de révision 10/25/2018

My overall experience is great, I highly recommend BambooHR. I have used 4-5 HR systems before and I sincerely think they're the best :)

I love how easy it is to use BambooHR, it is very user-friendly, and very focused on the actual problems of HR - they are either HR people themselves, or has done a very thorough job working with them to find out what our needs are ;) The other amazing thing is that you can customize almost anything, prepare (and save) your own reports, can set your own alerts, email notifications, add or remove fields as you like, you can sign electronically everything in there. Plus, their customer hero group is amazing, I have always received response within 24 hours, even followups when I forgot to reply. Plus, their Help centre is awesome too! They have videos, interactive guides that walk you through the actual process live (not in a test system but in your own) - you feel like someone is sitting next to you and showing on your screen where to click.

There is one thing I miss very much right now, is that I can't add to candidates where they come from manually (employee referral, from a recruitment agency) - they do have an option that Linkedin, Facebook, twitter, etc. are automatically tracked (here you can add any other website of your choice too), but it doesnt give the whole picture now, and this way I cant have accurate reporting about where our hires come from.
date de révision 10/03/2018
Nye Willifordjr

It's a godsend for the hiring process. And it really helps us centralize where a lot of HR info lives. And being able to set up signature templates for forms and the onboarding/offboarding checklists are fantastic. But it's not the cheapest. Still with it though.

It's so great to have a centralized place to organize all this info. Before we were keeping things in hard copy folder, random folders on our server, etc. This is definitely more organized.

The cost is a little steep. And sometimes that hurts when people seem to keep forgetting that it's there for them to reference. And we pay extra for the reviews, which can be great when you use them, but they take so much time that sometimes we skip them.
date de révision 09/21/2018

If you need to be FULLY integrated, this may not be the right solution for you - you would have look at their partnerships prior to implementation. But the integrations they lack, they have made up for it with the tools the provide.

We experienced a disaster when we migrated from Zenefits to another HRIS. While we experiencing such challenges, we found BambooHR and made the immediate switch. It has been a huge, pleasant adjustment for our company! After dealing with the customer service from Zenefits and the overall issues with the other HRIS, we finally landed in a place that provides a great product and great customer service that suits our needs. The implementation was incredibly smooth. Our rep, was knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, available, efficient, loyal to the brand, etc... She went above and beyond on all of her commitments, worked hard to keep us on track, and was available throughout all of implementation. Once we were in the product, I was concerned about not having an assigned Account Manager. But the customer service desk is well trained and a wealth of knowledge, so we have not needed an assigned account manager. Reports are incredibly easy to access, company metrics are incredibly easy to understand, the features provided solve all of our business needs, and employees enjoy using the product. Time off works well, the app is super helpful, the esign feature makes any HR project easier to complete, the approvals have kept all the correct parties in the loop. Onboarding has been a major improvement - new hires get to see their teammates before their first day, which new hires have loved! No glitches every time. So reliable. Lastly, they don't have contracts. They are a month-to-month service.

We wish there was more flexibility for integration, but I understand why they are choosy with their partnerships. We have to manually upload data into our payroll which has caused some errors. Also, the approvals aren't flexible. It's either all or nothing meaning - if a single participant involved in a multilevel workflow is out of the office, the entire approval is bypassed. I would like the flexibility to approve on the behalf of the absent individual while allowing the other participants to still play their part. Outside of that, we are very happy with the product.
date de révision 08/17/2018
Elvera Minzenmayer

Absolutely a pleasant to work with!

They are just getting better and better. I am excited to see what the merger with TRAX Payroll will do. Currently I have been recommending BambooHR and TRAX combo to all of our new business clients. BambooHR is not only an eye-catching software with its beautiful UI but it does everything that an HR would need. Now that it's getting TRAX onboard, I am excited to see their last missing piece...payroll.

I do wish that there are some additional customization we can do...for example, having multiple different layers of approvers that is fully customize-able.
date de révision 07/18/2018
Jaddan Walterscheid

Bamboo does a great job by presenting all the information in an easy way to use.

BambooHR is a tool who help small/ midsize businesses to have the employee information all together in one source. It is easy o use, friendly user, it can be integrated with other platforms.

Price is a bit high, which may not suit with a smaller company that only has a certain budget. But in overall is a great software.
date de révision 06/08/2018
Shellans Hibberd

I liked the preboarding feature a lot - makes it very easy to onboard new employees even before they started, it's fully automated so all you have to do is just mark a person as hired and set up a workflow once and the rest is taken care of. nice feature of having people answer questions about themselves as it helps the team to learn more about their future colleagues.

Bamboo's support team is in the US and also as they grew bigger, they switched to ticket system vs just messaging them which made the process of gettig support slower. it's understandable but for us as a customer it was quite visible. also the customisation is not so easy and many requests were turned down as it wasn't on their roadmap.
date de révision 05/24/2018

Generally very happy with this software, however I would not recommend it for larger companies.

Very easy to use with an excellent and attractive interface. Time off handling is the best I've seen; easy to submit and approve requests, clear display of remaining time off and even a built-in time off calculator. The calendar eliminates the need to send out mass emails prior to taking time off, as anyone can see who is off and who will be off in the coming days/weeks. HR-required documentation can all be stored in this one central location, and assessments, training, org charts and many other features are incorporated right into the platform. The app makes it easy to use on-the-go, which is great for sick days.

Training features are limited, as managers are still required to sign off on an employee's training. Org chart functionality is very basic, so it falls short for companies who have a more complex structure.
date de révision 05/10/2018
Oca Leaper

Customer service is so helpful and friendly, and there are rarely wait times over 2-3 minutes when calling them. The interface is very user friendly, and we get compliments on our new hire onboarding process through bamboo frequently.

The ability to create custom fields on employee profiles for us to track things outside of necessary HR-related information is huge! Also being able to pull custom reports on this data is key for us in presenting information to upper management. It has helped streamline communicating information because of how easily accessible the data is.

Very nit picky - but it isn't able to calculate fields in certain ways we need. However, we recognize we're wanting to do some more complex things. Customer support is always happy to take our suggestions, and we've seen improvements on things we're inquired about before.
date de révision 04/30/2018
Lilly Gollu

Where do I even begin? All other HR systems out there should take note: BambooHR is how you do HR. My company was in need of software that dramatically cut down our paper usage, particularly for the onboarding process. The paperwork folder that I'd hand each new hire on their first day, was far too much and too overwhelming. With BambooHR, we are now able to have that onboarding process be completely electronic and have each new employee complete their new hire packet before their start date, at their leisure. That way, their first day (really, just about their entire first week) could be spent participating in valuable hands-on training sessions. No one wants to be bogged down with a massive folder of documents on their very first day at work, and the likelihood of employees retaining any of that information while a ton of other thoughts and nerves are flying through their heads on that first day, is VERY low. With BambooHR, new and veteran employees can revisit that information anytime they'd like. The PTO feature is top-notch: employees can view a time-off calendar within the software and request off without having to physically check-in with HR or their direct reports, first. All that's needed from me or directs, is approval or denial of such requests.

There are, in all honestly, absolutely no cons to this software. It'll fit into any company's budget, and I promise, your employees will enjoy it just as much as your HR team does.
date de révision 04/09/2018

HR tracking with on-boarding and off-boarding tools.

Powerful HR software that can really be customized to my needs. Hiring tools, on-boarding, and off-boarding have been powerful tools for a small company looking to reduce liability without adding personnel. Customizable reports, integration with accounting, and notifications for the important things. Employee portal creates paperless enrollment in provided benefits as well as reports and access to important personal information.

It is a large financial commitment that may take some time to realize the benefits. Improvements to the mobile app would be nice as it lacks the many features that would benefit the employee.
date de révision 03/09/2018

The product also provides opportunities for performance managing your team by selecting the "Performance" package. This has helped keep a pulse on our company's engagement and loyalty. Great product!

The program is very easy to use and is quite intuitive. You have the ability to customize many options. BambooHR does a nice job of sending out monthly feature updates that keep the HR team up to date and knowledgeable. There are several vendors that will work well with the BambooHR platform as well. These vendors include but are not limited to payroll and benefits. They are fun and helpful with their customer service. Great product for the price point!

I would like the option to customize our organizational chart to be easier to use. It seems clunky at this point. Otherwise I have zero complaints!
date de révision 03/08/2018
Bobseine Jecklin

BambooHR has made my life as an HR/Talent Acquisition professional so much easier! I have more time to concentrate on other important day to day duties. Thank you, BambooHR!

- Easy to use ATS

- BambooHR is a fairly new so there are a few links but they do their best to make improvements and listen to their customers. They even come out with a monthly newsletter that touches on improvements they've made in the month and improvements they plan to make for the upcoming month.
date de révision 01/11/2018
Pinkham Niwa

This software is an HR department in a website. An essential piece of any growing enterprise!

Everything! From requesting time off to payroll and healthcare documentation, this software does it all. It is the perfect online hub for your growing business to manage your HR needs. Very easy to use, straight forward platform that allows us to focus on the business rather than the technicalities of HR.

There's no con list from me on this software, but if I had to choose something I like the least, I'd say the fact that unapproved time off requests don't appear across the organization has led to some confusion in the past, but that is our fault, not the softwares!
date de révision 12/14/2017
Milissent Pelech

Overall, BambooHR is a great product. While adoption by others has been slow, the feedback has been very positive. BambooHR has made my job much easier.

This product is very easy to use and for the things that might be a little tricky, BambooHR has great Customer Service. As a cloud-based system, it's great to be able to access the data from anywhere. It's mobile-optimized which makes it easy to look up information when I'm away from the office. There are also quite a few features included in the base price compared to other products that are sold as individual modules that don't necessarily work together all that well and everything is included (except performance management which is the only add-on). BambooHR is also constantly updating and making changes suggested by their users to make the product even better.

The reporting function for Training is a bit cumbersome and could use some improvement. Also, any time you go in to select a field (whether creating a report or power editing), it's often difficult to see the entire item name which can make selecting the correct field a bit of a challenge at times. The other con that I hear from my co-workers is the limited functionality of the mobile app. Perhaps adding a link to the full site from the app (and logging you in at the same time) would be helpful.
date de révision 11/16/2017
Fawn Albrough

BambooHR guides their design decisions using research, a modern understanding of HR philosophy, and customer feedback. They don't let you over-configure the software so you end up torturing your employees; they simply won't let you. Example: They designed the Performance Review module very thoughtfully, posing the minimum number of thoroughly-researched and carefully worded prompts to drive a strong review for both Manager and Employee. They won't let you turn the Performance Review into a 5-page write-up like some circa 1980's multi-national.

The Training functionality is designed to allow documentation of employee education, and requires an instructor to mark the education as complete. Sometimes, education is self-service/eLearning...there's no way for an employee to mark certain themselves "complete" for certain training modules.
date de révision 11/09/2017

BambooHR has done their research on what makes a good HRIS system. They have made it really simple for HR reps to organize employee information and keep everyone in constant communication.

It's a growing platform and a reasonable price. You can't edit every area of BambooHR so sometimes that is a restriction on what you can and can't do. However if you email their support team they'll help find a solution.
date de révision 10/02/2017

The benefits are from tracking , filing, etc.

I love how you can design your software to your company's specific needs. They are also constantly adding new features and the biggest one for us was the bamboo payroll that we are currently in the process of starting. And most of all their customer service is the BEST! I recommend this to all companies that are looking for a unique and functional HR platform. Our company is getting close to 300 employees and this system cut my work time in half. I can actually leave work at 5pm not 7pm.

I would love to see a bit more from the performance review software. Our company needs to do more comprehensive reviews due to our licensing requirements and the current performance review software is pretty generalized.
date de révision 07/21/2017

Place for general company information and forms; onboarding of new employees that are off-site; automated time off requests/approval; data and set or custom reports at your fingertips and will convert to excel with click of a button! Track turnover; very easy to give access to certain people or give people only access to certain documents.

Easy to use and the help online is extraordinary! The on line videos and information is great and if you cant find what you need its easy to send an email and their response has always been within 24 hours and spot on!

Right now no option to cut and paste in to an Announcement. Not really a big issue, I simply post it to a file folder and refer employees there in the Announcement. Our benefits have a lot of options and right now it can't update all relevant options for us. But again, I have send a request to review and I'm hopeful I will be able to do it with our upcoming open enrollment!
date de révision 07/14/2017

BambooHR has been really helpful in storing and reporting on employee information, giving employees access to view their benefit and personal information, and I can't rave enough about the Applicant Tracking feature. As a one person HR department, BambooHR has allowed me to become a strong, communicative and organized recruiter in the midst of the million other things I do. As I learn more about email alerts and forms, I'm finding more and more ways for BambooHR to support and automate processes that otherwise take up a lot of time and paper. I love that you constantly seek, and act on, customer feedback to make continuous improvements that are relevant to improving our day to day operations. I love that you are responsive to questions and patiently provide guidance and instruction on how to use features. I don't feel like I've purchased this software, and fell into a black hole. The Bamboo team is accessible and supportive, welcoming questions and feedback. I look forward to learning more about how I can use BabmooHR's current features, as well as waiting to see what new features and updates you'll roll out next. Happy Bamboo-ing indeed!

BambooHR's customer support is second to none. How they find such cheerful, helpful people, I don't know. They are happy to work with you to help you get the most out of the system. The system is user friendly and can be customized in a lot of ways. You can report on any information in the system, with easy to use standard reports, or you can create your own. They constantly add features and make improvements based on customer feedback. In some cases, they can make requested changes immediately. But they really seem to listen to what you want, and work to get there. Employees can see and request updates to their information, as well as complete & submit forms electronically. I'm able to create approval workflows to support many request processes, allowing us to become more automated and maintain files electronically, which we can then report on. I love the applicant tracking system. I think it's the strongest feature they have, allowing collaboration with hiring managers, as well as communication with candidates. It's helped me manage and improve our recruitment process with the click of a button. All candidate records are maintained in one place, and can be seamlessly on-boarded.

It is only as good as the data you enter, and does not currently integrate with the other systems we use. So, it requires constant data maintenance to keep employee information up to date, for effective reporting. There's no seamless automation for benefit enrollment. The time off system is easy to use, but does not currently show enough detail to be useful for our needs. I hope that BambooHR will focus on automating the integration of information from other systems, and provide a simpler update of benefit plan information at year end.
date de révision 03/21/2017

I could probably write a whole book about why I think organizations should be using BambooHR. I am currently a one-woman show at my company and was running most of our processes on dropbox and drive documents. BambooHR has freed up so much of my time, allowing me to be more strategic and take better care of my team. Bamboo makes our company even more organized and improves the hiring to on-boarding experience by 1000%. Let's start with the Applicant Tracking Software. I went from having no ATS and using google docs to Bamboo and it has made my life so much easier and our lines of communication to applicants even better. It allows me to stick to deadlines, keep everything in one place, and never misplace an applicant. I don't know how I would have gotten through hiring for our summer internship program (180 applicants) with out this software. On-boarding: incredible. I can send a new hire packet to my new hire and they feel so well communicated with every step of the way. Being able to fill out their paperwork online is so important - they can do most of it before they even step into our office. Then they have access to everything later - what more could they (or I) want? Reporting time off - We have unlimited vacation but still use Bamboo to keep track of where people are and how many days are spent out of the office. It's so incredibly easy to set up and my freedom loving team loves using it. (There is even an app!) The day to day - it makes everything easier. I have everyone's phone numbers, addresses, SSNs, EVERYTHING in one place. I'm an evangelist for a reason, it's hands down the best thing I've implemented for my team.

So simple, effective, customizable. Customer service is amaaaazing. You can do everything you would possibly want and now they have payroll.

I literally don't not like a thing about Bamboo.
date de révision 01/26/2017
Alberto Quent

We are a small company but found that general HR tasks were very time to consume and overwhelming since employees here wear multiple 'hats' -- BambooHR was just what we needed. For the price, this software has some great features and grows with the company. As a user, the company will also send out emails for training and other external events for interested parties - another great benefit of BambooHR!

So many features to make HR as easy as possible. Different training areas can be set up for multiple staff types, dashboard makes checking upcoming employee announcements easy to follow (such as time off, birthdays, anniversaries, etc). Enjoy the ease of uploading documentation into employee files as well as the employees having access to particular areas and documents (which can all be assigned by Admin). Additional software can be implemented and used right along with BambooHR - also a plus. The company sends out emails reporting pending updates to the software so we always feel like a part of the changes as they are occurring instead of after the fact.

While we love the ability to make pdf files editable, don't like the amount of time it takes to set them up. Once they are set up, they work great until an update of the document is needed - which means another set-up. Offering current subscribers new products at a discount (or free) would be great. Since we are a smaller company, we can't often spend - spend - spend but BambooHR does offer continued options for subscribers.
date de révision 10/11/2016

BambooHR has revolutionized the way we do business. From top to bottom, our employees have nothing but great things to say about this software. Several cumbersome processes have been streamlined.

APS is extremely effective. Sleek design gives companies competive advantgage.

date de révision 09/14/2016

Since our company started using BambooHR we saved our company time and money due to the efficient processes that Bamboo provides in terms of human resources services. Especially in recruiting new employees, Bamboo has a built-in Applicant Tracking System which allows for Hiring Managers and recruiters to accurately track the status of their candidates as they progress through the different interviewing stages until the offer is made. Once the offer is made the system has on on-boarding platform included which will allow the employee to on-board new hires in a consistent fashion. Through the on-boarding tool new hires will be able to complete a series of tasks on a checklist such as reading the employee handbook and payroll forms. Overall this has been a great addition to our HR team which has helped streamline the overall processes in a more efficient and time saving manner for the whole company. The time that was spent reconciling spreadsheets can now be spent to develop strategic initiatives to improve the overall well-being of the company and its processes.

The only service that BambooHR does not provide is payroll. However there are several apps that integrate with Bamboo which can be downloaded to your company's site along with an open API function which can be used to pull data from your current payroll system once the integration has been established.
date de révision 09/06/2016

Working with BambooHR has been an eye-opening experience into what life as and HR Professional is like without spreadsheets and paper processes. BambooHR's cloud-based HR platform allows you to recruit, hire and onboard new hires all within one complete system. Through their user friendly applicant tracking system the Hiring Managers are able to comment on candidates and pass them through to the hire process. Once a candidate is selected for hire the system has a built in onboarding package which you can customize for all new hires to include necessary paperwork such as (W-4s, I-9, and company information that can be signed electronically). BambooHR's platform also comes with an easy to use time off tracking system which allows employees and manager to easily track leave requests and a calendar to view when the corresponding team members are out of the office. Bamboo also allows the company to keep track of which benefits employees have elected to ensure compliance throughout the organization. Not to mention, there is a built in organizational chart which allows the employee to view the entire reporting structure of the company along with their direct reports and supervisors. Lastly BambooHR also offers additional apps and add-ons for performance review management which has made annual reviews a quick and painless process for managers and their employees.

The only thing that this product does not provide is a payroll service. BambooHR is purely and HRIS that will manage all of the company's human resource functions but does not serve as a payroll provider. However they do provide apps that allow select payroll providers to integrate with their software as well as those with customizeable API integrations.

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